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The Keely Musical Dynasphere - part 2 of 4

"Each atomic force of a physical body is made up of its units of positive and negative forces, that brings it into a material plane. These are of the ether, or atomic forces, being electrical in nature as they enter into a material basis, or become matter in its ability to take on or throw off. So as a group may raise the atomic vibrations that make for those positive forces as bring divine forces in action into a material plane, those that are destructive are broken down by the raising of that vibration!" Cayce (281-3) (emphasis added)

"As is seen and known, all atomic forces are of an electrical nature in their effect and affect upon a physical organism. Not all portions of the system function in the same vibratory rate, as the nerves of the sensory organism are made - as it were - in a series of necessary portions of system, for the proper alteration of vibration of atomic forces to create either that of vision, hearing, so also, in the assimilation as for gland functioning - as creates in the system those elements that add to either the nerve energies in their activity those necessary elements for the coordination of the muscular forces within the system, as to produce functioning in a nominal or normal manner, or they are overcharged or undercharged - that prevent their functioning in a nominal manner. Hence, as is seen, in a manner, as how the activity of the physical body can be altered by the concerted activity of minds that are directed to the atomic forces of an individual, in raising their vibrations to a nominal or normal manner. Hence we have that of spiritual healing to a body." Cayce (5576-1) (emphasis added)

Due to the numerous sublimations going on in this device there are created a number of gases or tenuous particle rich plasmas. All metals emit a gas composed of its own atoms and their ions. Under proper polar configurations these gases may become dynamic fluids (fluidic ethers or metallic gases as is hydrogen). Here, in part, is the dynamic argon-like gas that is rotated by high vibration as in the radiometer/microwave experiments. One is reminded of the all steel armature without field coils I used to take around to the conferences. This little toy rotated at ever increasing speeds and would have destroyed itself had only the bearings taken the load better. Conventionally a serial wound electric motor has a field coil for the sole purpose of regulating this out-of-control accelerating rotation. According to theory this fieldless armature when energized electrically establishes a field-like corona around its equator at some distance from the unit. This field is primarily created from sublimation of the iron of the armature. The armature rotates in reaction to or against this field. The sublimation process (a polarization process of high and low pressure/temperature/etc.) releases particles which become polarized and these polarized particles in turn react polarly towards/against each other. This is then a virtual field making process. In a nut shell: The fieldless armature is steel (iron + carbon). When this is electrically (polarly) excited a counter-field was created around it composed of emitted (liberated) particles of iron. In our Dynasphere the Outer Ring and Base Plate are the iron parts (set at 90 degrees to each other) on the outside and not at the center as is the armature. So the dynaspheric polar roles are reversed and the sphere (by its shape) centralizes the various vibratory conditions from the outside inward and rotates or reacts rotarily to the created and excited fields from these various particles much like the Van Allen and other particle belts around the earth. Iron therefore is a PRIME ELEMENT - this being an unknown and unrevealed Truth until now. Iron synchs (sympathizes) with the neutral force of nature and differentiates it into two opposites. This is a characteristic of other magnetic elements such as cobalt, nickel, etc. in their atomic matrix or chord. Iron is like a prism to the undifferentiated latent bipolar force in Nature. Only after it is differentiated do we evidence magnetism - a bipolar phenomenon. Therefore magnetism is an effect and not a causative force in Nature as is commonly understood. Iron appears to be sensitive to positive and negative conditions such as alkaline and acid. Iron readily takes on either of these states. It also appears to sublime and combine/react with other elements in conditions of alternating high and low pressures and temperatures. These are exactly the conditions created by acoustic compression/rarefaction waves. One could object and say "There are no alterations in the DC current used in the fieldless armature experiment. The answer to this is DC current is in reality an alternating current but at a frequency so high as to have remained unmeasured until recently. DC actually oscillates in the Gamma Ray (1019 - 1021 Hz) range of frequencies. It is alternating and not steady as is conventionally assumed. This fact is depicted quite clearly on any good (really good) Electromagnetic Scale Chart such as the one put out by Westinghouse Research Laboratories. The energy in this range is from 70 Kev to 10 Mev. Iron has a great affinity for carbon - the carbon we will be using in the central sublimate contained in the Actuators. Iron can be either bivalent or trivalent thus being oxygen rich or oxygen poor. Therefore iron is a breather in and out of the oxygen atoms and ions. Iron demonstrates the Law of One in action right here, in our sphere. It is the in and out action that precipitates rotation. This positive/negative property or action of iron is why Edison made his best batteries of iron long ago called the Edison Battery. This battery was venerated for its many fine qualities. Iron is a real light catalyst kind of like silver and nickel. Traces of iron compounds can transform light forces into chemical (ionic) forces. In other words it differentiates and de/remodulates a given central harmonic (yellow) frequency into a polar state or second tone (blue) or chemically active (enharmonic) rays of light (chemism). So iron converts/transduces the harmonized magnetic stream into an enharmonic electric flow of active ions and well as harmonic light into enharmonic chemism. Could we therefore say that iron is the igniter or energizer of the sphere? Where will the energy come from to rotate the sphere? As seen there is unlimited energy held latent in the harmonic streams of nature. The above material contained a number of descriptions of the polarizations being built into this dynasphere. These multiple polarizations are the harmonic chords or scalar waves or neutral zones from which are liberated the enharmonic or active streams. Tesla and Bearden refer to these streams as Scalar (magnitude or pure energy with no vector or movement) or Tesla waves and conventional physics refers to it as vacuum or zero-point energy sources. Some others refer to them as phase locked conjugate waves. These are all (more or less) one and the same as to principle. Keely called it the Full Harmonic Chord or Dominant Neutral. This harmonic state is neutral in all senses of that word. The age-old problem has been how to differentiate these seemingly inseparable harmonic flows or transduce them into a dynamic, unbalanced and useable state. Just as one could take water uphill and thereby create a state of high and low pressure one can differentiate polar states of potential (harmonized) energy. Only when the enharmonic (expressing outward) is liberated or disturbed from its cozy association with the harmonic (centralizing) is free energy available to do work - on its way back to the cozy state it was coaxed away from.

The unbalanced state (enharmonic) then, by its very own nature, seeks its original state of balance and will perform work as it proceeds through the process of re-harmonization.

This is the not-so-classical description of how electricity really works. Henry Moray figured this out in the 1940s as did Keely and Tesla before him and a few others afterwards. Now we are going to use iron (and other means) to unbalance these harmonic forces as found in nature and place our little sphere into the very wheel work of nature. In the beginning, to express this idea in people terms, Man, as a creative thought through expressed desire, separated (dissociated) himself from his cozy atonement with God or the Divine (neutral) nature of the universe. In this state he is active. Desiring to return from whence he came the condition of reentry seems to be Creative Action or a reaching back to be AS ONE again in essence as well as spirit - OMNI-EVER-CREATIVE. As above so below. This process of disturbing or diverting the harmonic (neutral) forces of nature and then using the resultant enharmonic (polarized) force is exactly what electrical so-called generators do. They simply split apart the full triune harmonic chord into enharmonic polarizations which we call electricity. Electricity is this force unbalanced (both poles alternately) while magnetism is the balanced state where both poles are present simultaneously. Bloomfield-Moore, echoing Keely, wrote this over 100 years ago in Keely and His Discoveries in 1893. Who listened? Electricity then is the active or male pole of the magnetic/electric/gravitic triune harmonic chord supplying the earth its forces of rotation, heat, light, etc. There is limitless energy in this process which is proven by the fact that unlimited amounts of energy are liberated by this process everyday in all parts of the earth with no known depletion of the source. No need to go into the now obvious fact that electrical generators do not generate (create) anything. The bivalent (positive) iron becomes celestial or expansive and spreads outward or away from the sphere center. Once combined or transduced by the oxygen ions it becomes trivalent (negative or terrestrial) and is attracted (sympathetic) to the center of the sphere. The breathing in and out is again demonstrated. Therefore iron is required by animals to inbreathe oxygen and outbreathe carbon dioxide whereas magnesium is required by plants to inbreathe carbon dioxide and outbreathe oxygen. It was seen in Keelys original water motor how he used every part and component as a multiform or multi-dynamic link to the rest of the machine as a functioning whole. There are very few simple parts performing simple functions on Keelys machines. Even the metal or substance itself from which the part is fashioned is a functioning component of the whole. We will see the further as we go along that even the immediate environmental factors play dynamic roles in this device such as the operators mind set or zen, north/south polar alignments, light, heat, temperature and barometric pressure and even maybe the dyne of the local gravity gradients. This dynaspheric motor epitomizes this holistic approach to designing and building etheric/spiritual/mental/living/breathing machines. Every part has some kind of sympathetic association with every other part just like the multidimensional human organism does. Isnt this a far different and holistic picture than conventional brain-dead-matter-mechanistic/humanistic ignorance? The dynasphere is a collection of resonators of various types. Each type vibrates differently and exhibits different harmonic series of tones. For instance each hemisphere of the sphere, if supported freely in the center, will sound a low pitch much like a dull bell or gong. Once the halves are put together with a shaft and nuts the vibrating rims are locked together and this low vibration ceases altogether. This is a mutual dampening of each other. There is only a lifeless ding or dong when rapping the spheres surface. However, if the shaft is tapped there is a strong resonance inside the globe. A 5/8" steel shaft was inserted and protruded about 6" on one side and 2" on the other. Tapping the shorter end results in a higher pitch than the longer end. The longer end, when tapped, will create a stronger and longer lasting tone. If holding the shaft ends securely the tapping has little sound. This is interesting because the shaft will eventually be held by the Stanchion Journals. The sounding mechanism appears to be the loose end of the shaft vibrating back and forth. It is in reality a very big version of the Attenuator pins or as is commonly called a vibrating rod fastened at one end. Once the axle is held fast both ends will be dampened and this configuration is generally referred to as a vibrating rod fastened at both ends. In our case there will be little free vibration to deal with. However, it should be pointed out that the two different configurations mentioned above vibrate differently and produce two different sets of harmonics and partials. To quote from John Tyndall in Sound, 1893:

"A rod fixed at one end can vibrate as a whole, or can divide itself into vibrating segments separated from each other by nodes. In this case the rate of vibration of the fundamental tone is to that of the first overtone as 4:25, or as the square of 2 to the square of 5. From the first division onwards the rates of vibration are proportional to the squares of the odd numbers, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc. With rods of different lengths the rate of vibration is inversely proportional to the square of the length of the rod. A rod fixed at both ends and caused to vibrate transversely divides itself in the same manner as a string vibrating transversely. But the succession of its overtones is not the same as those of a string, for while the series of tones emitted by the string is expressed by the natural numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc., the series of tones emitted by the rod is expressed by the squares of the odd numbers, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc."

There is a very important difference between harmonics and partials. A harmonic is a multiplying of the fundamental by a factor of 2 or its multiples. There are super harmonics which are multiples of 2 and there are sub harmonics which are progressive halvings of 2. Partials on the other hand are all other derivatives of the fundamental that are not divisible by 2 such as a fifth, third, seventh, etc. There are super partials as well as sub partials. All of these partials lie between the harmonic ratios throughout the Scale of Octaves just as though they were musical ratios. Orthodox science recognizes the former but denies (or very rarely acknowledges) the latter in engineering circles. In our SVP work THE DIFFERENCE IS ALL IMPORTANT, ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL AND FUNDAMENTAL. To give just one brief for instance: A sine wave form is composed of harmonics only. A triangle or sawtooth wave form has both types of ratios. The former sounds smooth and even as from a flute. The latter sounds rough and brash as from a trumpet. Their originating premise (math) is different, their tones are different and their effects on other things are different. In other words, the quality of the sound or vibration is determined to a great degree by its particular chord of ratios, i.e., collection of discrete harmonics and partials. To go one further the vibrating string above mentioned is an enharmonic vibration because its chord of vibration or vibration signature contains all numbers (harmonics and partials). While a flute or the resonator such as we are making for the dynasphere are harmonic tones because its tone is derived of harmonic ratios of the fundamental.

A FRACTAL (self-resonant) MACHINE

During the dynaspheres operation the String Sound Field strings will constantly be in a state of low vibration. These minute vibrations are conducted into the Base Plate, up the Stanchion, through the Axle and then into the Sphere. The tone in the sphere excites, sympathetically, the Strings and the whole pattern is repeated. There is a transmission of the sound vibrations through the metal of the machine. It is well known that a sphere is an amplifier of acoustic (sound) vibrations. Therefore this described arrangement is a closed feed-back loop that would tend to get louder and louder and louder. This is like placing a microphone on one side of a Chinese gong and a speaker on the other side. Lightly tap the gong and the sound is picked up by the microphone, conducted through the amplifier then back out to the speaker which excites the gong even more which excites the microphone more and the whole thing repeats itself getting louder and louder and louder. This is part of the dynamical concept behind run-away resonance activated through and by way of sympathetic vibrations. Setting up the arrangement this way makes the whole thing self-tuning and does not require operator input such as adjustments for Q of the chord components. For this multi-component tuning to be done manually correctly would be a near impossible task. But done as given would be natural and easy. This being a perfect example of how the machines of the future will be respected (ala Steiner) and not treated with the forced sledge hammer approach. It is what it is and that individuality must be encouraged and considered just as though this device were a living being. This is the so called Fractal or Chaos mathematics in action. The iterations (nested repeats) are always the same but with a tiny modifier input (amplitude or frequency modulation) taking place at a particular point in the circuit. In this case we will be using amplitude modulation. This process of amplitude modulation can pack whatever energy into a circuit as is desired. Once the process has accumulated energy some of it can be used for other purposes. This is the classical description of some of the so-called free energy machines out there such as Morays radiant energy device and the ML Converter in Switzerland. Actually this is one of the main dynamical features in Keelys Hydro Vacuo Motor. BUT - we are not going to pack energy into this dynasphere. The energy to operate this device will result from liberation as in sublimation of quantum arenas of phenomena. Unlimited energy resides in the various Full Harmonic Chords as are being established within this device. Perhaps one of the main things we are striving to create is the amplitude modulations of the polarizations. This is more or less what Bearden calls stressing the space/time continuum. Actually we are going to differentiate and then bias the space/time continuum. The key concept from this point on, while remaining in context, is how is space/time continuum defined? Contemplate rainbow dynamics. This is an example of what we are attempting. The Undifferentiated Light streaming in from the Sun is impacting (bombarding) the molecular and atomic structures (atmospheric gases) surrounding the earth. Through various combinations of angular incidence and frequency (FM) and amplitude (AM) modulations (sympathetic associative vibrations) this Undifferentiated Light refracts into the various ranges or bands of vibration rates we perceive as colors. These more or less discrete bands of vibration rates possess more or less distinct qualities such as the reds manifest heat and the blues manifest chemical (ionization) properties. So from this we can see how an undifferentiated Full Harmonic Chord which is not even detectable (Teslas/Beardens scalar waves or Hudsons superconductivity) can be made to release or liberate unbelievable quantities and qualities of energy. Our dynasphere is being designed and constructed to recreate the general conditions as are here above described. So where does the energy come from? Can we say from nothing? How about from the Grand Neutral condition of the universe - which some have called God, zero-point, meson sea, etc.? Where does any energy come from? Not from the gas pump or power meter for sure.


There is only one natural supreme law of nature and when expressed for human use in daily affairs was given best by Cayce:

The WHOLE law is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body; thy neighbor as thyself. This is the whole law, this is the whole purpose for an experience, an activity of an entity in any given or individual experience or appearance even throughout the sojourns in a material plane. Cayce (1464-2)

This law is at the root of all other laws and can be paraphrased and interpreted in many ways depending on the modes and customs of use, background and application. There are several explanations of this law herein and prove to be fundamental and interesting. The functions of the dynasphere are about as close to this law as one can get in a mechanical device. It is assumed that one of the prime reasons for this dynasphere coming in now is to bring this awareness of the Law of One and how it may be used in personal and intimate human experience. SVP is part of the new spiritual physics. The dynasphere embodies and demonstrates this law. Fractal math and Quantum Arithmetic are both closely associated with an associative and generative process more generally known to us through the Fibonacci Number Series. This more fundamental process is the law above described in action through mathematical procedures and is the same thing we just described as occurring with rainbows. The activated dynasphere establishes a neutral center and then creates a coincident expanded neutral or etheric field about itself. (It is assumed this is accomplished somewhat like the engendering of a so-called impedence field in electrical parlance.) This field has the general shape of a toroid or doughnut - kind of like the two halves of the human brain or a walnut. This outreaching celestial field is sympathetic and reactive to and upon the centralized vibrations of the spheres neutral center. There are many different types, kinds, sizes and colors of streams of high energy etherized particles flowing out from the center and then returning. Lots and lots of figure eight type forms of spirally vortexial patterns weaving in and out and among themselves. This is something akin to Babbitts atom, also the brain itself or somewhat like the two halves of walnut kernel, convolutions included. After these radial forces reach a given distance (the first concentric circle or node point/ring/shell which is coincident but opposite polarity to the center) from the center they are transduced (via modulation by the opposite state of the ring/shell node) to a lower state and begin the journey back to the center. This lower state is really a change of vibratory chord (dimension) from that of a repulsive, expansive enharmonic one to a contractive, aggregative harmonic pattern. As they approach the center they become denser and denser until such a point of densification is reached that an implosion or cavitation/sublimation of the substance takes place. That means the molecular lower vibratory chordal state is phase changed or sublimed into states of higher matter and energy such as atoms, photons, etc. Nobody has ever said it as elegantly as Keely himself over 100 years ago:

"I believe sound to be a real substance of unknown and wonderful tenuity, emanating as absolute corpuscles - interatomic particles - from matter when induced by percussion. Sound has a velocity of 20,000 feet per second in vacuo, in air, 1120 ft. per second. The substance thus disseminated is an actual component of the agitated mass and were this condition to continue indefinitely the mass would eventually be disintegrated. I think the true definition of sound is "a certain order of etheric flow, consisting of actual radiant atomic corpuscles ruptured from a static condition by disturbance of atomic equilibrium." Keely circa 1890

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