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Service to Others
Inspiration from the Edgar Cayce readings
copyright Association for Research and Enlightenment.

In an effort to address what the Dynasphere and Keelys real technology is all about we post the following inspirational quotes. These machines and supporting technology and philosophy are based in the concept of Divine Will and intervention here on earth. As you can see from below the Divine Will acts from each of us through service to others. In other words - Love. A complete copy of the +14,000 readings on CD can be purchased through the A.R.E.

Let the light of the countenance of the Christ Spirit guide thee, that ye walk not alone. Let those things, those conditions as may annoy or aggravate be put aside in service to others. T0281-061 * [Pg 1]

Let fear, let worry, be lost in thy service to others for His names sake. Let thy heart be lifted up, that ye may hear that "Well done" from Him, who is mindful of those who seek His face. T0281-061 * [Pg 2]

Applying self to that in hand, and forget self and any interest that the self may have, other than of being of service to others; for service to others is that which brings that inner happiness that is satisfying to an individual seeking to gain the best in this material plane. T0349-003 F [Pg 1]

In aiding, in counseling, in keeping in accord with that that gives strength and vitality to those who would labor with and for the service of others. Be the INCENTIVE to someone. T0421-005 F [Pg 5]

Let that as would disturb or disappoint become rather the means, the ways of being of a greater service to others. Let thy heart, thy mind, be lifted up; that ye may hear, that ye may know the JOY of service in the Lord. T0281-061 * [Pg 2]

So may the entity in this experience apply self in a daily service to others, in body, in mind, as to be a helpful influence.

Look not then upon whatever the self puts the hand to do as merely a means of livelihood, but make of it a poem; that it may be, each act, a helpful experience to someone else. Thus as ye give, as ye lend thyself to the aiding of others, in body, in mind, ye will find material and mental and spiritual growth will be the outcome of same. T2337-001 M [Pg 4]

For, know, each soul merits that condition, that position it TODAY occupies! But be not THOU the judge. Rather OPEN the way that new hope, new light, new joy, new aspirations may be in the hearts and minds of those ye would serve. T0262-121 * [Pg 6]

Fear and doubt have been a part of thy experience, because of the suffering, because of the fears thou hast seen in the experiences of those nigh unto thee. Put ye rather, then, thy trust in the Lord. For HE is life, and health, and strength to those who put their trust in Him. Not everyone that saith "Lord, Lord," shall enter in, but he that doeth the will of the Father by just being patient, just being kind to others. T0262-121 * [Pg 6]

Let rather the love, that has been shown in the Father through the gentleness and patience with the children of men, be manifested in thy OWN life. Then may peace rest with thee indeed. T0262-121 * [Pg 7]

Let that purpose, that desire which has prompted thee oft to approach the throne of mercy, continue in thy heart and mind today, tomorrow, forever. For the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever. They that put their trust wholly in Him shall not want, - neither shall their seed beg bread.

But do ye the will of the Father in thy relationships to others, in the office, in the home, in the street, - wherever ye meet thy fellow man. Thus may they know, not by thy boasting but by thy gentleness, that ye walk oft with the Lord thy God. T0262-121 * [Pg 6]

Much has been thy purpose, little at times has been thy activity in the Lord. Know that He is thy strength. Thy purpose, then, should be rather in those things that take hold upon the ways of the Lord. For if ye will but come into the more perfect knowledge of HIM, the more perfectly ye may serve thy fellow man. T0262-121 * [Pg 7]

The name then was Esdraexon. In the experience the entity gained throughout; for with the seeking out of the leader and teacher, and the activities which brought about the great service to others, the entity became as a living poem in the service to others; in making song, in making psalms, in making rime of the happenings of others from other lands, as well as those who joined with that group thereabout. T2337-001 M [Pg 3]

In all these there is seen that the gain was in service to others, yet NOT in serving others in their stead, for these conditions brought the destructive forces. Then serve rather Him, the Giver of all good and perfect gifts, for in Him is light, and through Him is perfect understanding; bringing then the greater lessons of service in self and service for others, and drawing others nigh unto Him. Make self safe in those tenets as were given by him whom the entity followed close in the temples of the Christian peoples in Rome, for in that as has been given, "Though I become as naught, save in Him is life, and the light shineth unto the dark places, for though I have the tongues of angels and have not love, I am nothing." For the love of the Master, serve Him, and in service to others serve Him. T2457-002 F [Pg 3]

In the mental forces of the entity - these we find are much changed since we have had these before. The broadening, the developing of the vision of the entity has gone steadily on. The entity should NEVER, however, get too high and exalted opinion of the entitys own theories for service, nor of individual service of others to the entity, for the greater debt of the rabbi, as rabbi, is service to others. Giving others their opinions - for each entity is developed by being led and being taught by precept and example, and each must stand on its own merits, rather than that of a physical energy as is seen by an ideal from another - for there is ONE ideal - that to make the Creative Energy - and called by many names - the Creative Energy, then, the ideal, and to make the mind, the body mind, the heart mind, the active force in the life for OTHERS and for self, for the greater service to that Energy, or to God, is SERVICE to the fellow man - and in that way and manner the entity, Rabbi [4159] will find the greater success, for with service FOR others, those of the divine becomes the NATURAL heritage - and, as has been given, the highest in EVERY ELEMENT MAY BE THAT SERVANTS SERVANT, will the servant but serve the Higher Energy. T4159-001 M [Pg 1]

One that will, and does, in the present plane bring much pleasure, of many natures and characters, to those whom the entity contacts. Then how much more does it become necessary that entity yields that influence that each entity contacted may think better of him or herself and have a higher conception of their ability to cooperate with the Creator, in that which must be accomplished by man. For as is seen and as has been given, one (each entity) must give an account of every idle word spoken, see? To whom? To self and selfs service to others, and to the Creator of All Things. For we are co-operators with the divine forces as are seen, as are manifested in the physical world, that this entity loves the phenomena of so well. T0257-010 M [Pg 3]

The abilities to which, then, the entity may attain in the present sphere lie in the following out of those conditions as have been given, as have been outlined for the entity, in the manner, the nature, the character of earthly labors, ever remembering first: Service to others is the highest service to God. Ever keep self in that way and manner as to be able to answer for the faith that lies within. Ever be in that way of using all force as is manifest before the entity to the glorification of God rather than of self, for the application of self is selfs reflection of the God worshiped. T0257-010 M [Pg 5]

As ye grow in appreciation of the love of thy fellow man, and the needs of such in thy daily experience, give the praise to the Father-God; that ye may be USED more and more in a service for others. And this will bring less and less of fear, and more and more of hope. For remember, these ARE at war one with another - hope and fear. Let not thy mind, let not thy body, let not thy purpose, thy desire, entertain fear. For as ye entertain these that make for the building within thy consciousness, so may ye grow in that understanding and in thy purposes with those conditions of every nature that ye meet day by day. T0262-121 * [Pg 4]

As today ye come to those experiences of seeing, of feeling greater hope and love, greater peace and beauty, so rest ye in the Lord.

OFT hath He given, fret not thyself but stand still and see the glory of the Lord. These apply in thy experiences day by day. Keep in the way of the seeking, - opening thy heart, thy mind for a greater service to others.

Teach thyself in teaching others to be patient, to be content; not satisfied but CONTENT in the ways of the Lord! T0262-121 * [Pg 5]

Keep that thou hast purposed. As ye have taught, as ye have aided others in searching out themselves, so search thine own heart; putting away from same all those things that would hinder, and run the perfect race. Or, as has been indicated to thee, TURN to the right, - walk straight ahead! Find not fault with others who have stumbled in the way. Lend a helping hand, and climb - climb to those heights of content upon those things ye have seen as failures in the lives of others.

Encourage those who are disturbed. Give strength and aid to those who falter. It isnt those who have attained that need thy counsel, but those who falter and fear.

Remember, He that is thy Light came not to save those who are satisfied with the way they have chosen. Know the difference between contentment and being satisfied; not only in thine own life but in the lives and purposes of those ye meet day by day.

Call ye oft on the Lord, that He may draw nearer to thee. As ye walk then and talk with Him (for as ye walked then and talked with Him, as ye have counseled), so may ye counsel with thy fellow man, and look for and expect His strength to sustain thee throughout EVERY activity - here and now! T0262-121 * [Pg 5]

As ye seek, as ye knock, so may the way be opened unto you. For His ways are not past finding out; and as He hath given, "Seek me, try me," that ye may indeed find - the Lord thy God is mindful of thee!

For He calleth His own by name. As ye seek, then, so will ye find. Let HIS words be with thee, ever, - "Come! Open thy heart, that the Father and I may abide with thee." Be satisfied with nothing less than those PROMISES fulfilled in thy life and thy experience.

Hate not. Be not disturbed by those who seek through any other channel, but know that the Lord is thy strength and thy might. For indeed in Him ye live and move and have thy being. Trust Him, as ye would He would trust thee. T0262-121 * [Pg 5]

Disturbances are thine today, because of the thoughts of and the desires for the application of others. Let rather that fill thy mind and heart which has been given of old, - that it is not who will ascend into heaven to bring us a message, - not who shall come from over the sea that we may hear and heed, - for Lo, the answer to ALL thy problems is in thine own heart!

Set thy face and thy purposes toward the light of truth that is in the promises of God! Make them thine, - not by just acclaiming same, but by so living in thine own heart, and in thine own activities with thy fellow man, that what ye have builded and do build becomes the fulfilling of those promises in the lives of others!

In this way alone may ye know the peace He hath promised. T0262-121 * [Pg 6]

Ye have sought, ye have heard, ye have listened to the many who have cried, "Lo, here is the way, - Lo, this is the direction, - this is the manner of approach."

Rather turn ye to these: In the 30th of Deuteronomy FIND what is told thee - THEE - to do! Turn again to that as found in the 150th Psalm, and give praise that He, thy Lord, thy God, has entrusted to thee that way, that belief innate in thy purposes.

Then turn to the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of St. John, and know that He speaks again with thee, - and that in thine own heart, in thine own mind will come that peace of the way chosen, - that leadeth to life everlasting, to JOY that knows no confines, to peace that passeth understanding! T0262-121 * [Pg 7]


Let each of the members of the prayer group, the Glad Helpers, realize that your personality must be lost in the love of service to others; yet that personal consideration as may be given any on the prayer group or prayer list becomes personal, even as it is said of Him, "and he looked on him and loved him."

So you each will find a helpfulness in yourselves, and a service to those on the list, by there occasionally being given - or the choosing to send - a cheery word to those who have asked to be remembered by the Glad Helpers in their prayer.

Hence though it only be a word remember - take time to be holy; this means to find time to speak a kind word. T0281-035 * [Pg 3]

Know in Whom thou has believed, and know He is able to keep that committed unto Him against any experience that may arise in thine life. As the love, the counsel, the associations in that sojourn when there remained naught to be said as respecting counsel, then though trials, though temptations, though those things that would beset arise, know that all may be placed in His keeping; and DO NOT belittle self nor selfs associations with that that enables self to gain the greater control over self, individuals or circumstances as may arise in thine own experience; for with those things that arise, He gave, "As ye overcome the little things are there given the greater tasks to be done." Be kind, gentle, affectionate, one toward another, in love preferring one another, as He gave, and that peace that comes even from His own hand will be thine own lot. In service for others His strength may flow through thine own body, for others; for, as He gave thee power unto others, so was it given unto thee that those whom thou asketh, seeketh, aideth, may know that the Redeemer liveth, and His power is manifest in thine own actions. Do those conditions - even as of old, when being railed upon or spoken about - make for those things that hurt or hinder, in HIM these may be cast aside - NOT of self! Remembering there are many conditions to be met. KEEPING, then, in the light, is that way, that manner, that greater spiritual, greater insight, greater knowledge, greater patience, greater love, may be shown day by day. A life is not builded in a moment. Neither is one act, one deed, the result of a MOMENTS experience; rather the growth - as has been given - is in that of a life spent in service one for another. Make thine self GLAD in HIM, and that joy as comes from others, "Lord, Others - May I lose myself in service for others. Even as Thou did give thine own hearts blood that OTHERS might know the Fathers face, so may I give mine own body, mine heart, that OTHERS may know Thee!" T0295-006 F [Pg 1]

In those seen in Mercury, brings for those of the mental development, with an ANALYTICAL mind, yet in JUPITER there is seen much of trust as is placed in others by the entity, which may be destroyed in the thirty-ninth or forty-first year, unless there are precautions taken as to the relationships with individuals with whom the entity is associated. These may work for hardships, for if the entity allows same to produce a hardening of the heart, or of a determination to get even, or of those conditions that hold for discontent, malice, or otherwise, these must surely bring the destructive forces that build that which the entity must meet; for, in truth, that builded in the mental forces of a body is as ACTIVE in the experiences as must come to the entity as were they done in the very material act; for, as was given, "It hath been said, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; yet I say unto thee, he that hateth his brother is worse than he that DESTROYETH a body". In the experiences of the entity, these as are builded to the present, and those as may come in the present experience for the development of the entity, be not high MINDED, but condescend rather to those of low estate; not that same may be lorded over; rather that in the Service to others there may be builded that which will enable self to enjoy in peace, in quietude, the efforts OF the self in a material plane; for what profit it a man to have gained the laudation of many, to horde up much of this worlds goods in that which doth corrupt the moral fibre, doth corrupt that of the very soul of a body, and to lose that contentment that comes from an experience in not only being good, or being moral, but being good FOR SOMETHING, being worth while in the experiences of those whom the entity contacts in the daily experience, being worth while to those who may lean upon the entity for understanding, for aid? Little may the entity act in the capacity of a speculator, whether in material or in mental, or in spiritual things. Set an ideal rather before self, knowing that, that which is easily attained is as easily lost, knowing that which is NOT thine, not thine own, cannot be held by self with impunity; for these take wings and fly away, and already has one digged a pit for self to gather those of ANY character at the expense of another, whether in the sweat of the brow, in the game of chance, or in the game of life; for such makes for discontent, and for the unguarding of him that doeth such. T1234-001 M [Pg 2]

Gained in the service rendered others, losing in the self-aggrandizement of the interests and position gained in the experience. In the present, this, as we find, makes for that which is, the entity easily makes acquaintance and KINDS of friendships. These are not always lasting, for the entity chooses rather to make friendships that may be used. This may be also turned to the abuse of that as has been builded in self. Be rather, then, of service and usefulness, rather than USING and making service from another. Attempt not through might and main, through power or position, to force another to act in a manner contrarywise to the dictates of their own conscience. T1234-001 M [Pg 2]

Just following those outlines as we have indicated that have been the intents and the purposes of the entity throughout its experience and desire in this whole sojourn. Those things pertaining to activity for the greater service to others in all walks of life, these - with training, with activity, with development - offer the channels or outlets for the better development of the entitys abilities, and towards the fulfilling of the purposes and desires for which the entity sought experience in this existence. T1968-002 F [Pg 3]

One that may bring much to many through the exercising of wills force in that direction of being of service to others through application of lessons in self, through that of precept and example. T2191-001 F [Pg 2]

The entity gained through that period, and, as is seen, from which the entity may apply self, by wills forces, through those channels as may bring to self greater blessings in the present experience, in physical position, in financial conditions, in assistance to others, in ennobling of purpose, and in the expression and manifesting of self and that innate knowledge of the laws of the inner individual, as respecting the laws between the creative elements, or God, and man. Remembering ever that service to others is the highest service to the Creator, and think not thine self above others, by position, place, money, or fame, for all may come to the, "for he that would be great among men would serve man". Keep the faith, and in so doing bring those joys, those pleasures, those assistances to self and others. T2191-001 F [Pg 2]

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