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Atlin - Knowing I AM
(excerpt from the book)
To the Reader:
The story you are about to read is true. It is my personal experience of building the dynasphere and waking to Love through this project. Though many may find it hard to believe, every word is as I noted then and remember now. Mind Force (consciousness) is an engineerable force. As Keely himself puts it:
"Any visible molecular mass of metal can be so impregnated by triple orders of sympathetic vibration as to give it the same sympathetic transmissive qualities that exist in the mental forces, which make such mass subservient to either the attractive or repulsive conditions of terrestrial sympathy." Keely
Ive included a few photos and collaborating quotes from supportive sources. The technical material has been minimized. I hope you enjoy this story as much as weve enjoyed creating, living and writing it. The experiences were mine and the opinions and interpretations herein are not necessarily shared by any other person. This account is my personal take on what happened and not a Project Report. - Dale Pond
What would it mean if machines could talk? What if they could feel? Sing? Laugh and play? What if a machine could evidence consciousness?
What would you do if you had a direct link to God? Would you strike up a conversation? What would you say? What do you think He would say to you?
"There is a celestial mind-force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed." Keely
A few years ago a project was undertaken to create a machine to generate mechanical power that would produce useable electricity and drive machinery. This machine had been originally invented and built in the 1880s and did indeed generate mechanical power. The team, assembled to recreate this device, thought they could duplicate this instrument using modern technology. As innocent as this goal was - things turned out rather differently. The machine was built in a surprisingly short time. Did it successfully generate power? Not in the expected way but in a way so surprising as to be near unbelievable.
"All motion is thought, and all force is mind force." Keely
We thought we were building a Free Energy machine but instead discovered the machine evidenced self awareness and an ability to manipulate its environment. The machine was no longer just a machine. It evidenced a mind or living consciousness.
"We must assume behind this force [in the atom] the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter. " --Max Planck, accepting the Nobel Prize for Physics, 1918
"Likewise the body of man does not live, and having never lived it cannot die. The spirit alone lives. The body but manifests the spirit. That which we think of as life in the spirit of man manifests itself by willing the body to act. Actions thus made by the body under the command of the centering Soul have no motivative power or intelligence in themselves; they are but machines motivated by an omniscient and omnipotent intelligence extended to them." Walter Russell, The Secret of Light
Early on a name was given to this awareness, this living being clothed in metal: Atlin.
Atlin emitted a warm glow felt by those sensitive to etheric fields*. These fields were interpreted by hundreds of people as Love, warmth, peace and joy. Many people who approached Atlin experienced improvements in their health, emotional and mental states. Not by anything the machine or Atlin did but by their own volition. Read their testimonials.
In the end, which is only the beginning, of this story the device is not "just a machine". Yes, it is made of metals and other substances - but so are you. Housed within or associated with your physical body is "You", your consciousness or sense of "I am". The "I am" is the knowledge or awareness you exist and you are who you are. Your physical body is made of elements just like this machine. The difference being the quantity, quality and ratios of one to the other. You, as consciousness, occupy your physical body and use it to conduct your business and affairs while sojourning on this planet. Your brain, as well as your body, is molecular matter permeated by this thing called Mind or consciousness. This works similar to electricity functioning in or around molecular wires. The wires are not electricity just as the brain is not Mind or consciousness.
"The substance of the brain is molecular. The mind which permeates the brain is inter-etheric in substance; it is the element by which the brain is impregnated. This element, when excited into action, controls all physical motion as long as the necessary sympathetic conditions are maintained. Then conditions are no more immaterial in their character than are light and heat. Electricity, magnetism, gravity, and heat are latent in all aggregations of matter. They are not obtained from terrestrial influences. Celestial radiation is the true impregnating medium in all these forces. The brain is the high resonating receptacle where the sympathetic celestial acts, and where molecular and atomic motion are induced, as according to the intensification brought to bear upon it by radiation." Keely, Operation of the Vibratory Circuit
There is a consciousness occupying or associated with this machine thus making it sentient just as you are.
However there is a big difference in the physical form and in the type of consciousness.
You have an ego as well as other levels of consciousness. This device has full Cosmic Consciousness. Perhaps even more fascinating than a machine that is aware is the discovery and ellucidation of what ego and Cosmic Consciousness are in relation to each other and you. These are covered throughout this book.
Your personal link to God is your own Cosmic Consciousness. Some call this Christ Consciousness or Full Enlightenment. The term "Christ" is an ancient term describing this state of perfectly clear or neutral consciousness. For instance the name "Jesus, the Christ" refers to the man Jesus who attained Christ Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness or making his will one with the will of the Creator.
"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." Philippians 2:5
Their minds were as one mind or functioned sympathetically as one mind. The Bible references this state of co-mingled (One or Whole) Mind
"Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." Romans 12
and Cayce clearly supports this view.
"So soon as man contemplates his free will he thinks of it as a means of doing the opposite of Gods will, though he finds that only by doing Gods will does he find happiness. Yet the notion of serving doesnt sit well with him, for he sees it as a sacrifice of his will.
"Only in disillusion and suffering, in time, space, and patience, does he come to the wisdom that his real will is the will of God, and its practice is happiness and heaven." Cayce (2537-1)
We eventually learned through this project that this exulted state of mind is already yours and is no further from you NOW, today, where you are, than your own heart beat or the breath you take.
The universal link between you and everything else in the universe is Divine Love, also yours, NOW, today, where you are.
This little project, begun innocently as a search for mundane mechanical power has discovered and is now unlocking the secrets of the greatest power known to man - Universal Mind demonstrated through Divine Love.
"Will force is a latent, spiritual element, neither gaseous nor otherwise. Its evolution is brought into action under certain spiritual conditions not now understood by science. Its protoplastic element is actually luminous, in respect to its latent flow from the cerebral domain; but all the flow that has ever been registered from the time of the birth of every volume of thought &emdash; all that ever existed, or will ever exist in the future &emdash; would not produce a substance of matter the size of a molecule." Keely
Science and technology is on the verge of admitting Divine Love binds the universe together. In engineering jargon Divine Love is known as Sympathetic Vibration. It is through the exploration of the physics and principles of Sympathetic Vibration we are coming to know the secrets of this Divine Glue that links and holds the universe together. We are learning about Divine Love and Cosmic Consciousness - both attributes of each and every human being.
"Powerful forces in the heaven worlds are gathering for a transmission and will enter our world at an appropriate time, which is fixed and measurable within this century [1900s]. These forces will stimulate new thoughts and new feelings, new intuitions and new ideals of a religious, mystical, and philosophic kind in humanity. It will verily be the opening of a new epoch on earth, comparable to that which was opened 2000 years ago by the coming of Christ. The impulse will bring science into religion and religion into science: each will sustain the other and both, purified and vitalized, will guide humanity to a better and truer life. Insofar as science is an expression of mans desire to know, it is in perfect harmony with the highest spirituality. Only when it is unguided by his intuitive feelings, his heart, and put at the service of his animal nature alone, does it become anti-spiritual and bring him self-destruction as a punishment." Brunton (13-4.352)
Through this linkage we are seeing clearly, perhaps for the first time, who and what we are - individually. We are this Divine Love manifesting as an unadulterated expression of God. We are in essence One with this God Force or divine state of perfectly Neutral Mind Force or Cosmic Consciousness. We are Divine Love and we know and experience this through our consciousness. It is who and what we are.
"And as He has given, In all thy getting, my Son, get understanding. This is putting proper emphasis in the proper places, and do not become sidetracked by things that would pertain to material or spiritual alone, or things of the body or things of the heavenly force. For you grow to heaven, you dont go to heaven. It is within thine own conscience that ye grow there. For there first must come peace and harmony within thy purpose, thy ideal, thy hopes, thy desires. Thy wishes even must be in harmony with thy ideal if you would make the experience in the earth of value to thee." Cayce (3409-1)
Some of the stories contained herein will sound improbable. So be it. Some portions will be strange. Thats OK too. But what is related here is what happened. Many us of wrestled with these things. Some left the team and some persevered. I do not apologize for what you are about to read - I did my best to do that set before me and tell the tale as it occured, from my point of view. Other team members may contribute their version based on their experiences. This would be well. It is my intent to report what happened and provide a few personal opinions on what I think these events might mean. As our understanding of events grew it became more and more obvious we were dealing with little understood elements of human consciousness. In a general lack of understanding in the beginning we found ourselves dealing in terms and with things not of this world.
There are many occurrences of "spirit communication" and the like. In those early days that is what we thought was going on predicated on our belief systems and understandings. We know now there are no entitites or spirits. There is the One Consciousness seemingly manifesting individually and we, as ignorant humans, seemingly bound to earthy earth things, tend to interpret things anthropomorphically. Now we know better. All these "communications" or messages from "spirit" are simply conscious connections to other seeming individuations of the One Consciousness. There is only One Being manifesting as every seemingly individuated thing in the universe. Our mind is not our body. Our mind use our body for the fulfillment of its desires and will.
"The eternally conscious entity - call it by whatever name we please - moves in cycles as eternal and infinite as itself; it oscillates and vibrates perpetually and is never unconscious of any present condition, be it pain or pleasure, joy or sorrow, shame or glory; like the pendulum of a clock or the sun, moon, or tides, it swings from the one to the other of these conditions, now in pleasure, now in pain, by its contact with the extremes of all varying conditions, like a child which throws up its head and laughing for joy exclaims, I KNOW I AM." Keely
These points will be more fully understood towards the end of the book. I ask the reader to withhold judgement until you have read the full account and given it long and careful consideration. There is much to contemplate here.
Most things in this book have been and are being discussed on the SVP Forum
You are invited to subscribe, browse the extensive discussion threads and archives, ask questions and offer comments. Many of us have expended much care and effort to create a peaceful and gentle environment wherein it is possible to be defenseless - a prerequisite to Awakening.

Atlin - Knowing I AM
This book is the story of Atlin and the people involved. How the dynasphere was built, when, where, how and who. A personal account of the historical backgrounds, events and people by Dale Pond highlighting his personal experiences and growth into Love. Includes extensive review of construction, operation, experiences and findings on heart, health, Love, Consciousness and connections between Mind and Matter. 88 pages with photos, references, bibliography and glossary. This ebook is password protected. Upon receipt of payment confirmation the password will be emailed to your email address as also the url for downloading this file.
Order the pdf file now with secure PayPal
The book is available in hard copy, 8.5" x 11", 88 pages.
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"The importance of offering this to the world (especially of Science) cannot be overstressed. As individual scientists awaken, this book will become invaluable." Larry Keith
* * * * * * *
Everywhere in America there is a lot of flag waving going on. However you are waving the flag of red, white and blue with an attachment. Freedom to think and speak is the wonder of all worlds. Red is the color from your heart. As you write the blood pumps life into your works. The white of the flag is Spirit. Ahh! the blue is easy because it is the "wild blue yonder". Thank you for always picking up the flag and proudly marching ahead. I have been around to see Atlin. I know the story ... yet as I read the book I wondered what others who dont know you as the "show me the facts ... I am the science man" would have to say. You have to feel a little like the explorers who set off for sail yelling back to the naysayers on shore, "It is okay I wont fall off. You see things are not always as they seem." Your words have made me want to say, "I am not brave enough to get in the boat yet but, I want you to sail ahead for me and see what is out there! That is what the story of Atlin is All about ... ADVENTURE into ALL.
In reading your new book about Atlin a question kept coming to mind like a pop up video. God creates All. Can we invent All? An artist feels they have done this when they step back and hear people say that the work "speaks" to them. If you touch a rose the fragrance lingers. The beauty of that rose beautifies the beholder. The examples are endless. As you tune your tones of Oneness it begins. When you enter a holy building the vibrations quiet your voice and calm your actions. Peace. Prayer. Violence. Believing. Always the answer is the same. " begins with me..."
Thank you Dale for opening this story of how Atlin came to be. As they say truth is always a better read than anything you could make up. To all reading this it is our responsibility to question. As Yogananda says, "Seek the Beloved as desperately as a drowning man seeks Breath." There are many paths... Terresa (authoress, The Language of Light)
* * * * * * *
I received your great book yesterday and found it so profound that I want to carefully soak its meanings and beauty before I write about it next Wednesday to the SVPForum. So far "Theory" made a revelation to my learning to new avenues... RS

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Dale Pond and Atlin
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