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The Neutral Center Domain
by Andrew Brandi

If we can dream of a future, it may well be within our grasp, to make that future our reality. It has often been said, that to peer into the depths of creation, and "to KNOW, brings an individual to the threshold of new responsibilities". Once placed upon the path of ever deepening insight, into the Universal Forces that govern our existence, an observer may also come to appreciate the intricate, and often startling relationships between art, philosophy, religion, and science. Many historical greats understood this concept of interrelationships with crystal clarity; their resultant achievements, resting firmly upon the synthesis of one discipline within the next. Masters in their own right, they simultaneously blended the achievements of the past with the present, while developing their own deepest aspirations for the future.

To illustrate this precept of synthesis, it might be asked, "how would it be possible for a linguist to properly master a family of languages, without a thorough understanding of the phonetic, phonemic, morphologic, and lexical relationships within such a system?" Following this thought, the need would be no less critical for anyone exploring science, to first develop a thorough grasp of the intricacies within the languages and architecture of Natures Laws - Laws which incidentally, are expressed in varying degrees within all of the above mentioned disciplines. Men such as the late John Worrell Keely, and Nikola Tesla, well understood the necessity of this primary concept of interdependence. The accomplishments of these men, as well as with others of like mind, clearly demonstrated an esoteric synthesis of knowledge, which in the case of Keely and Tesla, were artistically expressed through the medium of physical science. To focus specifically upon Mr. Keelys insightful works, it is apparent that both his conceptual and pragmatic understanding of what he termed the "neutral centre", was in essence, the underpinning of his research in vibratory physics. His concept of an energy transposition domain, is quite possibly the most critical facet of this most elegant theory.

To establish a common reference base for this treatise, let us define four basic components of atomic architecture--as viewed from the largest to the smallest, and from the outer to the most inner positionings. These components being, electrons, neutrons, protons, and quarks, respectively. Although many additional particles are described in modern chemistry and physics, the following hypothesis holds some uniformity throughout. Therefore, to maintain simplicity in model description, only these four major components are considered-- neutrinos and bosons intentionally not being included. Also for the sake of this model, let us begin by postulating the existence of a Primary Energy ( Ep), which is by no means an original concept. In fact, this concept has intrigued researchers throughout many historical periods, including our own. It is however, imperative to keep in mind, that this Primary Energy IS NOT the Chemical Ether so often referred to by scientists, such as the late Professor D. Mendelev. (also spelled Mendelev) of Periodic Table fame. Rather, it is the energy contained "WITHIN" that Ether. And yet, in order to establish a basic, conceptual understanding of the infinitesimal nature of the energy circuits and components we are about to explore, consider that Mendelev (in 1904) postulated "Ether, as having an atomic weight equal to 10-6 that of Hydrogen". (1)

Let us also consider another somewhat unusual premise-- that matter, as we now commonly conceive of it, is nonexistent. This extremely old postulate will be explained in further depth as we proceed. Yet for the present, as we peer into the structural depths of protons, and then, into quarks and beyond, remember that we delve into virtually uncharted regions. Uncharted, since to date, no one has actually photographed what a quark looks like, much less, the forms of even further subdivisions. If these data are remotely correct, then what is being postulated, is that these structural components are not particles of mass (as we know it) at all, but rather "Intense Foci of Dynamic Energy". That is, energy which has been concentrated into centers by the effects of gravitational fields of force-- and through the domains of which, the more tenuous Primary Energy (Ep) flows.

To further assist with a mental visualization of Mr. Keelys beautifully illustrated theory, we shall move to the inner reaches of space and time, into a realm of vibrations far beyond 10^18Hz. Then, we will track the decent of the Primary Energy (Ep), as it spirals in torsional waves downward, into the lower realms of more familiar frequencies-- the very same frequencies of which, compose our nuclear and eventually, our molecular realities.

We may ask, "What is a proton, a quark, or other nuclear particle?" and, "What is it that causes the earth to rotate on its axis at over 1000 mph, as it moves with tremendous speed, in its elliptical orbit around our sun-- having sustained that velocity for over four and a half billion years?" There are several theories which attempt to explain these phenomena, yet most fail to yield a simultaneous perspective-- relative not only to astronomical dynamics, but to the dynamics of atomic architecture as well. Although Mr. Keely can certainly be credited with tremendous originality, in bringing the theory of Natures Triune Manifestation into the modern world, his researches cannot be discussed without crossing the paths of many other great men and women of science. In a somewhat similar vein, it would be extremely difficult to give even a BRIEF, objective discussion of Christianity (for example) without contrasting the universal themes contained within Buddhism, Hinduism, and the Islamic traditions as well-- along with those individuals, having contributed to the collective understanding of the mysteries contained within these faiths. Therefore, keeping brevity in mind, our focus will be somewhat broad-based in nature, and for this discussion, will present Mr. Keely as a prime contributor.

Given the above mentioned concept, of energy center within energy center, through which the Primary Energy flows, more clarification is needed to redefine some of Mr. Keelys terminology. Besides understanding his neutral center, and the domains within this region, it is of paramount importance to discuss the Laws of Assimilation (that of radiation), Individualization (that of attraction), and the Dominant (that of the resultant or controlling element). For sake of convenience, we will assign the letters Lr for the Law of Assimilation, La for the Law of Individualization, and Ld for the Law of the Dominant-- these subscripts referring to radiation, attraction, and dominant, respectively. Also for the sake of this model, we will assign generalized numerical ranking to various levels of development. That is, the Molecular being level 1, the Atomic (being AGGREGATIONS of protons, neutrons, etc., making up elements) being level 2, the Nuclear (being individual protons, neutrons, electrons, and neutrinos) being level 3, and the Sub-nuclear (which would normally include quarks, leptons and bosons, etc.) being level 4. It appears that there may be at least seven levels of subdivision, but four is quite enough to consider at the moment. With regard to level four, which is where we will eventually begin, the standard model for quarks consists of three and possibly four families, which go to make up protons and neutrons. Leptons on the other hand, are also divided into three families, which combine to make up electrons, along with their counterparts, the neutrinos. Bosons are what some particle physicists believe to be the transmitters between quarks and leptons-- examples of bosons are photons, gluons, and gravitons. This is what is commonly accepted as the structure of matter (this 1988), and it should be noted, that Mr. Keelys theories, along with others postulated here, are not meant to dispute or discredit existing views. These concepts on the other hand, are meant only to compliment existing theories, and to develop fuller explanations for the future.

Returning to the subject of Sympathetic Association, the Laws of Radiation, Attraction, and the Dominant, are inseparable from the concept of the neutral center. Once again, we must rely upon our facilities of visualization. Picture if you will, a small bright ring, suspended in space. The ring represents the Law of the Dominant, Ld, and is actually able to expand and contract according to the stimuli of various frequencies. Consider then for the moment, this ring to be a valve which regulates the powerful flow of Primary Energy-- much like the valves which regulate the flow of water to drive turbines within hydroelectric facilities. Energy is simultaneously attracted to one end of the ring, as a result of energy being radiated from the other side-- the entire process being driven by potential differences on each side of the ring, and the continual current of Primary Energy. If the current stops, then radiation and attraction stops. And with the cessation of flow, so do electricity, magnetism, and gravity also end-- resulting in what Mr. Keely termed "equilibrium". By this he meant, that all material existence is held in a state of dis-equilibrium by the force of gravity-- resulting from the flow of Ep in the neutral centers of sub-nuclear architecture. To restate the preceding somewhat, Mr. Keelys Laws of Assimilation, Individualization, and The Dominant, were merely his way of explaining the components of the three primary, interactive elements in the architecture of manifestation-- the dynamics of which are driven by the seventh level of Ep, which in turn modulates down through the remaining six levels; the last three or four of which are discernible through contemporary processes in high energy physics.

Beginning our exploration at the fourth level, (that of quarks) let us now examine the workings of a Nuclear Center Domain. Keep in mind, that each neutral center at each level of vibration, is the replication of both the LEVEL above and below that point. Each of the three quarks that make up the proton (that of level 3), spin about their axes. If it were possible to photograph each quark, they would appear externally solid. Yet each quark, is composed of even smaller particles which also, not only individually rotate on an axis, but as in the case of the quarks, revolve about a central point at tremendous velocities. (in some schools of thought, there are three sub-quark particles, termed omegons (2)). Their speed of revolution is so great, that these pulsating orbits give the appearance of a solid. To better understand the visual illusion of such a sphere of energy, (which is merely a point traveling at high speed) consider, how in the evening on the Fourth of July, children entertain themselves by spinning brightly colored sparklers in circles. The sparkler is only a bright point, yet when rapidly moved in a circular motion, appears to be a solid ring. Consider then, three or more such points of light traveling in slightly varying circular orbits, and at millions of revolutions per second.

The Nuclear Center Domain (NCD), may be described as a zone within which the transposition of Ep is modulated, from one level to the next. This NCD is at the heart of all creation. It is not very difficult to imagine how individuals, such as Mr. Keely, having once glimpsed this spectacular esoteric world, could have been swept up by a deep sense of wonder and awe-- coupled by an even greater sense of his own mortality. An experience much the same as standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, or viewing the panorama of Monument Valley in northern Arizona.

Were it possible to generate a three dimensional, animated computer image of a Nuclear Center Domain, perhaps it might appear as follows:

If we could travel to an observation point just within the spherical paths of the three orbiting quarks, we would see above us a beautiful, pulsating dome of a most radiant and translucent hue-- at once reminding us of the ancient Hindu traditions which speak of the "breathing out and the breathing in", the Great Breath, as it were. These spherical quarks not only rotate upon their own axis, and revolve about a point far within the great, nuclear domains center, but also remain locked into what appear to be limited regional grids-- each region, or sector of this patchwork-grid, being the individual limits of each quark, and comprising approximately one third, the total outer surface area, of the nuclear centers OUTER domain. The melodious pulsations of the NCD result, as the quarks move closer, and then further away from the distant center point. From all three quarks, there are what appear to be thousands of spiraling beams of light, (in some ways similar to those of laser light shows) streaming from their inward sides, and flowing toward a distant central focus. Like great fiber optic nerve centers, these extremely high frequency beams, carry the life giving Primary Energy to its central destination.

Moving our point of observation ever closer to the center of this vast, pulsating sphere, even greater streams of light come into view. As we draw nearer, we can appreciate the enormity of these ribbon-like flows of energy-- acting as enormous, moving rivers of light, suspended in space. The musical vibrations of the distant quarks, are now joined by the multifarious tones of great activity, while the entire region is supercharged with vast quantities of radiant, swirling points of dynamic energy-- as before us, the Music of the Spheres becomes an animated, artistic expression of timeless beauty. At the innermost center of this entire domain, there appears a single point, through which these rivers of spiraling energies pass. Yet the energy flow to the south of this point is not the same as the energy flow to the north of it. In the southern regions, these great torsional waves spin counterclockwise, and to the north clockwise. Not only is the spin opposite, but the southern energy itself seems to be less radiant, and is apparently recharged as it passes through this central point.

Not only is the spin opposite, but the southern energy itself seems to be less radiant, and is apparently recharged as it passes through this central point. Closer observation of this innermost center, reveals a fascinating relationship taking place. This relationship, is of a most wondrous nature, and filled with rich mystical symbology. For herein, is the representation of birth and death, as well as that life giving touch from Gods own hand- as so beautifully depicted by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. There is the Cyclic Continuum of Life of the Eastern traditions, and the Oneness of all creation. There is also the living translation of Hermetic teaching, in that "What is below, is like that which is above... to create the wonders of one thing." And, their is "The Ring Pass Not", in which Darkness cannot know Light, and in which Light overcomes Darkness. Within this point, there is also the great balance of the Holy Trinity-- the Triune Aspect of nature represented by the TWO opposing forces, kept at bay by the greater THIRD.

Looking once again, to the outer boundary of the Nuclear Center Domain, it may be seen, that great quantities of energy are of a much finer or tenuous nature, before entering this great sphere. That is, like great artisan fountains, tremendous amounts of Primary Energy are passing up from even finer levels within the quarks. Then, arriving just at the northern boundary of this center point, extremely high energy, having traveled along nerve-like paths, from the inner sides of the quarks, has been modulated to the exact frequencies of the great flowing, central stream. Like three fiery spokes of a great wheel, with the hub being the central point, the dynamics continue. The Primary Energy, thus radiating through the central balance point, in a northerly direction-- passing not only through the axis of the Nuclear Center Domain at this level, but continuing on, to the nuclear center domains at lower frequency levels as well.

The preceding only begins to illustrate the workings of the Nuclear Center Domain, but let us continue further in this general context. Thus far, we have described a Primary Energy which is the source of all other energies. This is the ONE of ancient traditions-- from the ONE come the THREE... and so on. This Primary Energy is present on all LEVELS of complexity, yet it is through the form of VIBRATION that it is actually made manifest-- from the WORD of God, the world was formed. Ancient doctrines may not have relied upon the terminology of contemporary science, and yet the alchemical mystics well understood the concepts and inner workings of these Nuclear Center Domains. The teachings of the Kabalists, the Rosicrucians, Theosophists, and Zoroastrians, etc. ( as well as the major philosophies and religions of the world) are richly imbued with symbolisms of the ONE and the THREE. Yet, this Primary Energy is merely the expression of God, and without more complex interpretations, suffice it to say, it is the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent aspect so often referred to in more esoteric doctrines.

A somewhat further examination of the mechanics of the NCD is in order. Thus perhaps, some of the Keely mysteries may be more closely examined. In summary, to at least this point, there is the Ep which is the principle mover and suppler of ALL energy. And from our starting point at the level 4 (that of quarks), we see this Ep flowing into this fourth level of complexity from ever finer levels of subdivision. From the outer orbital region of the NCD, the Ep is moved rather directly, from the quarks themselves, to the nuclear center point at this level. This transfer takes place while the Ep is being continually (and I might add, temporarily) transposed to ever lowering frequencies. Therefore, the zone located at points between (in this example) the quark orbitals, and the nuclear center point, is termed the Energy Transposition Zone-- ETZ for short. The innermost point within the Nuclear Center Domain, where all energies are focused, and where the Laws of Radiation, Attraction, and the Dominant may be most vividly depicted, is the Micro-nuclear Center (MNC)-- the NEUTRAL CENTER of Mr. John Worrell Keely. Let us now begin to examine the mechanics of this dynamic and wondrous point.

The Micro-nuclear Center (MNC), lies at the heart of the Energy Transposition Zone (ETZ), ie., the innermost region the Nuclear Center Domain (NCD). Within, and immediately surrounding this point, Ultrahigh nuclear frequencies enter the HIGH side of a corridor between two very distinct levels of energy and frequency. This corridor is directly governed by the Law of the Dominant (Ld), and was previously mentioned as, the "Ring Pass Not". The implication here, as often referred to in the ancient doctrines, is that of a point at which energy of a VERY SPECIFIC WAVE FORM, FREQUENCY, and regulated CURRENT, may pass in only one direction-- in some measure, acting like a diode in electronic circuitry. The HIGH side of this circuit/corridor is governed by the Law of Attraction (La), and the LOW side of this circuit/corridor is governed by the Law of Radiation Lr. This arrangement explains the process by which the chord frequency in a group of molecules, harmonic and/or the enharmonic, is able to reach all the way up INTO the higher levels of vibration. For the sake of clarity, it may be necessary to explain what is meant by this "diode type" action of the MNC. This example was chosen only to illustrate the general concept of the processes within the MNC. In more precise terms, the MNC is a multifunctional, three dimensional valve. Another general example would be a semi-permeable membrane, allowing only one density of fluid to travel in only one direction. Yet in the MNC, TWO flows are actually taking place simultaneously. Perhaps, walking through these flows, may be the best way to explain the process.

Starting at the Ep source, energy travels through the Nuclear Center Domains, Energy Transposition Zone, to the opening of the Micro-nuclear Centers port. From the time it enters the NCD, the energy frequency is modulating down, yet is still very high. The energy then enters the region immediately surrounding the PORT, and goes through the final modulation, which enables it to pass the FREQUENCY-CURRENT GATE, to the LOWER side of the MNC. At this stage, the Ep is in a state of TEMPORARY, low frequency modulation (as compared to the starting frequency) and continues on its way to the next level of architectural complexity. Thus far, we have only viewed the Ep in its outward decent-- through the RADIATING Lr side of the circuit. Through a function of TIME (3) and the great LAW of ATTRACTION La, this TEMPORARY low modulation of the energy, begins to return to its primary HIGH frequency state, thus beginning its journey home. The esoteric side of the Christian Mystics prodigal son fits well here, as does the "Breathing in of the Ceaseless Eternal Breath" (4) as mentioned in Theosophical literature. As the returning energys low frequency continues to increase, it enters those NCDs whose resonant frequencies are high enough to allow its passage through their MNCs. This may be likened to a mass of continually shrinking balls, being constantly passed over finer and finer screens, thereby allowing the balls of appropriate size to drop through to finer levels. In essence, two flows are taking place in the MNC, one governed by the Law of Radiation, and the other governed by the Law of Attraction. These Twin flows are slightly different FREQUENCIES, and slightly out of PHASE. Each flow actually contains many frequencies, yet the balance of INPUT and OUTPUT is kept in check by the Law of the Dominant. Without exhaustive, contemporary experimentation, it is difficult to determine the exact number of frequencies, passing through the MNCs of the elements-- yet the number may be from seven to twelve (or more). This may not sound like many, yet when considering even SEVEN FACTORIAL POSSIBILITIES, the number is many thousands of combinations.

Along with the above mentioned stepping down of frequency within the MNC corridor, the direction of torsional spin is also reversed-- from a counter clockwise involutional spin (negative), to a clockwise evolutional spin (positive). The clockwise side of the ETZ energy circuit, having been recharged by the Ep flowing in from (as in our example) the orbiting quarks, it then moves along the north-south axis of this levels NCD, exits, and travels to the next lower frequency level-- eventually ending up at the atomic, and molecular levels. Incidentally, Mr. Keely postulated that the aggregate effects of these Nuclear Center Domains, extend to planetary proportions, and are the controlling agents in astronomical dynamics as well.

Although we may wish to view the corridor within the MNC as a balance point of equal and opposite vector forces, which in fact may be rotating vectors called phasors, we need take care not to be too anxious in these matters. The tendency of radiation and attraction may be somewhat balanced on each side of this DOMINANTLY controlled corridor, and yet their potential energies may be very UN-equal. Therefore, any Hamiltonian equations which sum the totals of potential and kinetic energies for this system, must take these factors into careful consideration. (This however, should be left to those scientists thoroughly versed in quantum mechanics) As a thought, consider that the LOW , Lr controlled, side of the circuit, has a maximum energy level dependent not only upon the nuclear architecture, but the controlling Ld frequency amplitude as well. The kinetic and potential energies on the LOW side are very much less that those of the HIGH side of this circuit. In yet another perspective, energy levels on the LOW side of these MNCs are minute, as compared to the power of the Primary Energy on the HIGH side. In some respects, these MNCs resemble small 5 volt, 500 milliamp electronic circuits, to which are connected 1000 amp transformers. The 5 volt circuit being the nuclear architecture, and the power supply being the Primary Energy beyond the ETZ threshold. To a small degree, this explains why each atom has the ability to release such tremendous potential energy-- relative to the density of the MNCs of that atom. The atomic structure itself is not the reservoir, it is what lies beyond-- nuclear explosions being merely the LOW side potential, when a MNC corridor is radically and mindlessly opened through violently means. It becomes readily obvious why the ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE of this technology must remain hidden within the mysteries of natures vault, until such time, as our world is a much different place in which to nurture our race. In the meantime, we must be satiated by what scraps of information and insight might fall from the table of such great mysteries.

Over one hundred years ago, Mr. Keely stood on the threshold of the Micro-Nuclear Center, Energy-Transposition-Zone, and peered into the future. Through his wisdom, and ceaseless efforts, he was able to "gently" open a corridor, though which the power on the high side of the Ep circuit could flow-- at greater or lesser currents. In essence, each atom is a beautifully designed engine, tuned in perfect balance to the mass comprising it. Mr. Keely must have truly visualized a microcosmic world, wherein thousands of millions of such tiny, nuclear engines have hummed in perfect unison, since the dawn of universal creation. What greater reverence and service could there be, through which to live ones own life?


1. An Attempt Towards A Chemical Conception of the Ether, by Professor D. Mendelev, Longmans, Green and Co., N.Y. 1904. Available through the University of California Library System.

2. As mentioned by Dr. Stephen M. Phillips (Ph.D.), Extra-Sensory Perception of Quarks, 1980. The Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, Ill.

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