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The Action of Force is Spiro-Vortex


"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn't the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn't flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."
~~~Dresden James

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The Action of Force is Spiro-Vortex


New Science Review, October, 1895


The Magia is above nature and maketh nature according to its will.

The desire is the fiat which has made something where nothing was, but only spirit.

B–ehme in his theoretical analysis of the nature of will force has made an error in saying that "a substance is produced or a flow of matter induced by will force." "Will force," writes Keely, "is a latent, spiritual element, neither gaseous nor otherwise. Its evolution is brought into action under certain spiritual conditions not now understood by science. Its protoplastic element is actually luminous, in respect to its latent flow from the cerebral domain; but all the flow that has ever been registered from the time of the birth of every volume of thought—all that ever existed, or will ever exist in the future—would not produce a substance of matter the size of a molecule." B–ehme says: "This operation of the outflown word becoming a passive substance is the Mysterium Magnum—the greatest hidden secret;" contending that the original of all things lies in that our ideas produce acts; that the Infinite One or the "Word of God" produced creatures. "The Magia is above nature and maketh nature according to its will."

Keely has grasped this greatest hidden secret—the power of the will—and now offers the key of the door that leads from the realm of matter to the realm of mind to all who are ready to pursue their researches in new fields.

Keely's latest discovery—that of the spiro-vortex action of currents of force—is so overwhelming in its simplicity of demonstration that it needs but to be witnessed to convince physicists that vibratory physics will place science on a height never before attained. This discovery solves problems with regard to the peculiar movements of the heavenly bodies which astronomical experts have never been able to explain satisfactorily. It also accounts for the explosions which, for years, impeded Keely's progress during his disintegrating experiments, breaking iron and steel tubes like pipe-stems, fracturing his ribs, and at one time paralyzing him for weeks.

Keely speaks of this discovery of spiro-vortex action as an accident; but there is no such thing as accident in discovery. While seeking to establish in his new instrument a way by which a neutral centre could be more simply and definitely fixed, he resorted to an experiment that he had never made before. His indicator was registering about one hundred revolutions per second, induced by the current at a rate of nearly two hundred thousand movements in the same time, when Keely held the conducting wire against some cotton fibre at the open end of a test tube. To his surprise, upon its removal he found that the tube was cut through and through, spirally, from the interior, breaking the glass at the top in its passage out, but leaving the tube otherwise intact.

Up to this time Keely had been working on the theory that the action of the current was circular in the polar and depolar circuits of the propeller of his air-ship, both in their separate and in their combined action. But there is as wide a difference between truth and conjecture as there is between facts and theory. The abyss between the two can only be properly measured in the effulgent light of revelation or inspiration. All truth is inspired, and the mind that is highly intensified in its search after truth—"hidden knowledge"—becomes much more powerful in its receptive qualities of analysis than a mind of ordinary penetration.

Keely is still researching on the line of obtaining pure constancy of action in the aerial navigator propeller; and those who do not doubt his ability to gain this end should unite in efforts to prevail upon the shareholders of the original Keely Motor Company, incorporated in 1872, to accept the railway traction engine that he offers to them in his Circular No. II (see advertisement in this number; also of H. 0. Ward's approval of same), and thus leave him free to continue his researches in the simplifying of his new instrument; for the present propeller is too dependent on influences not yet understood, even to be patented, and too complicated in its operation to be used by any one but Keely himself. It will stand on record, in the history of progress, as the first and the last (under Keely's system of aerial navigation) for all time, unless his life is spared until the goal of his ambition is reached in the perfecting of a simpler machine. To this end Keely purposes to devote his life, after he has taken out patents on a railway traction engine. In no other way can his discoveries, in the interetheric field, be preserved for this and for ensuing generations.

His recent discovery as to the action of currents of force greatly lessens the peculiar complications associated with aerial navigation, which were impeding his progress in the control of the instrument while in operation.

If left undisturbed by litigation Keely will soon be able to prove to the world, by a public demonstration, that perfect control of an air-ship can be obtained, no matter what its weight, under conditions that he will then make known.

Keely stood, fourteen years ago, on the wrong side of the abyss which separates conjecture from fact. "The bridge of mist" he writes, "which spanned the chasm between the two is gradually resolving itself into one of granite, which the nations of the earth may safely traverse, stretching between the two centers; the celestial and terrestrial. The visible one is the one of mist: the invisible one is the one of granite."