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Chord of Life Windchime Q &A

Q: What is the connection to the birth date?
A: The birthdate marks the beginning of the Yearly Cycle for that individual. It sets the keynote for each person. There are fourteen (seven pairs) keynotes spread across the Solar Cyce of one year. The birthday marks the beginning of each new yearly cycle. The chimes are ordered after the planets and their positions at the time of your birth. This is because their relative positions are a snap-shot of the energies extent in the universe at that time. This snap-shot is mathematical, geometrical and musical. These positions are converted into wavelengths and then into lengths of resonating tubes which reflect the energy chord you most resonate to. More information is available in these related items:

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Q: Is the length of each copper chime the key?
A: Partly. The important aspect is the RELATIVE relations of each tone to all the others - the overall BIRTH CHORD. Considered as a Whole Chord no two are alike even though many share similar tones. This chord is what science now calls signature, vibration signature or signature vibration.
Q: What is it that we are listening to in the chimes that we relate to?
A: You may be surprised to learn the audible sounds of the metal have little to do with it. It's what you FEEL that is key. The feeling is generated by the neutrality of each tone of the air column within the tubes and this is more felt than heard. This unheard but felt chord is different than the one caused by the clanging of the metal tubes.
Q: As you know I have an astrological as well as strong musical background, so I am very curious to know how they work.
A: Astrology has little to do with the windchime. I use astrology to create a snap-shot of the planetary positions - which is a mathematical/geometric/musical determination only. This snapshot is of the Natural Forces at play during one's birth. This RELATIVE positioning is converted into musical tones, lengths calculated, then tubes cut to those lengths. I do not work with astrological interpretations which are subjective. Instead we use the mathematical aspect that can generate accurate planet positions.
Q: I also wonder whether the calming/inspiring effect of the chimes is also affected with the ability of metal to hold the intentions of the "sculptor" and convey them, as with Atlin.
A: Yes, there is this element too. I will not construct a windchime if things are not peaceful and positive. It's construction gets put off (rare) until there is that peace and positivity in myself and around me. They are then charged with positive etheric (Mind/Heart) force - just like Atlin. This is an important aspect of their construction. Some people are quite sensitive to this etheric/chi/psi energy.
Q: Having consciously avoided metal in my home for years, all of a sudden, about 6 months ago, I acquired lots of important metal things - my French horn, a couple of lamps, the chimes. At the same time I began work on my grandfather's story about being a silver miner. Metal has some amazing properties.
A: Metals have a high level of reciprocal assimilation. They have a high level of positive and negative force mutually bound about its atomic center. They are High Energy held in Equilibrium.
Q: Would you mind elaborating on this a little? It is the core of the whole thing. How do you convert these relative positions of the planets at birth into musical tones?
A: I consider the "how" as proprietary. It took a long time and much effort to derive the method I use. Maybe someday I'll publish the whole theory and method. Briefly, a specific note is determined by a planet's orbital position.
Q: Is a tone the same as a note, such as C, C#, D, etc.?
A: Yes.
Q: Or are the intervals between the chimes different?
A: The intervals are a bit different. This particular information I definitely cannot release at this time. This information is embodied in the dynaspheres and the powers that be (A. A. Michael) was quite emphatic in keeping this knowledge private - for the time being.
Q: And how do they relate to the Solar Chord?
A: The note or keynote is established by one's birth in relation to the Sun's position at the time and place of birth. All the planets form a pattern and one "comes through" this pattern and is imprinted by it or is a reflection of that pattern and vs. This pattern, revealed through the horoscope chart, can be converted to relative pitches of the Birth Chord. Each planet's note is determined according to its orbital position and these notes taken together form the Birth Chord.
Q: Is the latter perhaps the musical key, as in Symphony in B flat major?
A: Yes. It is the determining factor of one's Birth Chord and throughout one's life. This is the tone one is most resonant with and respond to. I must point out the note frequencies used in the Chord of Life Windchime are not the same frequencies of notes used in ordinary music.
Q: But how is the Solar Chord determined?
A: As much as I'm allowed to say: the specific note is derived in relation to the Earth's position in its orbit relative to the Sun.
Q: You say there are 7 pairs, but what determines what date has which note? And why?
A: The solar year begins on March 20/21 of each year. Divide 365 days by seven yields 52 days per period of that yearly solar cycle. Each of these periods has its two poles. Each of these poles has its own note. The exact method which determines which day corresponds to which note is what I consider proprietary.
My work in developing the Chord of Life Windchime was based in part on Dr. H. Spencer Lewis' marvelous book "Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life." Lewis covers much of what you are asking about in his highly educational book. I have always highly recommended this book to any interested in cycles and life. It is an education all by itself.
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