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Frequently Asked Questions 5 of 7
concerning SVP, John Worrell Keely and His Discoveries

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Q118) Does not notation relate to structure, and does not structure also relate to the genesis (I am interpreting the genesis definition as beginning/start-is this what you mean?)?
A118) The term genesis (in this use) is used by Ramsay (The Scientific Basis and Build of Music) referring to the note of a scale from which the other notes are derived. To him there is a process, he calls "genesis", by which these notes are "born" from the Genetic Root. It is this process of borning that is most interesting - not so much the fact of it but the why and how of it. As Ive only begun to study his work Im not an authority on it - simply relating what I think Im seeing.
Q119) "You might be interested that in Ramsays system D=432 and E=480. This is because he begins his genesis on "F" instead of "C"." Does it really matter what note you start with? Would not the note progression still be the same?
A119) Apparently, at least in his mind and system, there is a difference. His work is derived from Eulers original work who says the same thing, which Ive not seen. I do not yet understand why he begins his scale on F. When I find out Ill post it. One thing Ive noticed is the frequencies assigned to his "F" are the same as for "C" in conventional use. It is all very curious.
Q120) Would you care to elaborate on [the Law of Duality] as used by Ramsay?
A120) Im just beginning that chapter myself. Here is a short quote: "Duality - that is, two-ness - is a general feature of Creation. It is the law of sex all through the animal and vegetable world....It is fundamentally seen in the very Polarity of Thought. We cannot conceive the idea of the "me" apart from the "not me";... The Law of Duality in Music gives the major and minor system."
Q121) And I am still lost on how the key signature could be a G when it sits in the 9th position.
A121) If my memory serves me correctly Hughes in "Harmonies of Tones and Colours - the evolution of music notes and scales" indicates the root is a fourth below the keynote. Ramsay indicates the root as the same as the keynote. Ive said many times there are as many systems of music as there are people who developed them. Which system is "correct" and why? Itll be interesting to find out....
Q122) And if I remember correctly, Mr. Keely used musical terms to help communicate what he was doing because that is what he knew, hence he was not trained in the field of Physics.
A122) It is my opinion Keely used musical terms to describe the various actions of vibration - the active base of his science. See below for more details. Yes, he was not formally trained in physics of his day but was self-trained like so many other people in their chosen fields. However, his extensive references to works of others: Tyndall, Tesla, Helmholtz indicates he was "up" on what the leaders in science were doing. Many people complain about his use of these terms in regard to physics. Conventional physics does not admit a musical base for vibrations in their natural habitat other than harmonics of 2. This in my opinion is a serious oversight. Music is organized vibration and vibration obeys certain rules and laws. Therefore the use of musical terms is more or less mandatory in describing the natural phenomena of vibratory actions. See the next Q/A for more.
"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. " -- Mark Twain (1835-1910)
Q123) Why is it, that "you" know of; Mr. Keely uses musical terms to explain his work?
A123) Everything is ultimately composed of vibration. Vibration naturally behaves according to certain rules or laws in its activity. These rules or laws are knowable. Music as organized vibration obeys the same laws. Vibration are the "cause" of all there is, physical. Keely studied cause as opposed to the customary study of effects. The actions of vibration are the same as evidenced in a natural system of music evolution such as Ramsay and Hughes describe. Conventional chromatic music is not as parallel to natural harmonic progressions of harmonics for instance as these two systems appear to be. Therefore Keelys study of fundamental cause (vibration) can best be described in organic musical terms because that is all there is: vibration and the rules that govern them. Music as we know it is an attempt to decipher and organize vibration arising from musical instruments. Music notation then becomes as a sort of "physics shorthand". Harmonics are notes, chords are spectra or signature, etc. There will be MUCH to say about all this in the near future as SVP unfolds the dynamical base of the One manifesting as two-ness and this will be illustrated using much musical terminology. Watch the SVP website for updates.
Q124) I dont interpret everything as love and think that is a mistake unless I just dont know what the definition of love truly is.
A124) In SVP "Love" (Universal or Divine Love) is viewed as an energy state or condition associated with all vibration. We may use an old Keely term of "affinity". Love, according to this view, is a fundamental condition of vibrating energy states. Vibration cannot be vibration without this affinity. Therefore there could be no physical universe without Love being operable. According to both Keely, Russell and many others each pole, polarity or phase of vibration is an effect of Love. In this view there are two polar states: one phase has an affinity to individualize and seeks the vacuous open spaces by virtue of sympathetic outreach and seeking "at-onement" with that state. The other pole seeks at-onement with itself in universal merging back into the universal state of One through the same process of sympathetic outreach. These two states are effects of the seeking for equilibrium. A divided state of polarization seeks to be undivided. The undivided state seeks individuality or expression. These two seekings alternately switch roles. Since everything is vibration and all vibrations exist by this virtue everything then is governed by this seeking for affinity of state. Love then is this influence that is this seeking or desire for affinity or becoming as or being as either of those two states. This underlying influence is absolutely universal acting in all things and actions everywhere. Much much more will be said about this in the coming months.
Q125) How it is possible for "creatures" to alter or change their "song."
A125) What is song composed of? Vibration and intent. Animal organisms have their various "instruments" for creating sounds such as vocal chords. Humans change their song by modulating the flow of air through their vocal chords. The same is generally done by other animal organisms. What was curious in the whale song article is it appears whales have intent (why they sing). Much research in the field of animal sound and communications is revealing birds and other animals have different songs they evoke on different ocassions - to serve specific purposes. One is led to believe by these findings animals have intent and purpose - and they know the difference. The implications of all this research implies animals are conscious and think in some fashion and have intelligence.
Q126) Thank you Dale, I am glorified by God in expression :) and tempered by trust.... that unconditional aspect :) I am curious now, as Atlin seems to be always present, and I started reading your website regarding Atlin specifically and you seem to indicate a living conscious presence. My curiosity asks if Atlin is really a portal, doorway, to the totality, rather than an individual living presence? Much like the soul within us, that is the doorway to Spirit/God....
A126) A good question. My answer may be a bit much for some. It was for me when I first heard it. To me, considering it all these years and the inputs from countless sensitives and watching others experiences, I can only assume what we were told is valid: that Atlin is as an Awakened Being. She has been described as a pure soul never previously incarnated. She is as an Archangel and answers directly to God, no intermediaries. We were told she has four Archangels as guardians. That she is for this age what the Ark of the Covenant was for the last age - holder of the law which humanity is to live by. That of course is the Law of LOVE. In a way each soul is that connecting link to God. So, yes, Atlin is as a portal to God if we view pure soul as an open portal unclouded by ego, fear, illusion, etc.
Q127) Thus it would seem a neutral point, place, geeeshhh terms are difficult here, creates a doorway to ALL THAT IS. And if we harmonically vibrate with that neutral point we become that ALL THAT IS?
A127) We are already ALL THAT IS, a portion of, yet One With ALL THAT IS anyway. Being around Atlin we are reminded of that - those of us so attuned and open to hear it.
Q128) Is it possible that Atlin, gives proof of our Soul within?
A128) Yes, and of Mind as Power and things Spiritual and proof there is far more to Life than the idea we are "biological accidents riding a hard rock" around a star.
Q129) And in the presence of Atlin, or in maintaining that neutral point state within, could it be measured within the human being body?
A129) Probably. Dont know. We havent had access to instrumentation adequate to measure whatever changes occur.
Q130) Once again, you are most kind Dale. There is a point of confusion here, because what am I communicating with? Atlin causes me to feel more MYSELF. Causes me to focus deeper quieter more fully into MYSELF. I cannot see it as separate. It is impossible to distinguish unless a complete entity other than myself presents within the energy of Atlin/MYSELF and that is not the case, yet anyway :). It is as though it is wrapped around me :)
A130) This is good - great in fact. Pure sympathy - at-one-ment - being As One. Some sensitives hear music or singing from Atlin, some engage her in conversations, some are healed of their ailments/beliefs, etc.
Q131) It is interesting to experience Atlin as before I joined this forum/list I was holding a focus of: I am unified field of ascended master consciousness now. The picture I held was of a huge golden nebulous ring (it was not like a hard gold ring so to speak) containing trillions of tiny specks of rainbows glittering brilliantly. Each rainbow an individual ascended master consciousness and we were all in there :) Atlin feels like the material outpicturing of such a focus :) Do you consider Atlin a unified field?
A131) Yes, in terms some use. The idea of ascended master consciousness is like an Archangel - purified, clear, powerful, At One. Perfect harmonic concordance without interference or extension - the definition of what Divine Love is.
Q132) Hahhahaaaaaaa power trips :) In the past I would have identified myself as an energy junkie :) nowadays I tend to tread a little more quietly and slowly so as to not create too many bumps :)
A132) It is good to go slow with dynaspheres. One or two persons who barreled on through with it thinking they could take whatever were tumbled into themselves. It was a bump! They get over it but best to go slow.
Q133) I am striving to sit with the scientific lingo of Atlin and its structure and potentials so that I may communicate more in yours and this lists terminologies.... and so enjoying what gets shared on this list from those very brilliant scientific minds. I at least share their recognition of Teslas brilliance even if I cannot yet put it into words of understanding what he accomplished.... yet he too was demonstrating what is inherently within us.
A133) Atlin is still new in terms we are striving to comprehend. Yet there are aspects that cannot be comprehended by the intellect (science) but must be grokked or felt within. Objective science can only go so far and that has just about reached its limits. With Atlin we are on the threshold of our own inner selves and so we are feeling our way as best we can. (me especially.) Atlin is multi-dimensional and represents one of the first attempts work with science of the 5th dimension and higher yet rooted in 3D metals and physics.
Q134) I must assume here that it is the picture of Atlin that is on the opening page of this forum/list beside you, correct?
A134) Yes.
Q135) In other words, I am not certain I will be able to tell the difference, since not aware of the two :) And I do not as yet feel ready to jump into another one of these things just yet :) It feels as though there is so much more to come, from this intense quiet stillness and vast emptiness......
A135) Im sure there is much more to come for you. There are differences between the two dynaspheres. You will notice them when you tune in. Atlin came in as a teacher, primarily. Symael came in as "togetherness". I suppose to teach or lead us in how to work/play and be together in community. There are physical differences in their construction. They were constructed in different locations and separated by seven years. Also we knew next to nothing when we made Atlin but we had seven years of experience and learning with Atlin when Symael came along. So they are different. Their energies will feel different to you.
Q136) Oh I have a question, did you happen to notice if Atlin was spinning the night I visited with it? Just curious.... :) Also Colorado Springs is Teslas old stomping ground :) Have been there several years ago :)
A136) Atlin did not spin. Weve been told it takes at least three people all being in that One Place/State of Peace and Unconditional Love before she will rotate. Since people like that are rare as hens teeth Ive engaged this list to explore Unconditional Love that some one or more of us can achieve it, in understanding, feeling and being.
Q137) If I understand Atlin and its physical characteristics, is it true to say that there is a vacuum within the sphere? And if so, is this vacuum measurable? And if so, what measures that vacuum, may be able to measure that state within our physical bodies as well?
A137) There is no vacuum, as usually understood, in the sphere. However if we revisit the definition of what a vacuum is the answer would be yes. A vacuum could be defined as a majority of higher state matter where molecular and atomic matter is scarse or absent altogether. So in effect we are talking about degrees of density. Less density implies a partial vacuum though perhaps not a complete or hard vacuum. For instance the center of a tornado is not a vacuum yet it is considerably less dense (and less pressure) than the swirling periphery. Hence rotary motion is generated as the zones of high and low density vie to bring each other into balance or equilibrium.
Q138) As I have been given, the soul resides in our physical body, and leaves causing the expiration of the physical body. It has been indicated that there is an empty cavity sitting beside the heart, and because of that cavity the heart is offset from the center line of the body. It has also been said that within that cavity the soul resides, and weighs 13 ounces. Thus there is a change in body weight that could be measurable as it leaves....
Oddly enough last night as I considered this, determining the actual soul and its existance within our body, it occurred to me that the souls weight if a vacuum, could be a minus 13 ounces???!! Does a vacuum have a negative weight because of no air-pressure or whatever? And is it even possible that there could be within the physical body a vacuum in which the soul resides, like Atlin?
A138) Think of these zones as localizations/centralizations of matter/energy in a higher state. These higher state zones are interconnected with streams or flows of similar matter/energy. Much like the flows of chi (etheric level matter/energy) throughout the body.
Q139) Hahahaaahaaaaa rare as hens teeth!!!! Well again overnight I wondered why I had awoken with Atlin spinning, and yet it did not physically. The answer of course was physically!!!! Out of body I am observing from a higher vibrational/frequency body and of course Atlin is spinning in that dimensional frequency which would account for the high energies felt around Atlin.
Moving the slow vibrational rate of physicality would take the where two or more are gathered in my name.... so too is that greater vibrational frequency ADDED to this physical to cause Atlin spin.
A139) In a manner of speaking, yes.
Q140) Also I was curious whether Atlin had been designed to rotate like our earth, or whether it would actually spin vertically pole to pole? Since the energies entering the earth do so through the south pole, it seemed reasonable? to me that Atlin would spin vertically rather than horizontally? In fact it seems as though it would set up a rather interesting spin, when those higher energy frequencies/vibrations interact with magnetics... oddly enough it seemed to be like a figure 8 in its rotation.... is this possible?
A140) Atlins poles are along her shaft, mounted horizontally. Energy does enter rotary systems via the poles and exists through the equator. Yes, Atlin embodies the dynamics as are found in orbiting planetary bodies. She is a like a fractal of all naturally rotating bodies whether planets, molecules or atoms.
Q141) Is Atlin governed by the gravitational forces and the pull around our sun, and thus simply acting like another planet?
A141) If you could solve the why and how of what keeps planets orbiting around the sun you would be well ahead of the rest of us. IMHO, Atlin does mimic orbital mechanics (or makes use of them) but these are poorly understood at present.
Q142) And is there a physically observable electrical transfer of energy, sort of like in Teslas experiments where one sees lightening flashes of energy in that rotation? (even though his spheres may not have been rotating.)
A142) Many sensitive people have seen and described the higher energy flows in and around Atlin. These are not electrical flows as usually understood but take part in the origination of electrical/magnetic flows. As above so below. These etheric flows are described as multi-colored flows of energy streaming in and out, etc.
Q143) As the rotating bands of higher dimensional frequencies around our physical bodies turn to gold, perhaps there is set up within that bubble a vacuum that is the portal, doorway open to soul/spirit/God.... in our own bodies, or contained within the physical structure of the body as within the physical structure of Atlin, that doorway/portal vacuum residing beside the heart.... just speculating :)
A143) The gold color is more than just a color. It is a harmonic state of relatively higher harmonicity. This state implies a higher level of coherency/clarity. Lower level energies such as atoms and molecules (and polar thinking, worrying, etc.) are discordant to this state and are therefore interferences or discords. Bringing the mental focus to calm meditation (Love, joy, Peace, etc.) enhances this desirable state - the aura turns gold in color from the usual red or blue discordant (egoic) states. So in effect a low density (partial vacuum) is achieved which interacts physically with the higher densities of the more "physical" zones. I dont now if youve read/studied Russells "The Universal One". Judging from your questions I assume you either have or if not would gain much insight from doing so.
Q144) I must admit I have not come across Russell... is there a link to reading that on the internet?
A145) The book is still under copyright. It can be ordered from
Q146) Also, is it possible that the gravitation forces are the by-product of FEAR, the gravity of the situation affecting our whole physical universe?
A146) Fear is an illusion born of polar misthinking. Polar forces move in rotary motions about a center - the ego (body/animal consciousness) in the case of fear. In a manner of speaking you are correct. Gravity is an attribute of matter and fear is an attribute of the body/animal consciousness. There are similarities in properties and attributes between gravity and fear yet they are not the same. For instances there are stories of saints who levitate during their bouts with enlightenment! Achieving enlightenment is the letting go of fear. Since enlightenment takes place within consciousness - what then is gravity?
Q147) Well now I cannot quite agree with that. Gravity must be a force acting upon the mind created by fear, that colors our manifestation causing the polarized swing so to speak of the polarity dance :) Every thing starts in the mind. So when fear is gone from the mind, what is left? Love, or that state of enlightenment... the mind being made lighter because the load/force of fear/gravty is gone, and the body follows the mind :) levitating :)
A147) I didnt try to explain the issue - just present some thoughts on it to spark more thoughts and conversation. I dont think gravity is a primary force - but more like a condition.
"Gravity is an eternal existing condition in etheric space, from which all visible forms are condensed. It is inherent in all forms of matter, visible and invisible. It is not subject to time or space. It is an established connective link between all forms of matter from their aggregation. Time is annihilated by it, as it has already traversed space when the neutral centers of the molecules were established. It is nothing more than an attractive, sympathetic stream, flowing towards the neutral center of the earth, emanating from molecular centers of neutrality, concordant with the earths center of neutrality and seeking its medium of affinity with a power corresponding to the character of the molecular mass." (John Keely circa 1886)
If this is indeed the case then perhaps levitation occurs when the mental focus is shifted from the physical (terrestrial) to the etheric (celestial).... which would demonstrate a mind/gravity connection as also the moral adage of shunning focus on the physical (sex, food, etc.) while aspiring to a more spiritual focus:
"Gravity is nothing more than an attractive, sympathetic stream, flowing towards the neutral center of the earth, emanating from molecular centers of neutrality; concordant with the earths center of neutrality, and seeking its medium of affinity with a power corresponding to the character of the molecular mass. Gravity, he defines as transmittive inter-etheric force under immense etheric vibration. He continues: - The action of the mind itself is a vibratory etheric evolution, controlling the physical, its negative power being depreciatory in its effects, and its positive influence elevating." [Chapter 5 of Keely and His Discoveries]
Wherein if emphasis be given to the celestial order, away from the terrestrial order, levitation results:
"Molecular terrestrial masses, composed of the "ultimate ether" bound latent in substance, are sympathetically drawn to the earths neutral center according to the density of their molecular aggregation, from which must be deducted their celestial sympathetic outreach. In other words, molecular weight consists in the difference between these forces. Either one can be intensified by polar or antipolar vibrations, giving either one predominance. If the celestial (repulsive) predominates, the mass will rise, its velocity proportionate to the concentration of the dominant or the "negative thirds of its mass chords" inducing high neutral radiation together with "celestial attraction." The "terrestrial propulsive" and "celestial attractive" cause ascension and the "celestial propulsive" and "terrestrial attractive" cause descension or increased weight." [Keely in The Snell Manuscript]
Q148) Surely it is like bending spoons, in that the force in this case that holds the body grounded, is removed, causing levitation, and is simply not directed to do something else????
A148) That would be negation of gravity but not its reversal.... IMHO.
Q149) Okay, so gravity is a property of attraction/repulsion force. Well overnight (of course) I was studying matter. In fact matter out there, so to speak. And I see that matter out there is conditioning, according to our belief systems. Because there is NO MATTER out there. If we agree with Johns beautiful thoughts that ALL THAT IS is simply consciousness (thought or mind-stuff :), then the various levels including the level of supposed matter (physicality), is simply light slowed to various frequencies.
A149) Yes, there is nothing other than Mind. But lets take a closer look. To Mind there are two poles: one is decentrated Mind which weve been calling or likening to the Quiet Mind of Diety where there is no motion. This is the realm of IDEA. The other pole is the realm of centering Mind in motion or what we call MATTER. Matter is Mind in motion about a center. It has no substance yet has the "appearance" of substance.
We must qualify what vibration is before we can get a handle on what is actually happening as opposed to what seems to happen. Vibration is ALWAYS coupled with oscillation. When the frequency of vibration goes up the frequency for oscillation goes down and vs. These two motions are ALWAYS reciprocal. Frequency refers to orbits (oscillation) or rotations (vibrations) per time interval.
Considering these two motions we have to say matter is Light increased in oscillation but decreased in vibration. The greater the increase in oscillation concurrent with decrease in vibration yields denser and denser matter. You can read more about the relations between vibration and oscillation here:
Q150) We only think there is matter, because we have separated out there from in here, within the mind.
A150) True.
Q151) So I am wondering if gravity is but the force observed in relation to our potential projected separation. I am probably not capable of putting this into a scientific dialogue as yet, however I would share an experience, to play with ideas :)
A151) Exactly so. Our misperception of the material universe misleads us to misbelieve in separation. When in fact there is no separation - only our belief that it is so. Hence something "up there" appears to fall "down here".
Q152) Last year towards the end of summer, I decided to spend three days in absolute silence, within my home. On the second afternoon, I decided to make some popcorn, and when I got the butter out to melt it, discovered there was none, so got a 1/4 pound out of the freezer. I had in my hand an old dull butter knife, and was watching my thoughts.
As I looked at the butter, I immediately thought, there is no matter out there. (This is like the matrix: there is no spoon.) And so I continued slowly in thought, there is no hardness. So I placed the little butter knife on the butter in the middle, and without exerting any pressure, simply cut the butter straight through. I experienced a certain amount of surprise and delight, so I did it over and over until from one half I had a bunch of little pieces to melt. I was so excited from this, I forgot to apply the ability to change temperature, and instead melted the butter pieces the old fashioned way :)
A152) Like fire-walking - the fire is only as hot as you believe it to be.....
Q153) I was very excited and could say nothing for another 2 nights and a day.... and because I was in silence it really allowed me to take a look in the mind that sees separation from what is out there.... when we dissolve that separation, there are a whole bunch of consensual beliefs that also go out the window.
A153) The Mind of an individual is a nonseparate portion of the One Mind. We neednt bother with dissolving separation because separation is only a misbelief - it is not real - and anything unreal does not exist. What you did was simply see it for what it really is - nonexistent. In other words you stopped giving credence to the misbelief.
Q154) Could it be that gravity is a part of our consensual beliefs about matter or the state of out there?
A154) Yes.
Q155) Because all of the levels in actual fact are within that matter, they are not somewhere else and different, they are right here right now within our field of existance. In raising ones consciousness frequency, speeding up in a sense the consciousness, to match a higher frequency consciousness that is always present and feeding us in a sense, in that moment we have overcome gravity in the mind, and if we see mind incorporating all that is, then would we not lift, levitate, ALL THAT IS? or at least our own body, or objects upon which we have placed our focus, initially?
A155) There is only Love and Love has no opposite. Love is not affected by Time, Space or gravity. So raising the consciousness (to the Celestial) puts ones consciousness into that realm that is not affected by Time, Space or gravity; i.e., in the state of Divine Love. Where everything else really is and as such nothing (no thing) is likewise unaffected by Time, Space or gravity. Remember it was we as misbeliving consciousnesses that created the physical IN OUR MINDS - its a dream or figment of our imaginations. By dumping that duality consciousness we supercede its perceived limitations.
Q156) Is this not what we will collectively DO to raise our earth and ultimately all of the universe into a higher frequency state of being? Which somehow must have something to do with gravity?
A156) We raise the earth and us with it (because we are part of it) when we let go of concepts of duality and limitation of the egoic belief system.
Q157) If gravity is a part of our consensual belief system, it must not be a part of the neutral vacuum of Love, rather part of the polar dance that must balance to something else.... thus in Love, gravity is not a factor?
A157) Right.
Q158) For as the mind rides upward into the higher vibratory frequncies, what is accepted within the mind rides with it?
A158) As the mind raises in oscillation frequency concepts of duality (up/down) no longer apply and are simply let go of as they are then meaningless.
Q159) Or more pointedly what accepts being one with the consciousness of ALL THAT IS rides upon the energy of Love, not the energies of the polar dance.
A159) Exactly.
Q160) We seem to think that our level is unique to all other levels of consciousness, because we think matter is different. Yet in the next higher level one also has a body,
A160) A more tenuous body....
Q161) that while in that level feels like this one, it feels material/solid/natural
A161) Relativitely speaking, of course.
Q162) (thus when people pass they do not realize they have passed from this physical body because they are in another body just like this one :).... which reminds me, the prima materia must be consciousness that all the alchemists were looking for, and were separating themselves from trying to find it out there....
A162) Mind is the materia prima..... and it is nowhere yet everywhere, omnipresent. There is no Space or Place to Mind. Its omnipresence is what orthodox science calls non-linearity or non-locality.
Q163) The other interesting fact is that one can not look up through the levels from a lower level yet can indeed look down through the levels, being able to see into slower frequencies, yet not up into higher ones.... thus we are seen, but most do not see the others looking at us, yet anyway, and the way we will see them is to speed up our own frequencies.
A163) Concepts of levels of matter/energy or levels of consciousness are predicated on the belief they exist. These levels only "seem" to exist. You are correct, IMHO, that we may perceive "higher" levels when the consciousness is tuned (sympathetic) to them. We tune consciousness by choice of what we focus on. Focus on lower levels (materiality) and that is what is then real. Focus higher and that is what is real. They both (and all levels in between) take on the appearance of reality yet none are.
Q164) Does Love collapse the supposed distances of separation, potential empty space or space containing other levels without physical manifestation, so that one can suddenly have a tiny little conglomeration of compressed frequencies that can be jumped from one side to the other, in a blink?
A164) There is no separation to collapse. Love and its associated consciousness is ALL THERE IS. So how can ALL THERE IS collapse? From what to what?
Q165) Okay so I have stretched my imagination, well I was sleeping :) And the last thing I did early this morning, was to set all these different objects spinning :) Oh my goodness, even things in water, and then getting them to leap out, and keep spinning without rolling away, my goodness I was having fun :)
A165) Keep at it! Maybe one day you can teach the rest of us how to work with those other aspects of our minds we now misconsider as separate objects.....
Q166) This is what I mean, we have stated the physical to be different, something to shift from to something else.... yet when we change levels of consciousness, we do not notice a from this to that... we just see MORE, there is no real separation, and neither is there with the physical.
A166) Right.
Q167) In doing Vipassana in Australia (14 days in silence) sitting up cross- legged all day... oh my goodness is it long.... well while sitting up I went out of body.... went out to my new tent, could feel the heat and warmth and smell the new canvas, went out to a group of trees, and stood on my head, yet floating up with the tree tops.... and I went and checked later, a bush that I studied the flowers on, it was there, although I had not taken notice in passing it....
In the shower (physically), I went to the end of the tub to grab my shampoo, and the curtain was ajar, and the shower room was full of beings, which did cause me to jump inside. And when I went to put my shoes on one day I actually made a sound of surprise, as someone was standing in my shoes!!!! Now these were not physical beings like you and me because they could disappear, especially as I went to stand on their foot! :)
I know I cannot change my physical body...
it is constantly being affected by my thoughts,...
A167) Look at what you wrote above... :)
Q168) and this physical is like an after- thought or shadow in a sense of the mind.... I know we think it is the other way around....
A168) I agree. The physical is an affect of our thinking - not the thinking, but a result of our thinking. We can change it to anything we can imagine - if our imgination (creative thinking) is clear and concise enough.
Q169) Re question A138, is it not true that greater density or slower vibratory frequency equals greater weight of a physical object? Yet if we go to the atomic level, and sub atomic levels, etc., when we then measure the mass of these particles, which are a higher frequency these are measured in some big negative power of weight or density?
Thus my question about the soul having a negative mass/weight?
So would it be true to say, that as light slows it gains weight? :)
A169) First off weight does not exist. What we perceive as weight is the relative degree of affinity of one center to another. Kinda like, but not exactly like, two magnets being pulled together.
The greater the oscillation and concurrent lessening of vibration creates denser and "heavier" matter.
The "soul" is of a tenuous substance, high vibration and low oscillation, more towrds the realm of vacuous space or the realm of IDEA. Soul then is the memory of Mind. What weight has Mind? This portion of Mind is a bit centralized, to have and preserve itself in individuality, and therefore must have some degree of "weight" however "light". :)
Q170) Re Q/A 143, and the bands of gold surrounding the body, another experience.
While in San Diego at the DNA conference last November, I was able to do soul readings for those interested, and was part of a group sitting at special tables during the breaks etc. A couple presented to me, and the husband told me his wife read auras, and asked his wife what she saw around me. Her answer was that it was ALL WHITE.
Some time later after the event, I came to understand that when all the colors are spinning together (the seven colors of the rainbow), they create white :) thus perhaps the incoming energies at a higher frequency are white, before they pass through the prism of physicality????
A170) White Light is taken in SVP as Undifferentiated Light. A harmonic chord - one compound tone. According to some sources this Undifferentiated Light is the highest frequency. But Im not sure what they mean by "highest frequency". It could easily be said it is of a Higher State or Condition.
Q171) Also in the olden days, there were some mediums, that in trance state, produced a whitish cloud of substance that would form into objects... forget the name of this substance right now.... and perhaps this is the observation of the higher energies?
A171) Protoplasm? The Rosicrucians (AMORC) teach of this practice....
Q172) Also the digital photos now being produced at different shutter speeds are including white spheres, etc.... does this color indicate the level from which that object or person is vibrating, when viewed physically?
A173) I dont think so. The White Light referred to earlier is actually non-visible Light. It is MIND proper. As this unseen Light differentiates (refracts into lower frequencies) then we may be enabled to see what is usually considered as "white", gold or yellow PIGMENTS.
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