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 The Keely Musical Dynasphere - part 4 of 4

"The Whole Law is the One, and basis for all Science. All Science is based on combining relationships, proportions and order. These are all served by the consciousness state of Love, or more precisely, the interplay of forces which are configured by the Consciousness of Love. Therefore, if Love is the prime condition or consciousness surrounding one, the ethers and other forces (including the Elemental Beings, etc.) will configure in such a way that increased order, and healthier ambient energy will become manifested. Even if conditions fail the One who embraces Love, the ramifications will be minimized by the outward focus developed by the Love. Soon there will be shown some replicable, "scientific" evidence as to the power of Love. This will begin to make it "safe" for many more to ascribe to such ideas as the "Whole Law". When one lays aside their concerns about his/herself, and focuses on helping and Loving others, many beautiful things happen. Force fields take a sort of "red shift" toward order and wholeness. Love establishes syntropy. When your science reaches the point of acceptance of the very basics of this point, then great strides will begin to be seen in areas such as you are developing." Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom (as communicated via Dawn Stranges)

What is the exact mechanism of "mode shifts"? (A "mode shift" is here used and defined as a change from any of the three main wave forms to each other. These main wave forms are longitudinal, transverse and Raleigh.)

"Mode shifts, no matter what realm, are a wave motion change to a different density level. This might be reflected in changed frequency or amplitude, but it may not be reflected in those parameters, either. It is possible for a wave to shift modes by altering its quality in another dimension. For ease of understanding, let us suppose that a wave is three dimensional; a spiral. If we look at it from one side and measure its amplitude and frequency then measure again after a mode shift of the more challenging sort, we shall find little appreciable difference in the values. However, what if the depth of the spiral wave were increased and accompanied by a slight increase in velocity such that they combine to look just like the original wave? The flatlander could not detect the change in wave values, but would note "something funny". At this point, he would probably assign an erroneous cause to the "paradox" or dismiss the matter. Our lot as scientists and metaphysicists is to continue to work with the Light and guidance of a greater, wiser source to come to understand the tricks and puzzles that create confusion and false beliefs in us, all because of our own lack of vision. There is no blame attached to our blindness, as it is part of the human condition we must acknowledge and about which we must seek help from Higher Sources. By so doing, we fulfill our birthright: to come to understand that there are Beings, consciousnesses, dimensions and forces we cannot perceive with physical senses, and to seek and eventually find divine insight enough to mix humanity with divine energy. This, then is the purpose of science and life. Back to mode shifts. Each mode shift is accompanied by an alteration of some form that effects a wave change. These may not be physically sensed in the wave mechanics, as above, but only in the physical change, or change in effects made on physical objects. Know that the forces which accompany mode shifts are of prime importance even though they are not, perhaps, observable. There is much light yet to be shed on the workings of Nature, and you are invited to contribute your insight to illuminate those forces which go unseen by human eyes." Albert Einstein

What is the chord for association?

"The chord varies to some extent depending on the application. In our work, we are working with spherically associated energy fields that resonate with those of Mother Earth. Here the chord of B flat, D, F and B flat (two octaves above middle C) are associative to the forces at work which unite the spherical system. The [Actuator induced] chordal characteristics include the highly excitable state that will allow for extremes in phase changing, mode shifting, harmonic union into neutrality and polarization. It is as though the Actuators imprint a supreme excitability potential into the existing dynamics. The heightened potential can create great power. It is difficult to explain the physical change in the vapor by influence of the Actuators work. There is more of a force imprinting, which is difficult to quantify. The quality of the vapor changes, yielding changes in outcome directed by more polarized potential." Keely

The subsequent rotary motion is not a Newtonian type force (f = ma) arrangement on the molecular level. But it is a Newtonian type reaction on the quantum levels. The best reasonable theoretical basis is again restated:

a) The device sublimates and establishes a highly sensitive corona of etherized substances. b) These substances are sympathetically linked to the Neutral arrangements of the various resonators and structures of the device. c) By antagonizing the Neutral Center the corona becomes the "lever" whose fulcrum or pivot point is this Neutral Field of the device. The corona is intimately and resolutely connected to the Neutral Field, its progenitor as it were, and the responses are all immediate and synchronous. As it is disturbed the corona reacts in the opposite direction (one mirrors the other). d) All this being the case then this device is an analogy of prayer/mediation in action. Or the beseeching of Divine aid or action as through the material world. The connecting link being Love/sympathy/Christ as the go-between. e) Now then the original Keely excerpts referencing the Neutral Center become clear and useable as a mechanical construct for obtaining or releasing rotary motion.

We will be creating an Etheric bubble around the device and this will be a zone of higher density within the molecular environment (the air or atmosphere). It will have a vacuous character. The etheric field expands and collapses like a field that surrounds a coil. There are in- and out-flowing streams made of etherized metals around the bubble. This creates a ring around the globe which echoes (mirrors) the neutral center. This can exist because the ring is a torroid. The neutral center is extended sympathetically, which is then conformed as a rotating, pulsating torroid field. We will be creating a torroid with ribs or zones of low and high density. From the center are ejected or radiated under tremendous pressure or energy the higher realms of matter & energy etheric streams which coincidentally (simultaneously) there is attracted back to the center lower forms of matter & energy, such as molecules and atoms to be imploded in a cavitational sense, thus re-etherizing as though sublimating back to the higher energy state. That is the whole thing in a nutshell. The rest of the story would be mathematical description. This relates to a book by Garibaldi titled Monism. The molecular is drawn inescapable to the higher realms of energy and matter; the High Celestial or Neutral. When it reaches one of these steps, it is transformed into Higher States of Energy and Matter. It goes through mode shifts when it reaches and passes through the Eutectic Points (a point of phase change). Some of the lines of force interacting and reacting with one another are as configured like Babbits Heart (Eights and arranged in a spiraled or helical shape defining a heart). The molecular matter becomes denser and denser and denser until it reaches a point where the density implodes upon its mass and portions of the mass are converted to a higher state of energy (this is called etherization - when done to a lesser degree this is sublimation). This is true in microcosmic and macrocosmic terms. When acoustical forces are focused to a central node, density goes up, the transformation takes place, the newly liberated energy radiates outward, and the radial forces create a corona. This goes on in the dynasphere - over and over again many times a second. The reradiation of the matter, or implosion, is the corona about any given neutral center. Implosion and cavitation are one and the same. The functioning principal within sublimation is a form of cavitation.

"These three forces [gravity, piezoelectric influences and the shaping of thought forms] are quite connected, as are many things, inextricably. Let us frame the answer around the workings of the Musical Sphere. The forces described above are interwoven so that the staging of conditions to focalize etheric density, combined with karmic forces, Love and Gaiac Forces, conspire (breathe together) to form a Neutral Center or point of Etheric Implosion that evacuates molecular components, creating a situation of extreme potential power. The potential power is realized by natural evolution as dictated by the lines of travel and intersection of the forces called upon by the inherent construct. Let us talk about the nature of that construct. We have lines of transit of the forces going in and out that create acceleration of etheric dynamics. Included in the list are: nodal frequency acceleration of the time/space dimensional fabric of the Universe shifting toward the key range that supports Harmony. The Harmony referred to includes advancement toward enlightened coexistence with all Forces and Beings also supporting Harmony. Each contribution attracts and cohesively combines with kindred manifestations of Light in variant forms. This is the basis of "karma", gravity and evolution toward the One. Each of these represents a "rib" or line of force curved to circumscribe a torroid. Thus, each complies with and creates the natural and most efficient means of moving its evolution toward the One. The One is not a state of rest or quietude, but quite the opposite: a state of dynamic movement and orchestration. When a force field or its matrix is established in a form that naturally creates harmonics that also conform to the same configuration, even if offset in time or space, then this dynamic is created. If enough force is focalized, the fields or matrices created will be quite strong and create a stabilizing influence in surrounding conditions. This is true of thought patterns, consciousness evolution, etheric communication, etheric work, and gravity. " Gaia

The Neutral state of the universe has been called many names:











Tesla Scalar Waves



Some of these terms are from the metaphysical community, some from religions and some from cold and sterile science. As Hudson and Bearden are stumbling all over it, the neutral permeates everything, everywhere and at all times. It is at once the source and conductor of all force and energy any where and in all events. Its medium of action is through and by way of sympathetic vibration which has been called by many names:









The whole point of this project is to create a more meaningful and higher level consciousness for human beings. Of course, it will benefit Gaia and her entire system, as well as the One. The most important aspect about this project is not the power the Dynasphere will put out but the connection it demonstrates between Man and so-called God. This is a connection of sympathy or Love and once it is recognized and established all else, like understanding and power, is freely given. Man is the important element here not economics which is where a lot of the "Free Energy" people focus. Materialistic science is at an end and the new Spiritual Science of One is about to assume the mantel of co-creative initiative and associative awarenesses. The design and construction of the Dynasphere is not a process of sterile engineering and mechanics. This new paradigm is an art form. It embodies sculpture, form, structure, light, perspective, ratio, music, color, "a little of this and a little of that", alchemy, and personal pleasure and enjoyment (zen + chi). There is real Love (sympathy); Light (greater understanding and insight) and Life (self-generative and "feel") in this project. The Dynasphere is beautiful. It is not a "utilitarian" machine hiding within the refrigerator or furnace that does not participate in personal lives.


When a substance is Neutral it is really both Positive and Negative equally. It is not inert but just the opposite. This is like adding +2 to -2 and getting 0. No such thing can exist. These two opposite states cancel each other out mathematically but the two quantities are still there. It would be better to conceive of the +2 and -2 as now residing as one number we may call Zero but its quaternions or aliquot parts are the original Positive 2 quantity and the Negative 2 quantity. After all the Zero could never exist except it was created from the merging of the two opposite quantities. If either of the two vanished or ceased to exist after merging so too would the Zero have to disappear. It does not so its progenitors are still there now in a latent state. These "hidden" or "occulted" originating numbers are the same as the Fibonacci series developing into or the same as Ben Iversons bead Quantum Arithmetic numbers. These are the aliquot parts or as is sometimes called the quaternions of the numbers. In the cases we are speaking we can go even further and equate these hidden "bricks of our reality" with the lesser known forces of nature accumulating in octave (harmonic and enharmonic) relationships to result in the so-called forces we recognize in todays science. Mass, weight, potential, gravity, etc. and superconductivity are not fundamental states or forces. They are results or effects of even more fundamental vibratory states and forces which are in turn themselves results of yet again more remote and basic terms. It is postulated this karma or cause and effect sequence comes from an infinite series and goes into another infinite series. The story expands further when we consider this neutral condition of nature. It is likely the neutral or superconductive substance or "white powder" spoken of by Hudson is the neutral progenitor "substance" of differentiated gross matter closely allied to the inert gases. In this case it would be the undifferentiated materia prima of the alchemists. One might use an analogy that this powder is the "White Light" which differentiates (refracts) into the rainbow of elements making up the world of gross matter we call the elements of which the earth is composed. This is born out in the works of many from Russell, Mendelev, Dinshah and others. The elements naturally arrange themselves in rainbows or "octaves" or repeating series of qualities. Russell pointed out that the noble gases are neutral and are the pivotal elements of the octaves of elements. From these, he says, are generated all other elements. It is being shown that ALL THAT THERE IS ORIGINATES FROM SOME OR OTHER STATE OF NEUTRALITY. We will come to see, as we progress with our work, what this is and how the will of man is now so important in the development of SVP as a practical and elevating science and philosophy of being-ness. So there is a Grand Neutrality that permeates the universe. It is the "White Light" streaming from the Sun and differentiates into the beautiful rainbow of colors. It is the "White Powder" and neutrality of the inert gases that differentiates into the rainbow of elements making the earth. Both of these phenomena manifest according to the Law of Octaves just as do music notes. This then is manifest as the Keynote of a score or scale which differentiates into the multitudinous musical notes all arithmetically relative to that fundamental or tonic tone. So as Hughes says, all the notes of a given key originate from its tonic or keynote which is taken as being neutral and creative. In our Dynasphere we have the still, quiet Neutral Center waiting to be "disturbed" into action. B flat is set as the keynote from which will be liberated, developed, engendered, evolved all the other tones or activities of positive and negative force (vibrations). All of which owe their existence to and are subservient to the Dominant progenitor Neutral Center sounding. Does all this have a ring of familiarity to you?

"Now we have that in this motor as is seen in varied elements that are as octaves in music. There are forces or pitches above and below the scale, as are applied to the human voice. There are colors above and below the spectrum, as applied by man in a nominal manner. There are the same octaves of force seen or applied in the various elements as go to make up the forces as applicable to elements in any generative force. Many, as seen, have been placed and given a name - without yet having been separated or brought into being by man as a used force. The same condition applies here in the operative element of the force as applied in mechanical means to the generative force in and through the (4666) motive force." Cayce (4665-8) [the above quote was not given for our Dynasphere but for a device described in EC reading 4666 - but maybe it ought to be!]

As long as this principle of Neutrality is recognized and adhered to there is harmony of action and purpose and manifestation according to natural principle. This is the One Force or state - which is the All of Everything held latent - that differentiates into all else that there is. In conventional terminology the word "God" is used to denote this all-pervading latent and neutral force. Mrs. Hughes book Harmonies of Tones and Colors more perfectly reveals this nature of the substance or energy that becomes all else that there is. The phenomena begins with B flat, evolves through E and then on into the rest of the gamut of tones of existence. Get this: in her book B flat is the violet darkness of the VOID and when "God moved", E, the unchangeable, became active, from which was created C (male, red, Adam) and then G (female, blue, Eve) then all the rest including D (indigo, earth) and F (green, Eden). Believe it or not, this is the "secret understanding" of how and why the Dynasphere activates and moves. It is not complicated and is wonderously simple when finally visioned. In fact we could call this device something like the Genesis Sphere because it is a mirror mechanical image and rendition of the first three chapters of Genesis. We have the B flat (Void) chordal field in which is evolved a Neutral Center - an E (God) field. From this we have the C (Adam) E (God) G (Eve) triplet string field. Then comes the B flat (celestial) D (terrestrial) G (Eve/mother/birth/new life) field. Small wonder then why Keely and Bloomfield-Moore thought Hughes book was so very valuable.

"There is a celestial mind-force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed." (Keely in Keely and His Discoveries)

"God - is the force that permeates all activity." Cayce (5749-4)

The following reading given many years ago conveys an almost perfect description of what the Dynasphere does and how it does it just as though it were a live and conscious being. Also, herein is a key to the understanding of will, self-consciousness and the God-to-Man relationship which are also fundamental principles of activity within the Dynasphere.

"In the manifestation of all power, force, motion, vibration, that which impels, that which detracts, is in its essence of one force, one source, in its elemental form. As to what has been done or accomplished by or through the activity of entities that have been delegated powers in activity, is another story. As to the one source or one force, then, are the questions presented in the present. God, the first cause, the first principle, the first movement, IS! Thats the beginning! That is, that was, that ever will be! The following of those sources, forces, activities that are in accord with the Creative Force or first cause - its laws, then - is to be one with the source, or equal with yet separate from that first cause. When, then, may man - as an element, an entity, a separate being manifested in material life and form - be aware or conscious of the moving of that first cause within his environ? Or, taking man in his present position or consciousness, how or when may he be aware of that first cause moving within his realm of consciousness? In the beginning there was the force of attraction and the force that repelled. Hence, in mans consciousness he becomes aware of what is known as the atomic or cellular form of movement about which there becomes nebulous activity. And this is the lowest form (as man would designate) thats in active forces in his experience. Yet this very movement that separates the forces in atomic influence is the first cause, or the manifestation of that called God in the material plane! Then, as it gathers of positive-negative forces in their activity, whether it be of one element or realm or another, it becomes magnified in its force or sources through the universe. Hence we find worlds, suns, stars, nebulae, and whole solar systems, moving from a first cause. When this first cause comes into mans experience in the present realm he becomes confused, in that he appears to have an influence upon this force or power in directing same. Certainly! Much, though, in the manner as the reflection of light in a mirror. For, it is only reflected force that man may have upon those forces that show themselves in the activities, in whatever realm into which man may be delving in the moment - whether of the nebulae, the gaseous, or the elements that have gathered together in their activity throughout that man has chosen to call time or space. And becomes, in its very movement, of that of which the first cause takes thought in a finite existence or consciousness. Hence, as man himself applies himself - or uses that of which he becomes conscious in the realm of activity, and gives or places the credit (as would be called) in mans consciousness in the correct sphere or realm he becomes conscious of that union of force with the infinite with the finite force. Hence, in the fruits of that - as is given oft, as the fruits of the spirit - does man become aware of the infinite penetrating, or interpenetrating the activities of all forces of matter, or that which is a manifestation of the realm of the infinite into finite - and the finite becomes conscious of same. As to the application of these as truths, then: It may be said that, as the man makes in self - through the ability given for man in his activity in a material plane - the will - one with the laws of creative influence, we begin with: Like begets like - As he sows, so shall he reap - As the "man thinketh in the heart, so is he. These are all but trite sayings to most of us, even to the thinking man; but should the mind of an individual (the finite mind) turn within his own being for the law pertaining to these trite sayings, until the understanding arises, then there is the consciousness in the finite of the infinite moving upon and in the inner self. So does life in all its force begin in the earth. The moving of the infinite upon the negative force of the finite in the material, or to become a manifested force." Cayce (262-52)

The prime purpose, as previously stated, of the Dynasphere is a learning and teaching tool for all mankind. The idea of using this first sample of SVP technology as a power source is lacking in vision and common sense. But what are we to learn? To learn the fundamentals of this science for greater application? Of course. How to make improved models? Certainly. How to mass produce these things? Perhaps. But the real lesson to be learned without which none of the others is really possible or maybe even permissible is the concept of who we are and how we relate to ourselves, each other and the universe as a whole.

"Nothing is more important for mankind to realize than the oneness of everything. One - One - One! Oneness of God, oneness of mans relations, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, oneness of every effort - oneness - oneness! In application of the understanding already gained there comes the more perfect realization of the theory. For, though seemingly a vague concept, the oneness of all force is a basic and fundamental truth. As man in his everyday life applies his understanding of this truth, there results a more complete expression of the real self. In the fall of an apple there was little other than man be experienced in any individuals life. Only Newton first saw that it applied to his relation with the universe and how it held the whole solution to a vast problem. Through the application of that known a great theory was gradually conceived. Just so will man come to the realization of the oneness of all force by the application of that already known. There is in each experience a law that may be reached through working the experience in terms of material application."Cayce (900-429)

"Like begets like. As he sows, so shall he reap. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. These are but trite statements to most of us, but let each of us turn within our own beings for the law pertaining to these trite sayings, until understanding arises. Then, there will come a consciousness of the infinite moving upon and in the inner self. So does life, in all its force, begin in the earth from one source. It is the moving of the infinite upon the negative force of life of the finite in the material that can bring a consciousness of the oneness even in seemingly diversified manifested force." Cayce (262-52)

These all can be summarized in the following quote from Keely taken from Keely and His Discoveries:

"The speculations of the physicists of the present age (1892), in regard to latent energy, would neutralize the sympathetic conditions that are associated with the governing force of the cerebral over the physical organism. The evolution of a thought, the infinite exciter, arouses the latent energy of the physical organism to do its work, - differential orders of brain- force acting against each other under dual conditions. If there were no latent energy to arouse, sympathetically, there would be no action evolved on the physical mass, nor on any other, as all force is mind force. All evolutions of latent power, in its varied multiplicity of action, induced by its proper exciters, prove the connective link as between the celestial and the terrestrial, the finite and the infinite." (Keely)

What is a descriptive of this "connective link" between the finite and the infinite?

"... music alone may span the space between finite and infinite." Cayce (3659-1)

"As indicated, music is what appeals to the latent and the creative force within the entity. For music alone may span the sphere from the sublime to the ridiculous -- from the finite to the infinite -- from the spheres of activity to realms of the divine. Music is like color, like tone, in that it is a destructive or a creative force -- depending upon that which it appeals, in its influence upon individuals." Cayce (3509-1)

"Do learn music. It is part of the beauty of the spirit. For remember, music alone may span the space between finite and infinite. In harmony of sound, in harmony of color -- even in harmony of motion itself -- all beauty is akin to the soul - selfs expression of harmony of the mind. That is, if all these are used properly in relationship to body." Cayce (3659-1)

"Music! History of it, activity in it -- all such varied forms. If you learn music, you learn history. If you learn music, youll learn mathematics. If you learn music, youll learn almost all there is to learn -- unless something bad!" Cayce (3053-1)

So we have a musical universe constructed and maintained musically. We have a Dynasphere constructed and maintained musically. As above - so below. This project will express those elements of awareness required for a wholistic technology only dreamed of by a few.

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