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Frequently Asked Questions 2 of 7
concerning SVP, John Worrell Keely and His Discoveries

Answers given by Dale Pond. FAQ1 - FAQ2 - FAQ3 - FAQ4 - FAQ5 - FAQ6 - FAQ7

Q12) How much funding was necessary in building the dynasphere?

A12) We spent about $14,000 cash on this unit. No one was paid a salary even though I expended four months of my life building it. If we had been paid the final bill would have been closer to $50-60,000. Once I have my own shop fitted and readied, these figures would not, then, mean much for producing subsequent units. Building prototypes is always quite expensive.

Q13) I assume the materials you used are the exact materials that Keely used in his prototype model. Did you find it difficult to obtain the same materials or did you differ in the composition in any way?

A13) This is a complex question to answer. In brief, yes we used basically the same materials. It did take some time to locate certain items. We used what was specified and as close as we could come to those specs - all things considered. Variation was only allowed when approved or when we had no other choice.

Q14) Assuming that the replica unit you have in your possession does work, what exactly did you do in "graduating" the unit? If not, what is actually necessary in "graduating" the unit?

A14) The replica we have does not yet rotate although we had some rotation three times. The Dynasphere operates on many levels and on some of the higher levels it does function and quite dramatically.

We are still exploring and developing our concept of "graduation" as used by Keely. This is a musical and educational term. In musical jargon this refers to bringing all components into acoustical harmony with a fundamental - much as one would tune every single musical instrument in an orchestra and then bring each in harmony to a single key note from a pitch pipe. In terms of educational use of the word it means bringing all components to a state of vibration coincident to the whole in terms of individual component integrity - on multiple levels. More than this I am not fully ready to release at this moment. Mainly because Im not yet sure about it and would rather remain quiet than to say something that may later be wrong, misused or misconstrued.

Q15) Did you machine the parts yourself or did you have a private contracted machinist to produce the parts for the dynasphere?

A15) I did all machining except for the sphere itself and two other parts which we contracted out not having appropriate equipment on hand for their fabrication.

Q16) Would you reproduce another unit for an asking price (taking in account labor, parts, etc.)?

A16) Sure! However MUCH MORE is involved than simply "cutting metal" and assembling parts. Ideally I would like to have my own shop, fully under my control, before undertaking more units. I feel, after having worked with this project for two years now, it is absolutely essential these devices be built in a controlled environment. In fact it cannot be properly done otherwise. 

Q17) Have you witnessed first hand, the phenomenon of dissociation of water?

A17) The dissociation of water is common everyday thing! Any ultrasonic humidifier does this although not to the levels Keely did it. Further dissociation can be accomplished with methods employing acoustic and hydrodynamic cavitation - it is assumed. Cavitation dissociates water into a fine vapor. This is Keelys etheric vapor. Also Browns Gas is similar in many respects to his etheric vapor.

Q18) I am beginning to be a firm believer that spiritual physics has a heavy handed role in Keelys works. Was there ever a mention to which religion he practiced? Possibly Buddhism?

A18) I believe Keely went to some orthodox (Methodist?) Christian church as a matter of practice. However we know he was involved to some degree with Masons, Rosicrucians, Theosophy and the like. He was a master alchemist, mystic and metaphysician. He studied everything he could get his hands on. He was visited by the Tibetan Lama Buddhists on at least two occasions. Early on he was a debunker of spiritualists frauds and then became perhaps the one of the best spiritual mediums (or consultant with them) of all time. Theos new book  details a lot of this part of his history.

We got our information on how to build the dynasphere from his and other great spirits through a great psychic during the past three years. See Messages from John.

I once asked Keely (through Dawn) where he got all his information and he replied from the same place we did! - from the spirits of ancient Greek philosophers.

So how spiritual does one want their physics?

Q19) What was the purpose of the original model Keely device called the LIBERATOR? What did it look like?

A19) The Liberator liberated the "particles" composing water. It disintegrated the water into its constituent parts. It looks like a small globe like device. The original can be seen at Keelys hand in this linked photo.

Q20) What is the update regarding the original, rusted, partly working, Keely hydro-pneumatic- vacuo- motor? Is there also somewhere built, a new parts replica?

A20) There is no update to be given. Work ceased on that project many years ago. To my knowledge the original motor has no rust on it. If there is another replica built somewhere it has not been made known to me.

Q21) Who has possession of the last, Keely Compound Disintegrator device, the one with coiled wires and steel ball? Who else may know?

A22) The remnant of the original Compound Disintegrator is on display at the American Precision Museum in Windsor, Vermont. Who else may know? Lots of people know a lot of Keely stuff but for some reason dont share much of their knowledge or their identity. Very strange behavior in our age of Enlightenment.

Q23) Who else, presently, is building a Keely device replica?

A23) The only device Im aware of is the one we have been working on. See pictures.

Q24) Have you read the following, available from interlibrary loan? The technical wording is the same as Keelys writing. He may have used this material due to the date of 1875. -- "Physics of The Ether", S. Tolver Preston. You can request this from Smithsonian Institution.

A24) No, I havent read it. I was told it didnt have much in it of worth. But I would like to see a copy someday.

Q25) What was the exact original Keely name for the SPOKED motor device , on its own separate support metal stand, that you are now trying to replicate? He had several types of motors, as I recall from readings of long ago.

A25) The only device we are working on is the Musical Dynasphere sometimes called a Globe Motor. It does not have spokes. You are correct, Keely made many types of motors during the 30 years he worked at it. He eventually made a motor with spokes on its own stand. I dont ever recall knowing a name for this device.

Q26) How is the spoked, shaft, of your motor with sphere, in bearing mounts expected to turn? I had received your flyer with its picture recently.

A26) It would take volumes to explain what we think we know. Check out the pictures and articles weve written so far. For greater in-depth reviews of specific dynamics please refer to the newsletter Dynaspheric Force.

Q27) What organization is supplying the huge funds for your technical motor design project? Machine shop work is expensive.

A27) This has already been answered in #12 above.

Q28) I have recently purchased two of your books "The Physics of Love - The Ultimate Universal Laws" and "Universal Laws Never Before Revealed: Keelys Secrets". Referring to Keelys chart "The Brain as Applied to Vibratory Etheric Science", has anyone to your knowledge made a John Keely Helmet. I have been told that the helmet has been successfully made by at least a couple of people and would appreciate any information at all you could pass on to me about its construction or buying one. Have also been told that it can be used for astral travel and bilocation. I understand this helmet can also be used for medical purposes as well. Could you please confirm. I would be very grateful for any information at all on the subject.

A28) I do not know of any helmets of any kind designed and built using Keelys technology. However, I seem to recall some chit-chat about a helmet of some kind years ago being discussed on the KeelyNet. Never heard one way or another if it was every developed nor anything specific about it.

We have been busy with the design, construction and operation of the Musical Dynasphere. The science, technology and philosophy we are learning from this project is very promising in terms of possible New Energy sources, therapies capable of bringing much health and happiness to a great number of people. We are already seeing some great results! Having spent fourteen years (as of 1998) studying SVP and Keely I can say SVP is not a simple thing and there would be few (if any) people capable of replicating his work correctly. Especially where it concerns the human brain and its manipulation - the way he did it. Of course there are currently a number of other ways to manipulate thought, emotions and psychology. I have seen a number of people proclaiming to have invented this or that using Keelys science but on closer examination - they are far off the mark. However, progress is being made and we can look forward to a number of developments using his science in the not too distant future.

Q29) Every time I replay those tapes on "SVP Basic Principles" a very small piece of a puzzle starts to go together. Where can I get more information on the subject of DC Currents, frequency being above that of Gamma Rays? You keep opening up cans of worms that I cannot put down!

A29) Glad you are liking the materials. I got that information from an OLD Electromagnetic Spectrum wall chart put out by Westinghouse. The position of DC is clearly marked. I pointed this out to electrical engineers of note and this point has not yet been denied by anyone. The expanding SVP paradigm is being assembled here.

Q30) I first read of Chladni figures in Lyall Watsons book Supernature. He states that the vowel sound "O" created a pattern of concentric circles on a circular vibrating plate covered with sand. Has anyone else determined what patterns are produced by the other 11 main English vowel sounds?

A30) In our catalog is listed the "Pendulograph" a device that traces on paper the geometrical forms of various sounds and chords of sounds. A book you might find interesting is Clarence Dayton Millers "The Science of Musical Sound," Macmillan and Co. New York, 1926. It is out of print but you might be able to locate a copy. In it are shown some of the vowel sounds and their vibration signature wave forms and shapes and also goes a long way to explain them.

You can do these experiments yourself. Stretch latex rubber (a cut open large toy balloon works) over a speaker and sprinkle sand or other fine dry powder on it. Send whatever tones you wish through an amplifier to the speaker. This provides endless hours of play and experiment. It is great fun and tremendously interesting! While this experiment with powder on a speaker (also called eidepone) dates back to the 1880s or earlier Hans Jeny copied these earlier experiments and has invented a name for it "Cymatics".

Q31) How do we respond to the FDA about this incredible intrusion into free choice? How can they ignore the existing biographical information (articles and the fact that colloidal silver is bacteriogenic) and how to formally make them aware that it exists and needs to be examined?

A31) Are there any answers to your questions? For myself I choose to look for my own education through my own research and present what is found to others. When enough people become aware of themselves and their responsibilities then their systems will begin supporting them instead of preying upon them as is now the case. You are an MD and not without resources and have a pretty good knowledge base. Perhaps you can bring your friends to a greater awareness through your research? Little by little the truth is coming out (in ALL fields of science and philosophy) regardless of efforts to the contrary. Nowadays a lot of people are waking up and choosing to live in reality instead of perishing in illusion.

Q32) What a wonderful site you have on a most interesting person and his research. Is it at all possible to get the complete files on diskette as it is far two big to download.

A32) Please feel free to download any and all files from this web site. While this may take some time and disk space it would cost more to you if offered on diskettes.

Q33) Have you heard of David Sinclair or read his books reported to be based on Keelys work?

A33) I offer two of Sinclairs titles in my catalog: Vera Vita and Lux Naturae. I do not have his other book: New Creed. (If you find it Ill buy a copy from you.) All three are taken from Keelys work and are excellent works (I only read the first two). They are primarily about sympathetic vibration as it operates in the human environment. Very very good works. Its a pity hardly anyone buys these. So I placed Lux Naturae in the web site for free some time ago. In a way this kind of saddens me because I feel that without these perspectives Keelys work will never be accepted in a way it can actually be used. So I hope many will download copies of the book that eventually the ideas contained therein will get some audience somewhere. People tear after his science or technology thinking they can find his books and then apply what he wrote as though it were as simple as that. This is in error and will never be the case. To understand Keely in a way that allows use of this work requires an absolute shift in this type of thinking.

"What is expressed by the Tau is a driving force which can only be set in motion by the power of selfless Love. It will be possible to use this power to drive machines, which will, however, cease to function if egotistical people make use of them.

It is perhaps known to you that Keely invented a motor which would only go if he himself were present. He was not deceiving people about this; for he had in him that driving force orginating in the soul, which can set machines in motion. A driving force which can only be moral, that is the idea of the future; a most important force, with which culture must be inoculated, if it is not to fall back on itself. The mechanical and the moral must interpenetrate each other, because the mechancial is nothing without the moral."
[Rudolf Steiner, The Temple Legend - Freemasonry & Related Occult Movements"]

I sometimes laugh at some of these people who have this idea. Others laugh at them too. We know SVP is a heart and soul thing - literally. It is not a mental technology that can be learned by simple application of studying notes. There are many parts of it that are this way and will be developed but the really good stuff, the really advanced stuff will remain "occulted" behind veils that can only be pierced by the heart (love). This is like the story of Isis who claims no "man" may see beyond her veil for if he does he will surely die. This means should one endeavor to learn her secrets they will be transformed from a lesser human being to a more developed soul. The lesser "ego" perishes and is replaced by a higher perspective or soul view. This does not mean being transformed into a God or similar but only implies a factor of soul growth towards being a better person or soul. If you see anyone really learning Keelys work you can know they are progressing through a series of soul growth experiences.

People around the Dynasphere are growing by leaps and bounds. Growth means learning to know ones self, others and life. It means learning how to express love unconditionally. It means finding peace on the inside and living it. It means a lessening of aggressive, bullying or negative behavior. Learning and adapting SVP principles to ones life is an adventure for anyone so inclined. It is NOT a shortcut to higher or greater technology nor to riches and fame as some imagine it to be. Western thought is enamored with ideas of fabulous machines, powerful inventions and unassailable patents promising fame and fortune.

The real treasure found in SVP is spiritual or soul growth. Learning how and becoming the best human being one can become. SVP facilitates this process. The Musical Dynasphere is built using these principles in fashioning its metals and assemblies of parts. People sense these unique vibrations much as one "senses" the sounds of music. One is "moved" by them much as one is moved by associating with a person having a so-called "magnetic" personality or a loving nature. The emulation of this sensation is a process of learning how to "feel", "intuit" and love unconditionally. Bettering ones self generally follows an expanded ideal of soul growth. SVP and the Dynasphere facilitates this and encourages all who get near them to go for this Cosmic brass ring.

Q34) Can you explain how it could be that any particular element could have so many resonant frequencies? Do you have a list of these frequencies?

A34) Elements do not appear as a single frequency (tone or pitch). An atom of an element is composed of numerous so-called "particles" each having a variety of "qualities" such as size, velocity, aliquot parts, angular momentum, etc., etc. Each of these qualities (according to Keelys view) results from many vibratory causes. (This view may conflict with your local neighborhood physicists theories.) This appearing to be the case - each element would then be a chord of vibrations and not a single one or two discrete tones. Literally tens of thousands of frequencies associated with all the elements have been isolated and identified. These are usually referred to as "spectra of the elements" or as the "elements signature" and are derived from many different high-tech processes. A search in the net will reveal some of these spectra although many consider that data as valuable and hence guard it as proprietary, etc.

We offer a book titled: "Wavelength Tables for Spectrum Analysis" which gives a number of these frequencies.

Q35) Does the Musical Dynasphere work by stimulating the x, y and z axis?

A35) Yes and no. These three vibratory modes (longitudinal, transverse and Raleigh/vortex) which operate at 90 degrees to each other are recognized as fundamental principles of the Dynaspheres dynamics. Some are diminished and others augmented at various "places" in the Dynaspheric system of energetics. However, far more than this takes place in the Dynasphere we are learning. So the proper answer is yes the three modes are orchestrated and no because there is a whole lot more to what makes the Dynasphere "work" than simply that.

Q36) The nodes (of Keelys molecule design) and the neutral centers, if you draw a line connecting each one of them to each other you get both a hexagon and the double tetrahedra, one inverted over the other. Richard Hoagland has referred to this as tetrahedral geometry. I also have a scientist friend that gives lectures outside the U.S. and from what I have seen I believe that the tetrahedral geometry is correct. There is much more.

I believe that the vibration of any substance, when the vibration is directed from a single source as your strings in the base being directed into the sphere, synchronizes the atomic resonances. As you approach the resonant frequency of the material atoms they will become less and less random. This will cause synchronization both electronically and magnetically. It isnt enough just to sync up the vibrations, which does occur at a threshold volume (amplitude), now you need to cause mass precession to occur for work. That is why the harmonics come in to play. Now that you have synched up everything you now cause an imbalance of the synchronized field by introducing the harmonic and enharmonic frequencies. If I understand correctly, 3 octaves are involved. That is like a calculus differentiation. What I think is happening here is this: The harmonic neutral (resonance) is synching everything up atomically but nothing happens yet. The atomic domains are no longer vibrating randomly. The domains are also opening up (widening) due to vibration. The introduction of the 3 octaves causes an energy flow in one direction (resonantly) because of the source direction it is being fed from. The feedback is like you said as in the gong description which does cause a self sustaining condition but the real energy flow is from the open domains. These domains are in a phase locked formation with a pattern of tetrahedral geometry at every domain center. These are literally vibrating tetrahedral fields each one at the atomic level and even sub-quantum level due to the fact that the inter atomic forces bind them together, so the whole will resonate at its own frequency atomically.

If you can picture this: A tetrahedra with each apex at the center of each wave vibration and the domains opening up. Once the domains are open, the energy of the real source will flow inwards into the system thus tapping into the infinite river of energy. These waves are spiral in nature and are sub-quantal in size. They have no mass and actually are responsible for the makeup of all matter. Matter is nothing more than the ordered congealing of waves of vortex energy that (coincidentally) has intelligence. These waves will follow that tetrahedral order in different patterns and shapes that are mathematically ordered in definite increments. These waves form gravitons and form gravitational waves. These waves recombine to form light. The light recombines to form electrons, the electrons to protons and quarks, and the proton/electron/quarks to neutrons. The only difference between gravity and antigravity is the direction of these spins of these waves. I cannot say any more than that. This much has been revealed to many others abroad through such seminars outside the U.S. Perhaps there are higher powers that be that dont want us to figure this stuff out. I hope this information will help you in your trials and discoveries. This technology simply has got to get out from the "secrecy" stage to the "common knowledge" stage. Im sure you agree on this.

A36) Thank you for sharing! Very good deductive work! I do not, right at this moment, have time (or space!) to go into all of the theories concerning Atlins dynamics. (A new book will detail this. Watch the Events page for publication date.) A great deal of what weve discovered is on this web site. What you write is pretty insightful and may indeed reflect portions of what happens in some of the acoustic fields of the dynasphere. I agree with quite a bit of it. But there is more! A LOT more!

My understanding of timing surrounding a more complete revelation of the New Knowledge is the time is at hand to reveal certain portions of it but not all. (In fact we couldnt if we wanted to!) Until the so-called "bad guys" and all the fear, greed for money and lust for power become scarce the bulk of this knowledge will not come out and become popular. Fear and this knowledge cannot coexist. Mankind as a whole cannot yet handle these new "love" energies. We are only now learning how. In fact it can be seen some of the New Sciences students cannot understand the basics of SVP. When I queried John about this he said a veil of sorts covers most of their eyes. At a certain time in the very near future this veil will be lifted and they will see what was always right in front of them. Part of the veil is ones own unwillingness to see and accept a shift in current Belief Systems. So the Cosmic Timing has not fully rolled around just yet for greater dissemination of these kinds of understandings even though that is what we are endeavoring to accomplish all the time. However we can see people all over the globe awakening to a greater awareness. We are actually in the New Times and people see according to their willingness to do so.

I appreciate your taking time to share your knowledge with us on this. I concur with your ideas of the tetrahedra geometries and neutral point coincidences. During these "phase-ups" the stage is set for bringing into the system heart, soul and mind energies. In fact the moment coincidence is found these forces are there.

Q37) I have long been a student of Physics and the relationship of this with other systems, such as Fritjof Capra brings up in "The Tao of Physics". This Physics of harmonics is a bit new to me though, albeit it is strangely reminiscent of Capras linkage of modern physics with Eastern philosophies. I am writing to inquire where I may find a good overview of this broad field, and specifically, where can I find out more about Keely and his work. Most of what I have seen is secondhand reports from people who knew him. I want to know what he saw. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

A37) Glad you liked the web page and the materials on John Keely and SVP. Where to find out more about Keelys work? Almost every scrap I ever found on the subject is now on this web site. I recommend the following items:
a) Universal Laws Never Before Revealed: Keelys Secrets - this book explains a lot of Keelys work and history.
b) The Physics of Love - The Ultimate Universal Laws - this book gives many of the basic principles.
c) SVP Basic Principles - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - a dvd laying out some of the foundation principles of SVP not given anywhere else.
d) SVP Compendium of Terms and Phrases - collection of over 4,000 entries by Cayce, Tesla, Keely, etc., etc.
e) Scientific Basis and Build of Music - a good basic text covering music theory (same one Keely studied, among others)
f) Any other source of sound, vibration and music physics. While we carry several works on these areas in our collection is not exhaustive and there are many others of importance. Also check with the various acoustical societies and music organizations found on our "Other Sites" list. These books now available in our Online Bookstore!!!
g) Walter Russells books.
h) The SVP Universal Cosmology - the most up-to-date expose on SVP.
There is a new book (John Keely: Free Energy Pioneer) coming out in April (or so) covering Keelys life and contemporary history. To my knowledge none of Keelys books or research papers have ever been found even though he wrote "thousands of pages" and we have some evidence his books were actually published. The only Keely book I know has been found* is "Keelys Theoretical Acoustic Charts" and is included in the back of the Universal Laws book. There are rumors of other found books but nothing has been shared of these that Im aware of. I hope to complete a video this summer that covers the basic elements of his discoveries using animated computer models. Another possible exception is the Snell Manuscript which indicates it was compiled from Keelys own books. See The SVP Universal Cosmology.

*No book was actually found. This was sent anonymously to me as a handful of very poor photocopies actually. Ive never seen the original nor do I know who has it.

Q38) From what I have read of Keelys work, there appears to be no analogue of the electron. Was there? Did he have different explanations for what are now accepted as effects due to the electron?

A38) Yes, you are right. If Keely represented electricity it was with the positive atomole of the triple aspects of the inter atomic subdivision of matter. He also referred to electricity as the enharmonic current or flow where magnetism was the harmonic flow and gravity the dominant.

Q39) I have run across a lot of products that claim to use tachyon energy for healing. Not much is said on how these products are produced. It must be worth a lot of money! Ive seen beads (30) costing as high as $300 from some source on the Internet. A lot is said about tachyon energy and its powers. Do you have any idea on what the secret of its production is? Or is this one of those secrets that if let out, ones life can be in danger! Doctors of the AMA may not like it! Have you heard much about this type of energy?

A39) Havent studied so-called tachyon particles much. They seem to be particles of matter that travel faster than light, usually uncharged but may be so at different times. While it may be possible to engineer and build something using these forces has it really been done? Im not yet in a position to know these things. My work involves other types or forms of energies. Keely maintained certain energies do indeed travel much faster than light. And of course there are a number of neutral particles or energies. Whether or not tachyons are what he referred to remains to be seen.

Q40) Do you have a chart or a list of the atomic pitches of all the known elements of the periodic table?

A40) We offer a book on this subject which contains a listing of many of the atomic pitches:

Wavelength Tables for Spectrum Analysis

Twyman, F. & Smith, D. M. This book is an excellent compilation of sensitive lines and wavelengths, wave numbers and frequencies of many of the elements. When working with vibrations or designing any of the Keely devices or experiments these numbers are absolutely essential and nearly impossible to find elsewhere. According to Keely spectra numbers are more important to work with than atomic weights. A reprint of the rare original text. B0011195 $12.95

I compiled an interesting set of spectra associated as musical intervals. Check out our catalog of related items. A search of the net might reveal other sources.

Q41) Im curious about what youre researching. Can you fill me in on all the extra stuff that you may have found out recently? Also, which books would you recommend that deals with music theory in great detail?

A41) We work with applied physics of sound and vibration. Currently we are developing a replica of Keelys original Musical Dynasphere which you can see pictures of on this page. See The SVP Universal Cosmology

There are a number of books on music theory found in our catalog. The ones listed here are the ones I recommend.

From time to time I publish to the web site current work and information concerning these developments. These items are located on the Updates or Whats New page.

Q42) I am trying to produce energy from water using ultrasound. I would appreciate it if you would e-mail me more detailed info on Keelys experiments.

I need detailed experiment reports (exact materials & equipment, procedure, etc.) in order to scientifically prove this. Perhaps you could refer me to some sources on the web where I might find more info. I think I have gotten everything I could about the subject from the KeelyNet Web site and the Delta Spectrum research site, but it wasnt very concrete.

A42) Thanks for the inquiry on dissociating water with sound. There are no specifics, to my knowledge, from Keelys original work of dissociating water with sound. All of his original research work is still missing. Nearest info I can direct you to is:

1) Andrea Puharichs original video on generating hydrogen gas from water using ultrasonics. The video sold by PACE of Ontario, Canada.

2) Modern day ultrasonic humidifiers and the companies that make them. Wish I could send you specific info but I do not have any nor do I know anyone who has it.

Q43) Dale, if you know anything more about the vibratory planar axis of water, the frequencies and waveforms therein, and what frequencies Keely used to dissociate these, then I would be very grateful to find out. Of course it may never come to anything, but I expect that Keely had a clear mental picture of what he was doing before he built the devices. If we do anything with the info, then I promise to keep you informed.

A43) Thanks for your interest in SVP and your inquiry. The only frequency I know associated with dissociating water is one left by Keely as 42,800 cps. Unfortunately everyone (that Im aware of) who has tried this frequency has had failure. So if the number is correct perhaps the manner of developing it is in error? Ultrasonic water humidifiers are readily available. Why not experiment with one of those devices searching for the necessary vibrations and their harmonics? I suggest great care as several people have experienced explosive situations when applying powerful vibrations to water - including Keely.

Q44) Given your advice I will discourage these friends from the ultrasonic course for now.

Nevertheless, I am fascinated by the possibility. It would seem that one would need to understand the planes of vibration within the water molecule and apply precise vibrations within specific planes, before success is achieved. Perhaps even there is an intermittent pulse that finally severs the bonds weakened by other vibration.

I never expected that one frequency would be enough to dissociate water efficiently. There would need to be a phase locking frequency (or more then one) to align molecules. Then one would apply higher frequencies along precise planes relative to the molecules to weaken (or dissolve) the bond by upsetting nodal points within the molecules particular internal aggregate pattern of interference. Perhaps then the intermittent pulse is required to finally dislocate the atoms.

I expect that you have endured this type of speculation from neophytes for many years. ;-)

Keelys work has always fascinated me. It seems that he achieved an elegant rapport with the musical world. His understanding of matter was well in advance of his time. Even now, I suspect that many secrets are discernible with whole number relations.

I was fascinated by Keelys work, but was drawn in to working with Bruce DePalma here in New Zealand. I was his attorney during the last three years and am one of the two remaining Trustees of his Institute. We got a major project together and he died just before the end. When Bruce died, I think it is fair to say that not all the riddles of homopolar motors had been discerned. It is a tragedy that Bruce never got to see his final machine, and tune it to the expected efficiency. DePalma had some very interesting theories. I think that his greatest work was in the area of rotation and variance of inertial mass caused by rotation.

There again, Keely professed a greater expertise and understanding. If the reports are accurate, Keely had mastered the neutral point and surrounding field. DePalma never got beyond a few experiments that showed a field present around a spinning object and that this field is polarized and affects interaction with gravity. All grist for the mill.

A44) You have some interesting insights into the water molecule. Some of your ideas sound very good and should be followed up with research. I have not done any water dissociating with sound so Im not up on the physics of the process that may be involved.

I have done a little work with electrical dissociating of water but nothing unusual in our process as per dissociation.

It is a shame DePalma and people like him are not welcomed and encouraged in this country. I know all about this from first hand experience. Perhaps one day when society as a whole begins to wake up (which is happening right now) this reticence will be replaced with excitement and we will begin seeing some support for these kinds of pioneering research.

I heard just the other day IANS/ANE may be closing it doors this summer or fall. This lamentable event is brought on by the lack of support from our society. People like Pons, Fleichman, DePalma and Brown are forced to leave the country to survive and perhaps find support. People like him and I cant get support here even though this is supposedly the richest country on earth. The organizations we put together like IANS to find and give us support cant even keep going. Not a very encouraging picture Id say. Doesnt say much for the science community or the ecologists as a whole.

Perseverance, however, is what unlocks most sealed doors.

Personally Im not so much interested in opening the door to sonically dissociated water. I view this technology as being far more dangerous to Humanity than atomic or nuclear war making efforts. Such a technology is not needed right now as it would certainly be turned to military (power and control) purposes as soon as it could be developed. Was not liberated atomic energy used first to kill and control (through fear) BEFORE they invented a "peaceful" use for it so as to justify their efforts and expenses?

The same thing happened with the ability of Browns Gas to neutralize atomic radiation. Was it used to neutralize atomic waste so as to reduce pollution and sickness? No - it was used to create "spent uranium" bullets which are better able to penetrate DEFENSIVE armor thus making it a more efficient way to kill and control. Today it is still being denied its proper and legitimate use of reducing pollution and sickness (death). Instead pollution is now a weapon itself designed to scare the general population into significant actions all designed for occulted and hidden agendas - most notably depopulation of rural America and more control over resources and activities.

Why is sonic dissociation of water so dangerous? Because, supposedly, it is relatively easy and cheap to do. Water is available everywhere. Atomic weapons need enriched uranium which is impossible to get (for us ordinary people). Keely said a bucket of water contained sufficient power to drive a steam ship around the world. In so-called modern days we use atomic energy to drive ships around the world. Dissociated water as a power source is not needed. Nations have killed and still do to get their hands on atomic energy secrets. What do you think they would do if you happened to stumble on the process you are looking for?

The Dynasphere is gentle and benign and will supply all the energy Humankind needs once it goes on line. It operates with love energies and these of course cannot be used by any "bad guy." It will go on line when people such as Merkle, Tesla, Brown, the DePalmas of the world, Keely, myself and those similarly employed are no longer shunned, ignored, abused, stolen from and generally treated as unwanted abnormalities. When society can understand the difference between love and fear (hate, calumnies, etc.) THEN we will have a base for building a society based on Love and not fear, death and destruction. THEN you can bring out the dissociated water, true levitation and elemental transmutations as aides and benefits for society instead of hoarded Treasure Chests of the already superrich and powerful controllers of all else.

This article illustrates these arguments in greater detail. You may share it around if you think it worthy.

Q45) I looked at the pictures of your Musical Dynasphere and really liked it. Do you sell these devices?

A45) It is our intention to eventually market these devices and the technology that makes them work. We feel the technology has a wide application in other fields such as in health related products. For an example please see Our Silver Works!

Q46) It is my understanding Keelys Compound Disintegrator is a device capable of molecular disassociation of any gas or solid by means of resonant vibration. Is this correct?

A46) My understanding of this device is it was designed to dissociate water and its derivative gaseous products (H & O) via acoustic vibrations. I dont think it was ever used to dissociate solids.

Q47) My particular interest concerns the disassociation of both water and carbon dioxide (separately) in extremely large quantities. Is this viable in your opinion?

A47) Yes, I feel this is possible.

Q48) Can these devices be scaled up to very large capacities?

A48) I would imagine they could be scaled up.

Q49) Have you, or any persons of whom you are aware, actually constructed a compound disintegrator as envisioned by John Keely (thereby proving its technical viability)?

A49) No one to my knowledge has duplicated Keelys device as he envisioned it. However some have duplicated the process of dissociation to some degree. Puharichs water dissociation and a company in California dissociates molecular matter. A store-bought ultrasonic humidifier dissociates water quite well with acoustic energy. These few examples are quite enough to prove the concept is not only doable but scientifically proven. Besides Keely himself built and demonstrated them thereby proving its technical viability and no one seemed to care. Will the reaction be any different today?

Q50) Do you, or any persons of whom you are aware, sell these devices or publications/ schematics describing how to construct these devices?

A50) Dont know of anyone who has ever built one of these devices.

Q51) Dale, what is your connection to SVP?

A51) I "coined/chose" the phrase in 1984 when assembling the first writing of "Keelys Secrets." I didnt really coin the phrase since Keely and Bloomfield-Moore used it a time or two in the last century. I was deliberating over two phrases the other one being "Etheric Vibratory Physics" which he also used at that time. I knew in 1984 whichever I chose would stick and be used and recognized by others - eventually - such as you are now doing. This first book "Keelys Secrets" went through many evolutions and eventually became "Universal Laws Never Before Revealed: Keelys Secrets." I wrote the book you mention: "The Physics of Love" in answer to a common complaint I received about the "Universal Laws" book: people were having trouble understanding it. So I wrote "The Physics of Love" to help explain the basic principles one would need to understand the first book. See my new book Atlin - Knowing I AM for a more complete explanation. See The SVP Universal Cosmology for the most up-to-date expose on SVP.

Q52) Is the experiment you spoke of using the steel plates explained in any of the books in your catalog? Did Keely have some sort of light source shining on these steel plates to make them shine in different colors, or did the resonance of the metal actually create the light, could resonating objects in a dark room produce light? The brain obviously separates experience into sound or sight along with the other sensations, but where does sound end and light begin? What is that point of transition experienced as, or does it simply leap from one form of experience to another? Is there light that we can hear?

A52) Ive never seen material explaining this experiment. It was mentioned in passing in Bloomfield-Moores book "Keely and His Discoveries." The only thing Ive seen close to this is the Act-E-Lite device made by a friend of mine. This is a LED panel which changes color from greens to blues to violets depending on what frequency is applied to its circuits. It is a fascinating device to experiment with. Some people can see sounds and others can hear colors. This mixing of perception forms the base of design for color/light organs. There is a Law of Correspondences which implies pitches are identical anywhere on the Electromagnetic Spectrum *within octaves* of reference. This means a "C" (red) on any octave is the same as "C" (red) on any other octave. The only difference being rate of vibration.

Q53) Right now I am contemplating how sympathetic vibration might be applied to the field of music. Obviously many of todays instruments use sympathetic vibration to enhance their sound, especially such instruments as the sitar which have sympathetic strings in the higher registers. How would one discover the proper physical characteristics to make something resonate to a certain pitch, for example if I were to record some music where the predominant or fundamental pitch were C for example, how might I devise resonating objects to be placed in the room so that their ambient sound might enhance or alter the tones from the instrument? I see that "resonating objects" might sound a bit vague, well then let us say that we have large tubs filled with a viscous fluid which we hope to "tune" to the pitch of C or even better let me say A since I know that we hear A at 440 Hz. I would imagine that experiments along these lines would produce interesting results.

A53) Every object has a collection of naturally occurring pitches called spectra. Sometimes these are called resonances or modes. When these frequencies are registered by instrumentation they form the vibration signature of the object. These naturally occurring frequencies are a result of the objects mass, material, local environmental constraints, and size. Generally it is easiest to predict resonance by an objects size. For example a stretched string will react sympathetically to another nearby string being set in motion if the two strings are identical vibrationally. They may also be relative either of the same pitch or a simple harmonic of the unison (keynote, fundamental). A window may vibrate in response to a passing heavy vehicle. Keely apparently developed a major base of his work by devising and conducting a series of experiments that revealed to him the sympathetic response of different things. Try experimenting with a constant sound source such as a signal generator. Array various objects of various materials and sizes in the sound field. You may be able to deduce cause and response characteristics from your experiences.

Q54) You use the word "spiritual" when referring to Keely quite often. Was he a religious man, his scientific gift being an intuitive gift of the Spirit? Even our language hints at the connection between man and God through sympathetic motion where we are "tuned in" to the Spirit or life force if one prefers a non-religious term. It seems that we are then set in motion to some corresponding yet more fundamental power and we being the lesser part must resonate to the greater source, the "unconditional love" which we must adhere to to lose our self and let God work through ourselves. Reminds me of domains in an ferrous material, until the stabilizing or conducting force sweeps through and sets all the domains straight so that they can hold a charge all those domains are scattered each trying to have their own way and thus canceling out the potential of the whole. It takes a greater ordering to set these domains straight and then they can retain a charge, much like our spirit in a way which the ego tries to direct so many things at once that we become confused and anxiety ridden, all our energy acting against each other.

A54) Keely was a very devote man. He no doubt went to church but I would not call him a religious man. He was very spiritual in that he worked with the higher realms of vibration reaching to the Infinite Ninths or the very source of material things; i.e., MIND FORCE. We have come to learn his machines were tuned to his body, his mind and his "spirit." His charts tell us this much and our work is revealing this a bit at a time in real and useable terms. This is not a religious (dogma and doctrine) issue. Subtle Force Physics is the relating of mind in matter as well as what is sometimes called bioenergy or Chi. These play a large part in the process of graduating Keelys devices and experimentation with same. Yes, I believe Keely attained the "awakened" state of Cosmic Consciousness and this allowed him to do the awesome science he did in so little time. Within that state all knowledge is obtainable to the sincere seeker of light. See The SVP Universal Cosmology.

Q55) If you could recommend any material which might help me discover something along this path please advise me, this is an incredible age we live in where such great potential abounds in connecting fields of thought which we have for so long attempted to separate so that we might assert their own validity. But it seems that it is the connection or ordering of what seems disconnected (thought, vibration, sound, light) a greater order shall establish itself as these parts resonate together.

A55) The books and videos mentioned above are always recommended. Follow these up with leads mentioned in them. This is what I did to begin understanding Keely and his physics. Do as we have done all along in this project: allow yourself to be guided in your search for greater light of understanding. Above all NEVER STOP ASKING LOTS OF QUESTIONS. The most important question I have ever learned to ask and I ask it all the time is: "Why?" And I never settle for "just because" answers... The increased awareness that comes to the sincere seeker allows the piercing of the veil as it were which is a gaining of insight into the fundamental principles that govern all things. These principles then are the basic tools with which one can understand and then engineer within the many fields of study required in Sympathetic Vibratory (Subtle Force) Physics.

Q56) While I enjoy immensely reading the various Keely quotes you post, I am at a loss to make actual connections between the "ether" of the articles and real life situations. Can you tell me how it relates? Do you think it only to be musical perhaps?

A56) See The SVP Universal Cosmology . The ether that Keely talks about is a specific state of matter/energy. If you will please refer to the chart on:  you will be able to see how matter and energy can be organized according to frequency or rate of vibration. Level 1, the lowest level, is the gross molecular ranges evidenced by larger, slower "particles" having the least amount of energy held in a latent state. As the scale goes up the level of energy goes up as does a corresponding decrease in size. It is commonly held that the shorter a wave length the higher the frequency. Therefore as frequency increases size decreases and latent energy increases as does density and likewise velocity of propagation through a medium composed of any given set of "particle" size. This concept is FUNDAMENTAL. To extrapolate these figures one winds up with the following charts of matter according to its self-sorting ability according to frequency:

What these charts say confirms ancient teachings about matter being an illusion (maya). To make a long story short, each molecule is composed of three atoms. Each atom is composed of three leptons (electrons, protons, neutrons). Each of these is composed of three photons (light) which in turn are composed of three quarks, etc., etc., until infinity. So to answer your question it is to say all "solid" matter is composed of ether. All ether "particles" are composed of even smaller and more energetic "particles" of Mind energy (thought) which are in turn composed of smaller God "particles" being the Compound Interetheric realm of energy/matter. Each of these levels can be further subdivided. With this concept in mind one can see how Mind permeates all matter and controls its movement and being. (It is not a question of Mind OVER matter but Mind IN matter.) Ether is simply a portion of the connecting link between the "high" level of Mind and the "low" level of matter. Ether being a vibratory entity is vibration and therefore manipulated/orchestrated by musical definitions and operations (i.e., organized sound vibrations). Music becomes as a tool. Ether becomes a portion of that worked upon and useable energy (whether solid or whatever phase) one of the many possible effects.

Q57) Im also interested to know exactly what and how the Dynasphere which you mention operates.

A57) To answer this would take volumes and I have not yet figured it all out. See The SVP Universal Cosmology . What I do know is under constant revision and subject to change without notice. :-). In a nut shell the Dynasphere works like an old time crystal radio (to use an analogy). These old forerunners of all modern radio and TV operated without their own power source like batteries or being plugged into the local utility company. They acquired their power to operate from the broadcasting station. This power was sufficient to polarize the carbon in the ear phones resulting in the motion of a metallic diaphragm which recreated the sounds of the originating broadcast. A crystal was used in the circuit to "rectify" the vibrations from alternating to pulsating wave trains capable of initiating and maintaining the motion of the diaphragm. The Dynasphere uses some of these same principles - and more. The broadcasting station in this case is the earth. The earth is in a constant state of vibration of multitudes of frequencies, phases, modes and power settings. The dynasphere, having been designed to be a fractal of the earth (and molecules), resonates in sympathy with its vibrations thereby bringing in power from outside the system in sufficient quantities (and qualities) to actuate certain vibratory modes not yet fully understood. I like to also use the metaphor of a waterwheel setting in a river. The dynasphere is a wheel setting in the river or flow of vibrations from the earth. As long as the earth exists and the dynasphere maintains its integrity it will rotate in that stream. The dynaspheric system initiates and forms part of a vortex dynamic system which results in motion of the shell and turns the shaft connected thereto. This rotary motion is not a Newtonian push or shoving of something round and round. It is a sub quantum cause resulting in a molecular rotary effect governed by subtle aspects of vibratory physics.

Addendum 12/25/98: The real power is liberated/differentiated via the neutral center formed within the center of the dynasphere.

Q58) Do you play it like an instrument and is it creating sound vibrations within human hearing range?

A58) No musical instruments are purposely played around Atlin (the dynaspheres name) but this may be of benefit if done. We do sometimes play the piano which is in the room. Atlins field is noticeable "enhanced" when this is done. The strings stretched across the Base Plate are tuned to audible musical pitches (C, G, E and Bf, D, G) and these make wonderful aides to meditation when plucked and amplified. Many extraordinary meditations have been experienced in this manner. Some sensitives have heard music emanating from Atlin at times. We think this may be a portion of the music of the spheres.

Q59) Does the operator need "good intent"?

A59) Not only the operator needs good heart but all those in the immediate environment. The device is engineered and built using sympathetic vibration (harmonic coincidence, i.e., love). The special structure and configuration of the dynasphere creates a Neutral Center within the center of the sphere. This center is sympathetically attractive along neutral lines. This means it is sensitive to heart energy; Love and Mind force. The device behaves much as would a multidimensional mirror to all who are near it. A resonant field is established which tends to accumulate (additive synthesis) until the encounter is broken off. If the individual is in a loving state that is reflected back to the individual in ever increasing amounts. Many experience a wonderful opening of the heart chakra. Others who have been around Atlin for a length of time have experienced an increase in spiritual awareness manifesting as increased knowledge, sensitivity to spirit, increase in Lovingness, etc. As far as we can tell this field is one of pure Love (sympathetic coincidence, i.e., harmony). It is also of interest that when an enharmonic individual (disturbed, angry, negative emotions, poor intent) moves into this field they either become more coincident (more loving) or, if they insistent on maintaining their fear-filled attitude, they become more aggravated and eventually leave the vicinity of their own free will.

Q60) Are there any Universities, that teach the vibrational sciences that you are aware of ... ?

A60) It seems some universities teach vibration as part of the Mechanical Engineering curricula. There are many places that teach sound and vibration basics (Bruel & Kjaer for instance) and also Nondestructive testing (NDT ) and nondestructive evaluation (NDE). A search on the web might reveal some of these. Also see my site list. I took a two-week NDT class at Westinghouse outside of Pittsburgh several years ago. It is expensive but I learned a lot. The Pond Science Institute is currently putting together (November, 2009) an apprentice-type program. The details are being worked out to accept sincere people who can study, work (hands-on) and learn about SVP. If you are interested please inquire.

Q61) Thanks for sending "What Electricity Is." Was fascinated by this paper. I note that this paper is from pages 309 - 325 in a book. Is this book available?

A61) "What Electricity Is" was an article published in a magazine as are all the other articles I publish. I dont have the reference handy but it may have been in either New York Home Journal or Scientific Arena both of which may be found in a "good" library. A "good" library is one that was in existence during Keelys time and has not yet thrown out the older materials simply because "no one has checked them out".

Q62) Ive been researching this subject and wanted to get an opinion from you. I have found a lot of info on both sides of UBO s and they are quite polarized. Ive seen some articles on people being dragged to court to get their taxes out of them.  

A62) We have never and do not now claim a Unincorporate Business Organization (i.e., a business trust) eliminates lawfully due taxes. In fact our trust package has tax forms included in it. There are those who say certain trusts are exempt from taxes. I have not yet found substantiation to these claims although there may be some. Please be mindful of generalities expounded by the "system". They do not apply to everyone.

Q63) I did get to take a look at your latest book on Keely. I noticed in your catalog you said you were only able to get a few partial turns from the dynasphere. Why is there so much focus on the dynasphere if it is not practical?

A63) We are just now learning about the dynasphere. This particular device is a "Proof of Principle" device and is not intended to yield a lot of power. We are learning from it. That the thing turns at all is nothing short of miraculous. This is the first real evidence of motive power from ANY replication of Keelys original research. As we learn more about the vibration dynamics rotation will be more consistent. Potential power is estimated as unlimited once proper alignments are achieved. There will be zero pollution, zero chemical fuels consumed, no noise, no filth and grease, no heat generated and countless byproducts as the technology is understood. And, it cannot be monopolized and withheld from those needing it by those so inclined.

Q64) What about the practicality of using the frequencies for vibrating water to power a piston motor? Can it be done with greater efficiency than gas or even o/u?

Q64) Keely tried the water/etheric vapor route for twenty years. He eventually gave up on it so he could pursue the dynaspheric sources of rotation and power. I agree with what he said and did. I dont think cavitating water will yield much in the form of raw power but it will yield many new applications far beyond what ordinary science considers possible.

Q65) I just read the booklet on the Hydro Vacuo Pulsating Engine. Do you know anybody that has built a working model besides John Keely?

A65) No, I know of no one who has replicated this model or the process in a motor configuration. I did however build a proof of principle device that showed the shock wave can be captured and then expended. The concept seems to have validity.

Q66) I also was wondering what your thoughts are on the power output, in horse power or fractions there of, of the engine Keely left us.

A67) I have no idea as to horsepower of the machine. As far as I know this device never really operated more than a short period of time. This being the case it probably had little if any horsepower although there is evidence of unlimited power in the process used.

Q68) Do you think that the power would double if the size of the engine was doubled? I guess what I am asking is if I put the time and money into building this engine, am I going to be able to power my house with it, just using water as fuel, or was this just a step for Keely to get to bigger and better things.

A68) There is no way to know if this motor configuration can be made to work without someone building and testing one. I wish someone would so we can all see. I built some experiments to verify some of the processes and they validated those processes. But I never had the funds to build a full model.

We do know that Keely abandoned this motor configuration and went on to making other machines using other principles most notably the Musical Dynaspheres. You can see pictures of this device at:

Q69) So what are the benefits for filing as a UBO versus a standard sole proprietership? Can I pay less taxes? Or is it I just have more protection?

A69) Place assets in the UBO. If you get in trouble these are not your assets - they are protected. Set up several and have different assets in each. This is the "not all eggs in one basket" philosophy. Only you can determine your tax situation. You might check the IRS links on my web site:

Q70) A while back I saw a different catalog you had on your web page that was instructions for building the dynasphere and it was $5.00 but now I cant find it.

A70) I have never published a pamphlet on how to build a dyansphere. There has never been one by anyone else that I know of either. There is however a small pamphlet on old material about Keelys original Musical Dynaspheres. This pamphlet is still available and still on the web site.

Q71) Also I was wondering if you have any information that tells how to build Keelys Compound Disintegrator?

A71) No, I think this device is as yet still far beyond our understanding. Were not even 100% sure what it did.

Q72) Why do you use the term vril in your web site name?

A72) My use of the term "vril" in my web site name has nothing whatsoever to do with historical uses like the infmaous Vril Society. Neither am I connected with any historical societies of any kind or nature. Nor do I study or in any way participate in any of the so-called occult or dark sciences or societies. My research is all new and is almost exclusively a take off from John Keelys work publicized throughout my web site.

V.R.I.L. = Vibration Research Institute and Laboratories

Also when I asked John he said humankind is not ready by "thousands of years" to deal with real vril energy. So it will not be revealed in this time period. Stories to the contrary are just that - stories designed to razzle-dazzle the gullible and superstitious, usually for money or fame/ego.

Q73) I visited your website. Ive been wondering what that dynashpere did. So it has rotated 6 times since you built it. And it opens a persons chakras and makes them feel good too. Thats very interesting.

A73) The dynasphere is actuated by initiating precession in molecules making up its shell - as near as I can figure it. Some people are referring to this phenomena as Whirl Power but Keely christianed it Dynaspheric Force over 100 years ago. This necessitates a rework of the orbiting electron theory and a few others. Energy source is the One Energy. The shape of the sphere focalizes this energy to its center making like a reservoir of this energy. This undifferentiated energy is differentiated in diverse ways resulting in waves forming and reforming interference patterns. Also the triple vibration modes are manipulated in such a way as to emphasize the rotary component yielding what may be termed "rotational impetus" (kick starting without the kick). See The SVP Universal Cosmology.

On the human side this One Energy is sensed as Love and stimulates the heart chakra sympathetically. We have documented healings on the emotional, physical and spiritual planes. Quite an unexpected by-product...

I wish I had better terms to work with but conventional science does not cover these ideas so I must use Keelys terms and concepts. And please be easy on the learning - it took me a solid six months relentless pouring over Keelys writings before they began making sense. If you ever get down this way I would be happy to walk you through the dynasphere stuff.

Im not sure what you are asking about. But I think you want to know "what did John Keely do?"

In a nut shell - he did a lot! No, Im just kidding. In his scientific work he learned to harness the source energy that makes atoms vibrate and planets to spin forever. How long have they been vibrating and spinning? According to his ideas there is an energy that underlies everything that there is. This energy is available for use in machines, etc. It is a vibratory energy infinite in potential and power. It is everywhere and in everything.

NOTE: The following series of questions and answers come from a dialogue with a Russian physicist. These are very good questions and I wish to share the communication with everyone.

Q74) John Keely correctly has noticed property of force their dependence on a condition of three phases in space, but it is only result, and the reason of force is all the same dipole, two states (without neutral) and the presence of a thin matter which these phenomena supports (ether).

A74) The two opposite phases are the Neutral under polarization, maybe. Anyway, there has to be a Neutral Zone somewhere midway between the two poles. Yes, the presence of tenuous matter (ether) figures prominently into this theory of force.

Q75) I disagree, that "none of the "particles"" really exists.

A75) They are instead vibrating and oscillating bundles of polarized energy and nothing more. (Virtual Particles Diagram).

One is left then with what is a thing? What is energy? What is a vibration? Sure we can all agree a particle exists but what is it? In the ultimate analysis it is organized energy in vibration. There is no "thing" there. But we perceive the thing like we may perceive an illusory mirage in the desert. Spin a spoked bicycle wheel fast enough and it takes on properties of being solid. But the effect is an illusion. There really is nothing to disagree with and you will see this as you explore deeper into Keelys world.

Q76) The waves too consist of particles of environment (ether). Other case, that particles from which they consist is not static, and have character dynamic sink structure. Obligatory manifestation of which is the presence of various types of waves. The characteristic of waves is the position of phases in space, i.e. three states. And in a basis of a particle - One (symbol - circle) lay only two polar states (dipole), taking place in continuous interaction (rotation). The third neutral state is already new unit - One (circle) consisting of two states.

A76) Each of the three particles is composed of three smaller particles. This structure is the same on all levels, according to Keely. The neutral, being neutral, cannot form anything unless differentiated into its component particles. The positive and negative when coming together naturally form a boundary where they join or interact. This boundary is the Neutral Zone.

2D Rotation Keely Triplet 3D Rotation

Q77) Who has thought up an emblem (Rotating circle with three different colours drops (circles))? What is it history? It, probably, is young?

A77) It is new in that I drew and animated the first unit in 1988 as a computer model. The work was lost when the house caught fire and burnt everything. This is how Keelys triplet particles rotate about each other, orbiting on three planes ninety degrees to each other - insofar as I am able to decipher his work. So, no it is not new, as he discovered it over 100 years ago. But the idea is new for us being only revealed now to our eyes and understanding.

Q78) The similar ancient East emblem only from two similar drops is known.

A78) Some old religious symbols from Korea have the three parts.

Q79) When I visited yours Home Page last time (May 27, 98) last updated 5/19/98 count was 57499, Site Total count was 115080. Now, after updated 1/5/99 on 1/17/99 was 67486 & 349120 accordingly. Probably any problems (malfunction) with counter?

A79) The counter was "messed up" some time last spring or summer. Somebody was messing with it. The first number is the hit count for the main web page and the second larger number is the summed total for all the 160+ pages on the SVPvril site.

Q80) Half year ago I did not understand Keely then two weeks ago I understood, and SVP ideas can extend my representation of nature. At the beginning I thought Atlin is nonsense, now I understand how it works. Dale, you do useful work, but from history [the past] it is necessary already to move forward, farther than Keelys ideas.

A80) Thank you. It does take some time for the basic ideas to be understood. When one is willing to let go of preconceived ideas the new ones can then come in and make sense. Yes, Keelys ideas are old but not out of date. There is more to this theory I have not yet published because the presentation should be in animated 4-D graphics to be understood easily. Ive been waiting to afford the proper software and time to do the animations. This should be forthcoming this spring. See The SVP Universal Cosmology.

Q81) The modern quantum mechanics is based on de Broils (deBroglie) idea about waves of a matter, which he has developed on musical (sound) analogies of vibrating string. He has curtailed strings in a ring and has presented that it is orbits of electron in atom & etc. Therefore majority of the conventional ideas of the quantum mechanics is conformable SVP. But SVP has decided them earlier and as against the quantum mechanics examines questions not only at a nuclear level, but also on others, including mechanical. i.e. SVP idea is more general physical knowledge.

The modern nuclear physics was created in Europe in the beginning of century where SVP did not know, therefore and did not use. And it is a pity. In SVP there is more physics than in quantum mechanics where there was [more] mathematics.

A81) As we move along many of the questions about SVP and perceived differences between Quantum Mechanics and SVP will dissolve. It took me many years of intense contemplation and study to understand the orbiting electron theory, shells, Quantum Leap energy levels, etc. of conventional theory in the new light of SVP. There is a way within SVP all these can be explained and shown in action which conforms better to known vibration, physical or mechanical properties than does Quantum Mechanics which sometimes gets a bit bizarre and unneccessarily complicated.
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