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Moore Letter to Professor Leidy

Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore
510 So. Broad Street
January 17th, 1890

My Dear Doctor Leidy,

I am much gratified by your kind thought of me in sending me your valuable work on Rhizopods. I have read with the greatest interest your "Address on Evolution and the Pathological Proportion of Lower Forms of Life," can now, in your skillful delineations of some species of these lower forms. I am able to realize the fascination which attends your labors, making them a pastime rather than a task, I am sure.

When Dr. Pepper said that I must not allow you to buy any shares in the Keely Motor Company you will remember that I replied I would take care of you.

One does not like to offer what is of no value but as it is much easier to accept kind intentions than gifts of great value I am going to enclose a certificate of twenty-five shares of "Keely Assigns," which worthless though it be now I hope you may live to see Admiral Arthurs prediction verified, which was that if Keely accomplished all that he expected of him "one share alone would become of incredible value."

Always Sincerely,
Clara J. Bloomfield-Moore

Kegan, Paul, Trench Letter to Bloomfield-Moore

Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd. Publishers
Paternoster House, Charing Cross Road
London, July 31, 1893

Dear Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore,

We will send you a copy of your book, entreating you to keep it entirely to yourself until it is published. We would earnestly entreat you not to think of sending copies for review as yet. We feel perfectly certain that if you do so, it will not be possible to bind everybody down, and some one of the people to whom you send will forget that it has to be kept back, a review will appear, and great mischief will be done by people who then want the book not being able to get it.

I am yours very truly,
Kegan Paul

SCRIBBLED NOTE: If an American publisher is found I wish to have you receive one quarter of the royalty paid on the book. If Dr. Brinton attends to it he is to have half of the remaining quarter to go to Mrs. George Perry whose husband was Ed. of Melt-J.?

SCRIBBLED NOTE: If Mr. Morton attends to the publication instead of Dr. Brinton he is then to have half of the royalty.

Bloomfield-Moore Letter to Her Friend Cornelia

My Dear Cornelia,

For more than two weeks I have been compelled to stop all writing - even to the Doctor who has charge of Lilian, and to Mrs. Blathway who has charge of the two attendants. I will send you one of her letters that you may see how great is the improvement in this short time.

I would be willing to live through all that I have had to endure since on Sunday, August 4th, while on board the Nourmahal I agreed to go with Mr. Astor and the Electrician who invented the dynamo plates a patent for which he has taken out and was about forming a company when he read my article in the July number of the N.S.R. (New Science Review) and decided to see me if possible before doing anything in that direction. When we meet I will tell you more for I think there was still behind him a moving power from somethings that he has told me.

Can you not come to Newport for a week when Lady Clerk leaves? She is to sail on the 31st in The Umbria. I long to see you, and to tell you all. Now I can only say that Mr. Sammuels has given up electricity and is going to study Keelys system under Keelys instruction, thoroughly convinced after witnessing the operation of drawing force from space, the action of the test mediums and the levitation and suspension of the weights in the jar.

CSJ Bloomfield-Moore
circa 9/1895

Moore Letter to Mr. Dickson

March 5, 1896
Mrs. M. to Mr. Dickson

"What I most desire is that science shall hold the helm of commerce, until the mechanical combination is obedient to the law of nature which governs all planetary masses throughout the universe!

I think that I wrote to you I had received an invitation to deliver an address before this society in March. (J.O.) Have you not divined that the new photography is due to Keelys unknown force and not to cathode rays? I am cabling Prof. Dewar, today. I fear that I will not be well enough to go to the city tomorrow.

CSJ Bloomfield-Moore

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