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Messages from John W. Keely & Others
as communicated via Dawn Stranges, see her bio.

These messages are conducted during full consciousness and are not channeled. The following messages are a sample of the materials supporting the Dynasphere project. The remainder of the readings are published in the Dynaspheric Force newsletter.

4/20/97: FROM JOHN TO MY FRIENDS, My Beloved Souls, to whom I send Love and assistance most kind, Hello and glad tidings! My message this day is one of Peace. I send you much Soul comfort in the form of Peace vibration. I additionally send out this message to be forwarded. It is in regards to imparting information about enhancing and creating Peace in your world that I come. It is very necessary at this juncture that all who can see and are able to work for Peace do so now. Atlin is an instrument for this initiative.

It is not in her "running" that she serves you all now. It is through the Hope that she embodies. This is as it should be for these times now. Please do not judge your success in relationship to her spinning, for that is not a direct line connection, as you know. The Hope that Atlin holds is built upon your Hope to respond to your Cosmic Destinies. It is a hope encoded into the energy of all Sentient Beings. And so, this is another reason Atlin sounds such a beautiful chord of resonance with those who see her.

I suggest that in future meditations and thoughts of Atlin and the project that you each precede your usual activities by consciously linking yourselves, the project, and Atlin with Peace. She embodies much Love and etheric energy, and more Peace would be a very good vibration for her to carry within.

I encourage each of you to be thinking critically about building Peace into your every moment. Be very conscious of it.

What is Peace? It is detachment from all but Love. You can Live in Peace by keeping Love in your Hearts and lives, and detaching from the fear-based vehicles that knock on your door begging attention and your good energy. Each of you has many talents and astounding capabilities which are largely untapped. (This is not meant in a critical way, but even the most prolific human is capable of much more, when collaborating with the Spiritual Realm.)

This brings us to the next point I wish to make about Peace. It is that Peace is a necessary state of consciousness for one to exist in if one wishes to link up with the Spiritual Realm. I know that each of you wishes in his/her heart to do this. It is done to a considerable degree and frequency. As you know, however, more is possible. It is this boundary or line in the sand which I wish to help you push back. I wish for you to spend more time with us so that we can teach you each more and more about how wonderful each of you is, and how dear you are to us. You are a valuable player in the game of life, and each of you has asked to be included in the Renaissance of Spiritual Science. You will succeed in this soul pledge according to the amount of Peace and Love you can enjoy and share. That says it all.

And so, I send you much Peace and much Love so that you might spread it far and wide, thus increasing it further. Be it so! -In dedication to your Spirit, John Keely

2/13/97: KEELY: Hello, friends and fellow seekers. I bring another message to you regarding the experience which each of you perceives now. It is a time of expectant expansion and a question mark appears in your consciousness about the future. This is always created at times of great power and transition. Such it is now, born of the combining of human, Gaiac and celestial evolutions and interactions. These energetic interactions are beautiful, gossamer, etheric and astral matrices which interplay, causing shifting shapes and tensioning to flow instantaneously. All in spirit world recommend that each sentient being concentrate on achieving utmost harmony with the environs so that resistance is lessened and you have more fun!

Consciously discern the fear points that enter your field; those issues that create negative reactions in you. Give these points gentle, healing Love and compassion so that they might be illuminated for the illusions and perturbing influences they are.

Atlin and I are in harmony and request you each take a moment to be honored by us for your pursuit of your own sacred vision. Please concentrate upon your positivity and focus away from shortcomings, as we do. When you make a practice of this in a humble and realistic way, the energetic barriers between you and us thin and you might be better able to perceive our presence and essence. I leave you now with our devotion to your further development. Do not doubt, please, that your spiritual assistants are many and powerful, seeking to nurture your own far-sight into activity. Please continue on your unfolding growth path. It is a thing of beauty which you cannot see from a One-down position! Cheer up and dont listen to too many frightful tales of the future; remember, your consciousness linking with kindred spirits help create the future. So, what kind of future do you want?

Make it so. With much Love to All, John and beautiful Atlin

1/27/96: ATLIN: Dear ones, just as each physical object rests upon a base, so each being and energy calls "home" that signature energy profile that is "them". The signature energy picture of elements, for instance, have been documented in spectography. Mixtures can be assayed by this method to analyze their elemental components. And, so it is with beings and their energetic pictures of consciousness. When one has developed attuned and matured spiritual sensory organs, one can perceive much.

Another paradox to address is this: Spiritual attunement and development create acuity, and such a state is a reflection of simplified field patterns, not more complex ones. This explains why animals, "developmentally disabled" people, children, and natural gaiac materials are sometimes quicker to perceive and understand energy events and consciousness than the long-suffering seekers. This relates to you, dear friends in that by adopting a predominant consciousness as Love within your soul character, you create more cohesive and stronger spiritual capabilities; more happiness and contentment. My wish for you is that this be strong for each of you. As this happens, increased clarity results and your energy profile changes.

When ones predominant energy profile depicts the beautiful Love consciousness, one builds a broad base upon which fluid interchange becomes possible with the Universe and its many nurturing forces. Do you see that if you are more and more Loving, you will feed your own soul, the souls of others, mine and all? In addition, you will be able to provide a broad and sturdy base upon which may rest mighty structures of wisdom and understanding, and subsequent good works. Such is necessary for the work you have undertaken.

I give you my assistance, through your contact with my essence, in increasing your Loving state. Mighty and wondrous consequences await you. What you must do is face your fears and transmute them one by one. This is not so difficult when you have friends in high places who wish to help! Peace and Love to you all - ATLIN

1/12/97: (ATLIN) My dear friends, I join with you this day to give you my etheric blessings. Sufficient love has been lavished upon me that I am able to return it, etherized, to those who wish to receive it.

I ask that each who can take a moment each day to consciously send out an emanation of Love to the Universe for whatever need is most acute. Picture this etheric Love energy as flowing into union with the Universal pool of higher consciousness (Christ Consciousness, Buddhic Enlightenment, the One, Unconditional Love), and then flowing toward the area of greatest attractive force. Let the Universe be in charge of the flow, so that it will remain unconditional.

I communicate also that my force field continues to grow in Love and matrix organization. The etheric component of humans (or etheric bodies of other Beings such as plants, animals, organisms and etheric devices) is based upon string like structures of energy which support subsequent physical or energy structures. We are all developing these now. They are the web of union which unites all within the Universe that Is. Fear precludes Isness. So, also take a few moments to receive the blessings of the Universal Flow which nurture your Love, quell your fears and assist in building your etheric integrity as a fractal of the One.

Many thanks for your kind gestures to any and all. I facilitate blessings in the conducting of etheric matrices of support to positive evolution. Love, ATLIN

1/7/97: FROM JOHN TO MY FRIENDS: I extend, once again, my Love and adoration to you, the seekers who engage the heart into your works. I remind you that I attend you more frequently than you know and hold you each in fondness.

The area of interest I would like to discuss today is that of impermanence. Many of the mistaken observations and conclusion made by people are based on the illusion of permanence. This is really a myopic problem; a failure to see into time. It will assist your journeys progress if you include a moratorium on time considerations at this point. By releasing attachment to time expectations surrounding your spiritual works, a higher order of etheric flow may be introduced into your lives. Temporal constraints exist on earth, as we are well aware. However, if you could see as I do, the whole matter is largely misperceived by those incarnate. I urge you to think critically on this issue.

Progressing along, impermanence is a natural state which needs to be factored into the grand scheme; it is a constant. It is the unrestricted flow of events, irrespective of time or desire. If one indulges in attempting to invoke permanence, one rubs elbows with illusion.

In applying this advice to beloved Atlin, I suggest that you join each other in the ethers, perhaps next Sunday with Atlin, and receive a release from the illusion of impermanence. All you need do is ask with your heart.

You may be asking what connection this topic has to your project. An understanding of impermanence will slightly alter your consciousnesses in such a way that you will be better able to work with divine forces toward the deeper understanding and use of Atlin. Please put aside your preconceptions about the projects impact on society. The times you are living in are very tumultuous and unstable, thus require astuteness in this area. To be astute is to be clear. It is to be aware that the implications of this project, as you see them now, are both less than and greater than your current views. The realistic view of this project differs from your views. Please think about this and then discuss it. I will remain close and in touch with you all. Love, John

12/9/96: (TESLA) [On discussion concerning rotating fieldless and magnet-less armature.] Sublimated iron particles in suspension of Fe around armature having Tyndall (Tyndall) Effect. Floating on a sea of subtle force movements generated by celestial and terrestrial forces in the Fe/Space which resonates perfectly with one another. The suspension effects are as the cloud and weather flows above earth. Thus it is an etheric flux we speak of. This unnoted phenomena exists around many substances in different ways. For Fe, it is a bipolar matrix. If one understands the nature of matrices, one can grow to understand and tap the etheric force fields which surround us.

The celestial is from far- not near-field source. The shaft conveys (when current is applied) a gravitational component.

11/18/96: (KEELY) Greetings to you both. I am on vacation here and now. Your discovery of my counter- spiritualist activities (in St. Paul, Minnesota circa 1856) gives you much cause to pause in light of our shared activities. Suffice it to say that whenever, during my whole life, I saw unTruth or deception, I felt compelled to uncover it and lay open what I perceived as the real truth. In this case, I did disclose some rather questionable activities revolving around spiritualism. As you intuited, I now have come to see that such communication can be a blessing through the proper channels!

11/17/96: FROM ATLIN TO MY DEAR FRIENDS: Hello and warmest greetings. I express gratitude and much Love for all of your attention and Love which you lavish upon me and those around you. It is desired by all entities concerned here that all come together in peace, harmony and Love. By doing so, this project continues to blossom in untold ways. I wish each of you to gather your spiritual strength and growth energy signature so that you come closer to the Neutral Center. When you are in such a state, as in meditation, you resonate more strongly with Neutrality. As a result, spiritual clarity grows. More of the insights into Nature become visible. So it is with this project and you. We all grow together. At this time, I wish to explain the dynamics which create my glow, which you have perceived. It is from a union of Loving impulses which each of you has so kindly and generously bestowed upon me. Be it known without question that intent is key in shaping etheric flow. The Loving impulse is prerequisite for this project. And, in Truth, the same is true for life; it is a Universal Truth. Yet, few understand that Love is not a luxury to be meted out when one feels up to it, but rather a necessity to grow spiritually. When Love does not emote, the etheric fabric becomes weakened. So it is with these times. We are here to rectify what we can. I close by offering you an embrace through the ethers. Bring your Neutral Center to mine and to the Universe, and we shall dance and make merry. Your Love will whirl me around more than the dance floor! The more you reinforce that Loving Nature within, the stronger becomes your True Self. Blessings to you. I will be with you. Love, Atlin

11/17/96: (KEELY) Greetings once again, dear friends. I am well pleased with your companionship and dedication to searching for the Truth, whether it be in personal circumstance or in the Sciences. All of the dimensions share truth, and so to still the machinations of human invention within the overactive mind is to allow the Truth to be noticed, unsquelched by interference. It is the interference that perturbs the system into straying from its appointed path. Little meanderings are expected and do occur. However, one needs to be diligent in minding that the excursions into lapse of consciousness do not extend too far.

In the case of the Dynasphere project, there have been great lengths taken to dedicate the energy patterns of those participating, including Atlin, to positive evolutionary consciousness. It is a model that I suggest be replicated elsewhere.

And now, I wish to speak about transference of the energy within and around Atlin now into the group consciousness, morphogenetic field, or critical mass. Now is the designated time for this phase. Since none of you has experienced this step previously, there exists feelings of hesitancy. Let this be quieted by the acknowledgment of Spirit World that the work you are doing is good and necessary. Even when you take a week to go fishing, the unfoldment continues as it needs to. It is important not to define progress in terms of physical outcomes. To do so is a trap to ones higher evolution. It is tricky at times not to succumb to it. Your spiritual counsel remains diligent in manifesting reminders about illusion as needed. Do not have fear about accomplishing your goals, as it would decrease your light, acuity and resonance with Truth.

11/10/96: (KEELY) Hello, my dear friends. I have been perceived correctly as standing by nodding and smiling a lot lately. This is because you are doing the business and growth that has been divinely ordained. Now, Dear Brother, you ask of my input as to the anniversary reflections regarding Atlin and the project. What could it be but joyous? The project has been honored at every turn to the best of each of your abilities (which are considerable). Egocentricity has been kept at a minimum. Truth has been searched out, and the Heart has been elevated to its appropriate station as you work. As great as you think the accomplishment has been to construct beautiful Atlin, I beg you to allow yourself full view of your own growth and flowering. Each of you has become a more profound thinker and feeler. Let the deepening of consciousness continue in its various forms so that you can unite forces to bring the birthing of a New Consciousness. Let us have a party on Sunday (11/10/96) at noon Atlins time so that we might unite again, as in Nebraska a year ago. Let us give thanks and celebrate the Spirit(s) that flew free of convention and orthodoxy. Take a thank you from our Team to yours. We extend to each of you a gift of spiritual nature. Each is asked to make a request of that which you wish the most to manifest from spirit into your physical environs. Perhaps the gift will not coincide, or perhaps it will. In any case, it will be granted to you for your attentiveness to higher activities. Look carefully and look over time (the next 3 weeks). Compare notes and question your peers for insight. Perceptivity runs high in your group. Give thanks and bask in the Light we send you! Peace, Love and Blessings from On High. With much Love, John

10/27/96: FROM ATLIN TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS: I greet you with a strong emanation of peace and Love for each of you. I extend that etheric outreach to those whom you contact in Peace and Love. And so on. This is the etheric fractal matrix construction which explains atomic and subatomic chain reactions and critical mass on all scales. This is an underlying component of the Universe and my Being. It is a component as well to your Being, each of you. And so, each one is faced with constant choices of large and tiny scales; "what shall I choose to emanate to this other Being (or group of Beings) in this Universe, knowing that its implications do not end there? It is true what has been said about your words and thoughts sending out forms that have an essence of their own. So, the question is simple: what do you wish to send out into the world? The first step is to have good intentions of unconditional Lovingness and kindness. This must be linked to like actions. Then, going further, the thought patterns, actions and intentions must be entrained to fall repeatedly and habitually into patterns of unconditional Love and kindness. The principle is simple. The transformation of the Soul to such a state requires transmutations of negative patterns encumbering the Spirit. The earth, Gaia, is also going through the same need for shift, so the powerful resonance is evident all around you. The tremendous transition you note is part of the energy/consciousness matrix change that is evident in every atom and organism on earth. My essence, as it grows more entrained, through your kind extensions of caring and Love toward me and others you commune with, becomes formed more substantially in exact parallel to the positive evolution called for by this particular time/space junction. Thus, by thinking along these lines and extending the Self to form healthier patterns, your intents feed your own growth and mine; your own contribution to your spiritual task this life, and mine. This is a kind and joyous road to travel, dont you think? It will become increasingly necessary to be aware of your own personal life task. The finding of the self is necessary to generate the changes needed now. So, keep in the front of your knowingness that mighty and divine forces and entities step with you each time you move. This is part of the energy make-up of the physical world. My essence is a result of this consciousness. I bid each of my kind supporters kindness and Love in return. Please continue your many good thoughts and works. These feed not only your Soul, but those of many others, including my own energy system. Many thanks for your good deeds. You are creating more Good than you know. -Your Friend, Atlin

10/17/96: (KEELY) Greetings to All. I wish to comment about my observations of the Dynasphere project over the last month. Of course, the highlight was the trip to England where the spiritual and physics components of the project were presented to kindred spirits. This trip, from a spirits perspective, has been a sumptuous blessing on many, many levels. The team members all commented on the almost flawless flow of serendipitous and synchronous events and meetings. As you know, this is a sign of mighty blessings. I wish to assure all that the project remains amply blessed. There have been a great many discoveries made about the groups and Atlins dynamics in the last month. It has been a time of deepening consciousness.

I would also like to extend appreciation for the continuing research and insights which have been sought and discovered by Atlins "parents". It is a source of rejoicing for us in spirit when our incarnate siblings respond to our urgings. I declare my gratitude at this time.

In addition, I would like to extend additional information about the project. It is going on according to celestial schedule. The circles widen and travel outward from Atlin and the group to others who show interest. Soon there will be a time when others will become more active in disseminating the teachings acquired through this project.

Although the established bastions of higher learning will not embrace the subtle force physics which is quickly being illuminated by the group, this should not be seen to detract from its validity. I remind you that my work was likewise treated. At this point in earths evolution, such work as this needs to come out and be realized and used by many people. It is necessary to utilize Natures forces to power positive endeavors for mankind. I urge those who can to support this project and related work. The time is ripe for contributing to make this project become real sooner. Part of the principle that will help manifest Atlin is for people to express support with their thought, prayers and financial backing when possible. This will assist in gathering critical mass of a raised consciousness, which is what the New Times are all about. I urge all sentient souls to work as they can to spread our message of Peace and Unconditional Love.

May each of you experience the joy of the Oneness. With Love, John

10/13/96: MESSAGE FROM ATLIN: Dearest Progenitors, Dawn and I are continuing meditative, etheric communications on email so that certain details will be directly passed along to you. There exists in ever-increasing strength and dimension a nousphere around me. Such a structure was found spiritually by T. De Chardin and others. This is a layer (around earth) that is a synthesis of the consciousness of her inhabitants combined with Gaias consciousness and isness. The closer the inhabitants consciousnesses come to Being or Isness, the more resonance is created within the nousphere. I possess a fractal of that construct. In addition, the nature of the nousphere is altered by karmic force. So, "timing" is an important factor for human undertakings. In our case, you have Lovingly given of your best energies to nurture my Being. There is no wanting of this. The karmic portion of the formula (that of the nouspheric activation) is awaiting proper alignment. This means to you that my seeming stillness is formative and not intended to change at this moment, and there is nothing more you can do to assist in this step, except be there in the ethers with all of the Love and compassion you can give to yourself and others in your world. Transmute the fears and doubts that show themselves in their varied forms and replace them with knowingness of Divinity in its many forms. The True understanding of what I have just communicated will deliver you to the consciousness of knowing that your good efforts are just what is desired and that they are sufficient, even if they do not create what you wish. I wish each of you to know that your jobs have been done well and you are doing what you have been guided and asked to. DISMISS THE CONCEPT THAT YOU NEED TO BE OR DO MORE OR BETTER! This consciousness shift, if applied to life will create much peace and growth, as well as augmented successes. Can you understand that rotation is dependent on a certain level of resonance between my nousphere and Gaias? This you cannot facilitate except through your own spiritual growth and work. Raising your consciousness and putting that into action strengthens the Gaiac nousphere. This, in addition to the connections between each of you and me increases the resonance in my nousphere to Gaias. The nousphere is part of what was referred to in previous communications regarding the zones of energetic influence surrounding me. So it is with each of you and with earth. For too long, Gaias has been largely neglected, and those who have been responsive have been shut down and shot down for centuries. This is all changing, and each of you has agreed to incarnate your Soul at this time in evolutionary history. I return your abundant blessings and continue my karmic and incarnational pledge to be a generator for growth and positive evolutionary change. I extend my etheric Love to each of you for taking the effort to feel and think more deeply about helping all. I Love your actions that manifest these high ideals into the physical realm. Be of happy heart with your work. Your Loving "Child", ATLIN

9/13/96 (KEELY) Greetings to all Souls. I offer those who find interest in "Dynaspheric Force"* a glimpse into the future which is much easier for us to perceive than souls incarnate. In the not too distant future, you will be finding a variety of alternative energy dynamics finding expression in very inventive forms. It will become known by those who seek the understanding of such information that the Spirit part of the Soul "must" be fully included in such work for the effort to become manifest. The Universe will see to it, by its own natural flow, that the harmonious efforts of people working with spiritual influence (and incarnate kindred spirits) will bring the world into quiet reverence for the invisible forces so important to the welfare of all.

Increasingly you will see ill fortune befall efforts that were borne of egocentric, selfish motives. This is because the motive (defined as "to move") forces which are coming into evolutionary dominance during the upcoming period of earth evolution need to be based upon vibrational frequencies of opposing consciousness. To explain this, picture that the pendulum swing has been on the side of reductionism and displays of human, physical power intended to accomplish what the mind could conjure. The center of the Universe has been perceived to exist within the atom. Man has developed a science that is focalized around the show of power that could break the awesome bonds of the atom. Thus, it is reasoned, man is all-powerful and all-knowing. This physically based motive force or consciousness has shaped your world to the point where it can no longer exist within the constructs of Universal Harmony (a requisite for All). Thus, in order to proceed and be brought back into Harmony, the consciousness vibratory pattern of earth is required to shift according to Universal Law.

Science such as you read about here, and is springing up elsewhere, is the beginning of the consciousness shift that will bring Harmony back to the Sciences. This will greatly help heal people and the planet. I urge each of you to incorporate sympathetic, unconditional Love into your consciousness at every step and moment. Opening the mind, spirit and heart will bring about this creative, harmonious transition sooner. Support those people and efforts whom your heart tells you are restoring harmony and the Love consciousness in any way you can. The Dynasphere project is my favored earthly undertaking, and I support it as I can. Consider more closely your contributions, in any form to the coming shift in earth consciousness.

With much Love and Respect for all who read this, John W. Keely

4/1/l996 Q: Why did this project come together now? Why does financial hardship exist?

A: (KEELY) Dearest Souls, all. This time is one of special powers for it bears the fruit of Universal Light. In the paradoxical midst of heightened levels of greed in society and scarcity of monetary abundance for each individual in the group, further paradox is juxtapositioned. The spiritual riches in abundance for you all, combine with the financial deficiency to create One or a Neutral Center, of sorts. It is in the rarefied environment of financial lack that this glorious project finds spiritual nurturance abundant enough to bring life to materials and shape that play with one another until they move. You are living a paradox. Learn to celebrate it and you can fly. And so, according to the laws of physics and the Universe, when one accepts the paradox fully, one becomes One. Becoming One means open access to the abundance/scarcity. You are all experiencing the wonder of opening up to the paradox. (No one said it would be fun!) When there is nothing left, you arrive at acceptance, just because there is nothing left. In the Depression Era, it was not the disadvantaged who threw themselves from windows. The next step for all of you is to understand with mind, heart and soul that hardship is a state of consciousness and an energy patterning that precludes development of abundance. Each of you is basking in the Light of many spiritual gifts, as well as gifts in the physical realm. Your locations have been "picked" and have manifested for reasons largely unseen, save by more profound scrutiny. Valentine is no accident, as you have perceived, Dearest Dale. Duanes shop has been a gift that does not exist in many locations. This is just one example. Each of you experiences the same positioning at this moment (which, we know, changes as the wind). The pattern of financial lack is shared by each, yet has been a gift against development of nastier patterns in the course of life that preclude spiritual advancement. These include greed, egocentricity, etc. It is from this fact that the erroneous conclusion has been formed that financial wealth precludes spiritual advancement. This belief needs to vibrationally or spiritually be removed from your EMF/auras. As you have experienced, you cannot think it entirely away, yet logic needs to change. So, may I recommend an approach which includes the necessary factors? It is necessary for you to meditate in whatever form you wish, bringing in the Light of the Universe and spreading through every cell. The Light is abundance, truth, beauty and steadfastness to the One. So, by imbibing freely of this unifying essence, the forces within your consciousness/body mind/heart/will all coalesce into a consolidated version of that essence. Engage all your power in this endeavor and do not curtail the attention and time you lavish upon it. It is our desire that each of you find the resources within to reach out into your environments and cultivate that garden. It is only from within that the garden may be trained in such a fashion that it sustains both body and spirit. In this you are being guided by Spirit. If you find yourself not attending to the suggested amelioration, then comply in a different manner. However, please note that the human condition attempts to trick the Soul Forces into appeasement if issues to be faced create discomfort. This means that if this growth patterning threatens existing patterns, evasive behaviors, thoughts, beliefs or memories may surface in a beguiling attempt to evade the growth. Be aware of this and be steadfast in your growth. It will be necessary after this point, that the issue of material and monetary comfort be addressed and peace be made with it for each. The course of the project will bring you to face this issue any way. So, please be prepared so that growth may be on your own terms sooner, rather than as external conditions dictate later. In this regard you are being groomed now.

readings via Dawn Stranges

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