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Fieldless Armature Spins Without Magnetic Field
To illustrate rotation you may might want to build this fascinating demonstration. It seemingly defies everything electrical science tells us about motors and fields. I was shown this device by Troy Reed several years ago and have done more research with it. Others have successfully replicated and demonstrated this instrument. The armature will readily rotate without a physically present magnetic field at startup. (The armature creates its own magnetic field when initially rotated.)

The device pictured below can be made from junk parts.

We used a trashed generator from an old Bell-47 helicopter attached to a 2X4.

Full View

Device was an armature from a helicopter generator.

All magnets and wires have been removed. The 3/8" shaft is mounted with two ball bearings, one on each end.

The bearings are held in place by strips of sheet metal wrapped over the bearings and tacked to the 2X4.

Close up View

Connecting unit with battery cables. Makes no difference which pole is connected to which bearing mount.

Armature spins in either direction when nudged into motion. Use a fresh 12 volt car battery.

CAUTION! Armature gets VERY HOT!!

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