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New Science & New Times
by Dale Pond - October, 1996

There is a new phenomena being seen about the New Energy Science conferences. There are more mentions and discussions concerning Love. This is not about sex but about the Grand Universal Neutral Love of one for themselves, neighbors and God. Of course this is a manifestation of the Golden Rule and The Law of One.

While there are those who still maintain it is not proper or appropriate to mention such things as Love, God and neighborly conduct together with scientific subjects these persons, however, are becoming a dwindling minority.

As one explores the furthest ramifications of the New Energy Sciences one inevitably comes in contact with concepts and theories of Cosmology and Ontology stretched far beyond prior limitations of ordinary materialistic and atheistic narrowness. The new ideas of math, so-called chaos, geometry and associated subjects begin to blend together into marvelous scenarios of harmony and oneness not generally seen or understood in the Old Times.

The New Times are being built with these grander and more spacious ideas and concepts of harmony and yes, Love. Because Love is harmony as opposed to discordant behaviors usually associated with the so-called "scientific method" of dissection (separateness), antagonistic "peer review" (isolationism) and proprietary acquisitionings of ego and material (greed and self-gratification). We now see a more open and nurturing environment being formed where these new and often delicate ideas can be expressed, discussed and nurtured into greater and greater expressions of the Oneness that is everything being in or as a Grand Unison - God unfolding.

The Old Time is mostly gone now except for a few who resist change, growth and a New Time in their own life. More and more we see the ego based mannerisms and methodologies passing by the wayside into the waste bin of history and memory. Those who cling to these outdated and self-harming habits will encounter greater and greater difficulty when implementing these discordances into their own lives. The New Times call for harmony in thought, heart and action. This resistance to becoming whole is born of fear. Even now this fear is being transformed by a new awareness of who one is.

More and more the celestial spirit realm is gaining broader footholds in literature, screen and print. There appears to be an veritable onslaught of innumerable angels, space beings, spirits, Avatars and the like descending upon our earthly plane. The Internet is facilitating the dissemination of these new communications throughout the world wide web. Today it is a simple matter to access more information on these and related subjects that anyone can properly deal with. A generation ago the best was widely taken to be Edgar Cayces work. As he himself once said there will be many others coming later replicating his works. Today we are seeing hundreds if not thousands of communicators doing as he did.

This is the descent of Divine Knowledge from the celestial realms to the earthy earth sphere. The modulation of the materialistic and atheistic attitudes, will and spirit can only be raised during the descent of this uplifting blanket of awareness of "something greater". One of the Laws of Sympathetic Vibration is a body will begin to vibrate in harmony with the vibrations of the media it is immersed in. This is an absolute law and laws cannot be resisted but for so long. A New Time of Peace, Love and Harmony is being nurtured onto our plane. Love is eternal and unchangeable. The mind, heart and actions of humankind are being inexorably entrained sympathetically to this state of Oneness. This is the true second coming of Christ - it is a New Consciousness of Oneness which is to say - Love.

"The Law of One was manifested in the man Jesus and is signified in the Christ Consciousness." Cayce (1010-12)

"To be one with Christ is the manner of relationship all men must ultimately set as an ideal." Cayce (262-130)

So even the fear-filled resisters and fear-paralyzed brain-dead will be waking up to the wonders of it all as this high vibratory mist of divine energy ever so gently covers our earth with Love, Light and Life waking us to the real possibilities only now being made available through the new Divine Sciences or Spiritual Physics where mind, will, heart, spirit, matter and action are a cohesive and coherent whole. Thank you.

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