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07/24/11: A series of interview videos with Dale Pond are being posted to the These interviews cover SVP, John Keely, Dynaspheres, Scalar Mind Forces, Pond Science Institute and where humanity is evolving. Interviews and videos produced by Matt Presti and Robert Otey.
06/04/11: The IRS and false gods
04/04/11: SVPwiki visited 1,000,000 times!
03/10/11: Determine Your Birth Keynote
02/24/11: Keely's Accomplishments
01/10/11: Dynaspheres to Europe Project
10/20/10: Check out the new catalog web site (SSL Certified and Secure).
08/09/10: SVPwiki has surpassed 2200 entries. Dynaspheric Force = GEM Energy = Universal Heart Beat = Rhythmic Balanced Interchange
06/19/10: Whittaker's On the Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics
06/18/10: Entered Supreme Neutral Center, Kepler and Bearden's Heaviside Component.
06/12/10: Entered Keely and His Discoveries into the SVPwiki.
06/10/10: The SVPwiki has surpassed 2000 entries.
06/05/10: SVP Music Interval Calculator The first of many yet to come interactive web pages. Enter any number as Fundamental and its derived Music Intervals are calculated.
06/03/10: Was Keely a Fraud? Absolutely not! See also Eye Witness Accounts.
06/02/10: Mind Force is a Pre-existing Natural Force.
06/01/10: Keely's classification system of Mind, Matter and Energy.
05/31/10: Completed, for now, the Chronology entries. Reading this Time Line puts some interesting events into perspective. For instance, Keely is reported to have developed power from space/vacuum prior to 1895.
05/30/10: What Ether is and Its Relations to Mind, Matter and Energy.
05/22/10: Eventually all of the original Keely articles and materials will be incorporated into the SVPwiki. During this past week I've added and wiki'd several of the old articles. It is interesting to reread these articles after not having read them for several years. Many new insights and expansions of concepts pop up. Links to these articles can be found in the SVPwiki bibliography.
05/21/10: The Basic Principles of SVP are from time to time being updated. These principles will be subject of a series of short video clips - once we get around to getting that done.
05/20/20: The articles on Keely's air-ship, aerial navigation or levitation have been extensively edited. Be sure to view all the linked materials.
05/19/10: The SVPwiki has surpassed 1850 entries. Began entering Tesla and Bearden materials. If you are into Free Energy this material will be of interest to you.
05/07/10: The SVPwiki has surpassed 1750 entries.
04/16/10: Why subscribe to SVPwiki?
04/11/10: New Keely Chart page.
03/25/10: An interesting epiphany: Mind is a pre-existing Natural Force
01/30/10: Uploaded a simple video  showing the Mirror Cube parts, assembly and dynamic reflecting of ambient and laser light. It puts on quite a light show! The video was uploaded this morning to YouTube. Click HERE.
01/24/10: Mirror Cube Project coming along nicely (finally).
01/21/10: We've been working on the Keely Acoustic Charts for some months now to color them and get them online.
Hi-res (B&W and color) versions of these charts are now available online here.
01/01/10: I've been spending time editing and tweaking the SVPwiki pages.
12/12/09: Subscribe to the SVPwiki
12/02/09: I just got a complaint there have been no updates to the svpvril web site since July. Well, I reckon he is right - I haven't updated this update page. I suppose I've been too busy-
web sites.
07/31/09: The Keely Music Charts are going online.
07/01/09: Created the SVPwiki.
02/03/09: Added Quimby Manuscripts, 48 pages.
02/03/09: Added Quimby Wisdom, 48 pages.
02/03/09: Added Notes, 28 pages.
02/02/09: Added Music Quotes, 244 pages.
02/02/09: Added Keely Definitions, 19 pages.
02/02/09: Added Keely Chronology, 109 pages.
02/02/09: Added Keely Astronomy, 8 pages.
02/02/09: Added Matter and Energy, 16 pages.
02/02/09: Added Keely's Laws of Harmony, 41 pages.
02/02/09: Added Keely's Geometry, 20 pages.
02/02/09: Added Keely Information, 75 pages.
02/02/09: Added Forty Laws & Russell, 83 pages.
02/01/09: Added Levitation, 44 pages.
02/01/09: Added Common Law, 53 pages.
02/01/09: Added Rev_Scripts, 25.
02/01/09: Added Dale Pond Articles, 329 pages.
02/01/09: Added +650 jokes!, 677 pages.
02/01/09: Added Dr. Abram's Electron Theory, 11 pages.
01/22/09: Shipped the latest update of the SVP Cosmology program.
01/20/09: The SVPNotes files are online again.
01/18/09: Added banner ads to many of the pages.
01/15/09: Moved the SVP Forum.
11/15/08: Updated the SVP Cosmology. Version 2.2 of the SVP Cosmology is now available.
01/17/08: Updated the SVP Cosmology. Version 2.0 of the SVP Cosmology is now available.
12/31/07: Updated the SVP Cosmology Table of Contents.
     The SVP Forum has been extensively added to.
11/01/07: I have posted extensive updates to the SVP Cosmology pages. The SVP Forum is updated nearly every day.
07/26/07: Added the SVP Notes section containing around 9,000 pages of research material. (Under re-construction.)
08/10/05: Added an SVPNews page.
01/27/05: Posted Image Gallery of Keely's Machines.
11/14/04: Altea
10/20/04: We now carry Walter Russell books and pamphlets.
04/05/04: Dale_Pond Bibliography
03/25/04: Iverson's QA-1, QA-2 and QA-3 are now available.

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"Our time is now. It is happening. The world is turning. And it is all because of people like you and I who are willing to settle into the integrity of their hearts, and stand firmly rooted in healthy joy." MT
"I am astonished that each of your posts seems like a new fresh prelude to the first principal of Love. Each of your posts are a continuation and in fact are "new" on Cayce or Walter Russell and of course Keely. I happened to be going through all the pages I accumulated since last January on you and that's why I wrote that statement on the labor of love you put in your work Dale. You are a constant source of inspiration to me and all of the forum, God Bless." R.

12/28/03: Updated:
Dale_Pond bio
Dynaspheric Force
SVP Events
Dale_Pond - Collected Writings
12/14/03: Report on Symael.
09/14/03: SVP Best Seller List
08/30/03: Ben Iverson Quantum Arithmetic bibliography and QA products.
08/06/03: Where Keely's Acoustic Charts came from.

05/18/03: Added "What Sympathy Is." to SVP Cosmology pages.
03/22/03: Series of misc. articles by Dale Pond, in response to questions, articles written and meandering thoughts.
02/25/03: Added two new articles:
What Vibration Is. updated 03/29/03
06/10/02: Musical Interval Calculator - eliminates the confusion in counting chromatic intervals. Simply read the dial. Developed for the non-musician. Hardcopy or pdf versions.
04/20/02: A new dimension to SVP: T-shirts, sweats, caps, mousepads, mugs and more emblazened with SVP images and pictures!

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